Me: 'A new story'.

Diao: 'A new puzzleshipping?'

Me: 'Actually, I've decided to make a change and to do a puppyshipping story!'

Diao: '…You do realise people are going to kill you now'.

Me: 'Not the puppy shipping fans. Hehehe…'

Agil: 'We hope you enjoy this new and different story!'

Chapter 1-Ordinary day

It was a peaceful Monday morning, nearing to almost half eight in the morning.

The neighbour's dog barked as Joey ran past very fast.

Joey Wheeler was an average sixteen year old, living with his drunken father. He was very excitable, friendly-but if anyone messed with him or his friends they would be in for a fight-and a good friend.

At the moment, he was late to school and would be in a lot of trouble if the bell rang before he got there.

Joey ran into the empty school grounds right as he heard the bell rang throughout the school. He cursed to himself and ran even more quicker into the school.

He came to his classroom and looked through the small window. Classes had already started and the teacher was talking to the students. Joey waited until she turned her back to the class.


Joey got down on his hands and knees and carefully and quietly opened the door before crawling in. He shut it behind himself and started crawling behind the desks, the other students didn't fail to see him and turned in their seats to watch him sneak in.

"Damn you all!"

'Mr. Wheeler' The teacher said 'Can you please get to your seat and not waste time'.

Everyone started to laugh as Joey stood up, his face burning red. He walked down the line of desks until he came to his empty one and sat down.

'Busted' He heard his friend, Yugi, whisper to him. Only making him sulk even more.

When it was lunch, Joey and Yugi headed outside and sat down on a bench. Yugi stretched his arms in the air and covered his eyes as he stared up at the clear sky.

'It's a beautiful day today' Yugi said.

'It would be, if you wasn't doing detention' Joey grumbled.

'But…you wouldn't have got it if you wasn't late'.

'It wasn't my fault. My alarm clock decided to die, how was I supposed to know?'


Joey sat back and crossed his arms 'Besides, I can't do it today anyway'.

'Why not?'

'I have work after school. And if I don't go I'll get fired, I don't want to lose another job again'.

Yugi put his hand on Joey's arm 'Maybe if you explain it, I'm sure sensei will let you off. I mean she's not evil'.


They stayed silent between them. Joey looked up and smirked when he saw someone.

'Hey, there's Yami'.

Yugi blushed heavily and looked around for Yami. Yami was probably one of the most popular guys in the school. He was smart, good at sports, friendly and extremely attractive.

Joey had no interest in him-saying he was as average as the next guy-but Yugi found so much more in him. Very much in the form of a crush.

It sent him into red blushes every time he saw him, talked about him, even thought about him. Something Joey constantly used to tease Yugi with.

Yugi gave a dreamy smile 'He's so handsome'.

Joey looked down at the dazed Yugi and grinned.

'Yami!' Joey called out and waved to him.

Yugi gasped and nearly froze where he sat. Yami turned to them and smiled giving a wave and carried on walking.

Joey turned to Yugi, his whole face had turned bright red and he held tightly to his clothes, frozen where he sat. Joey laughed and rubbed his head.

'If you like him so much, why don't you ask him out already?' Joey asked.

'I-I can't!' Yugi looked away 'It would be so embarrassing. A-And he probably likes someone else anyway…I-I mean…I must look stupid to him'.

'That's not true. You'll never know if you don't even try'.

Yugi shook his head and Joey sighed.

'Fine. But if he ends up going out with someone else, it's not my fault'.

'C-Can we talk about something else?' Yugi stuttered.

'Sure, sure'.

The rest of the lunch break was spent trying to stay away from the subject involving Yami, but every now and then Joey mentioned the name just to see Yugi blush and give a dreamy smile.

How he envied Yugi to have such a treasured feeling like that.

When it was the end of the day, everyone left quickly.

Everyone except Joey.

He stood at the teachers desk and tried to explain the situation to her.

'I'm sorry Wheeler, but a rule is a rule' She said.

'Please sensei' Joey begged 'I'll do anything you say. I'll clean the classroom by myself. I'll do ten detentions. I'll even snitch on people if you want, just please change my date of detention'.

'Joey, I can't-'

'Please sensei' Joey bowed by now 'If I lose this job, I won't be able to find another one so quickly. I really need this. Please'.

She stared at him, resting her head in her hand and staring down at the papers on her desk.

'Very well. When is best for you?'

'Tomorrow. Tomorrow is the best' Joey said.

'Fine. Tomorrow after school. But if you're late again, I won't be so nice'.

'I understand' Joey bowed again 'Thanks so much sensei'.

'You're such a good kid Wheeler. You should really think more about yourself you know'.

Joey stood up and laughed, making his sensei confused.

'I don't have time to think about myself sensei' Joey laughed 'I'd better be going. Thanks a million'.

Joey hurried out of his classroom, he walked down the corridors with his hands in his pockets, he looked out of the window watching the sun about to set. There was hardly a moment in his life he could remember where the only thing on his mind was himself. All his life he had to pick up after his father and keep them staying in the house they lived-he had to hide the money he worked for as his father often stole it to buy more alcohol.

The day he would ever think about himself before others, was probably when someone thought about him first. And knowing his luck that would be a very long time.

When Joey got to the shop he worked at, it was hard work until he left. And even when he got time for small breaks he had to use it to do his homework, so even when he had breaks he was still doing work.

Though he didn't complain or change it, he knew he would get into trouble if he did so he didn't complain and he was used to it by now. This was life for him, so he didn't want to change it.

By the time Joey got home, it was getting late. As he shut the door and took off his shoes he heard his fathers drunken laughs and the TV.

'I'm home' Joey called out, but like normal no reply.

He headed to the kitchen and took out some food from the fridge before shutting himself in his room for the night.

Joey sat on his bed as he took out a packet of batteries from his pocket, he took the alarm clock from his desk side table and took off the back, he picked up some food and ate it as he replaced the old batteries with new ones.

'There, now I won't get into trouble' Joey said to himself as he shut the back up again 'At least until the next time it dies'.

Joey set the alarm to it in case he forgot and carried on eating.

When he had finished eating, he put the plate aside and took off his shirt, throwing it into a hamper in the corner of his room. He turned off the lights and laid down on his bed, too tired to get changed in anything else.

He pulled his pillow close and closed his eyes for sleep.

You should really think more about yourself…

Joey opened his eyes and stared out of the window and into the night sky, he looked at the many stars in the night sky before closing his eyes again. He could never think of himself, there was too much at stake for him to be carelessness.

**************************End of chapter 1********************************

Me: 'Considering this is my first puppyshipping, I think it's a good start to portray Joey'.

Diao: 'That sounds vaguely vain'.

Me: 'Come on Diao! It's my first try! Of course I'm gonna sound vain'.

Diao: 'At least your honest about it'.

Agil: 'Review and stay tuned for the next chapter!'