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Chapter 18-Janurary 25th

Joey walked down the street to school, a spring in his step and a smile on his face as he headed to school. Eager to hear the two words he didn't hear from his father, and hoping his friends would say it to him.

Joey came to the game shop, waiting for Yugi to come out and walk down the road to their school.

'Oh, happy birthday Joey' Yugi said.

'Yes!' Joey cheered and gave a little dance 'I knew you'd be the first one to tell me that!'

Yugi gave a small laugh 'Oh really? Well, did you know about this?' Yugi pulled out a small box from his bag handing it over to Joey.

'Well kind of' Joey took the box with a smile, ruffling his hair 'Thanks a lot Yug'.

'Well you are my best friend. I'm going to give you presents and stuff'.

'I know. I just have to remember about your birthday and to buy you a present this time'.

Yugi giggled, linking arms with Joey as they carried on walking down the street to their school.

They reached the school gates in a few minutes, seeing everyone else flood into the school in their small groups. Yugi and Joey walked down the road to their school, talking to each other about various conversations until Yami wrapped his arms around Yugi and gave him a small kiss.

'Morning Yugi' Yami greeted.

Yugi giggled and kissed him back 'Good morning love' Yugi greeted back.

Joey mumbled 'Oh brother' under his breath and rolled his eyes, Yami turned to Joey as he had heard him, giving a smile.

'Hey Joey'.

'Oh Hi Romeo' Joey joked with a smile 'I thought you didn't realise I was here'.

Yugi rolled his eyes and let go of Yami 'You don't have to be too sarcastic Joey'.

Joey chuckled and gave a nod as Yugi and Yami finished off with their kissing.

'Oh, happy birthday by the way' Yami said once he had finally let go of Yugi.

'Yes!' Joey cheered and did the little dance again 'That's twice now! I just need two more!'

'Err…why two more?' Yami asked.

'Because that would be all the people I know, or at least the people I'll probably see today anyway' Joey explained.

Then someone hit Joey in the back of his head, Joey turned to glare at the person, only to realise it was Kaiba who had hit him.

'Don't dance like that' Kaiba scolded as he walked into school 'It's ridiculous'.

'Kaiba!' Joey moved so he stood in front of Kaiba, but he simply walked around the blond and carried on. Joey frowned but caught up with him again 'Kaiba!'

'Not now mutt' Kaiba growled as he walked round him 'We'll be late for class'.

Joey frowned sadly as Kaiba walked off, giving a huff Joey crossed his arms as Yugi and Yami caught up with him.

'That bastard, he has to forget my birthday' Joey growled.

'I don't think so' Yami said as he wrapped his arm around Yugi's waist 'I'm sure he has something planned, he's just pretending to forget' Yami chuckled as he started walking 'Very badly as well'.

Joey grumbled to himself as he stuck his hands in his pockets and walked off into school.

When the school was over, Kaiba still hadn't wished Joey a happy birthday, which only made the teen more angry then ever. He marched over to Kaiba, standing in front of him with crossed arms.

'What do you want mutt?' Kaiba questioned.

'I know you're faking it' Joey grumbled 'So you don't have to keep pretending you forgot my birthday. So just say it'.

'Say what?'

'Say happy birthday Joey!'

'Maybe I don't want to wish you a happy birthday'.

'You bastard!'

'Y-You two, you shouldn't argue' Yugi calmed with Yami by his side.

'You must've at least got me a present!' Joey whined.

'Of course. I'm not stupid' Kaiba replied.

Joey's eyes filled with excitement as he moved closer to Kaiba 'Gimme! Gimme!'


Joey's face saddened then 'Why not?'

'I don't think you want to show it in front of your friends'.

'Yes I do! I want to see what the great Kaiba buys me for my birthday! Oh…' Joey blushed some but nudged Kaiba 'I get ya'.

Kaiba rolled his eyes 'Oh brother. I'll see you whenever Yami'.

'Yeah you too. Have a nice time Joey'.

Kaiba grabbed Joey's scruff and pulled him backwards, hearing the two argue slightly as they walked away from Yugi and Yami.

'I really can't see how they can be dating and getting along' Yami said as he took Yugi's hand 'I mean, they argue and fight still. How can they love each other?'

Yugi giggled as he swung their hands 'I don't know. But I'm sure they love each other very much, Joey wouldn't stand to be with him if they didn't'.

'I guess so. Some weird love they have'.

'Yeah' Yugi giggled some more 'Maybe their arguing just makes them love each other more'.


Joey and Kaiba went back to the mansion, finding that Mokuba wasn't there to disturb them as they headed to Kaiba's room for a few hours alone. Joey ended up lying on Kaiba's bare chest while he stroked the blonds hair.

'I still think you should've worn the dog ears' Kaiba muttered.

'And I say, no way in hell' Joey retorted.

Kaiba smirked, running his hands through Joey's hair 'Bet you're just jealous'.

'How so?'

'Because when you have the ears on, I go harder and faster'.

'You do?' Joey looked up at his lover 'That is so unfair Kaiba!'

Kaiba chuckled pulling Joey back onto his chest 'You'll live mutt'.

Joey mumbled some things before giving up, sighing and looking up at Kaiba one more time.

'I love you Kaiba' Joey said softly, giving a smirk as he knew Kaiba hated confessing.

Kaiba muttered some things to himself as a small pink colour filled his cheeks 'I love you too' Kaiba muttered.

Joey chuckled and cuddled closer to Kaiba 'Thanks Kaiba, that's all I need'.

Kaiba looked down at him 'What do you mean?'

'The only present I need from you Kaiba, is to hear you say that you love me' Joey blushed some as he buried his face in Kaiba's chest, now laying fully on top of him 'It's going to sound cheesy I know, but it's really all I need from you. Apart from the birthday sex-which was awesome'.

Kaiba shook his head, patting Joey's hair 'That is corny Joey. But I have to admit I'll be wanting to hear the same from you'.

'You can hear it from me everyday if you like' Joey said hopefully.

'No. I think I would have to murder you if you did'.

Joey sulked and rested his head on Kaiba's chest. Only to blush to a red colour when they heard the door open, his maid walking over to him with the phone in her hands, missing the clothes laying on the floor.

'Urgent call from the office' She said.

'Yeah, yeah' Kaiba took the phone from her making her leave, he put the phone next to his ear 'What is it? What? That's what you called me for? You idiots, can't you do anything yourself? No I thought not…I don't want your lame excuses, you can fix this without my help and don't call me back'.

Kaiba ended the call and put the phone aside, turning to the blushing Joey again.

'That was embarrassing' Joey muttered.

'What was?'

'Your maid. Can't you get a lock?'


'Well…can't you ask her to knock before coming in here?'


'Why not?'

'Because I don't feel like it. Besides she doesn't mind'.

'But I do!'

Kaiba smirked, ruffling Joey's hair 'Embarrassed little pup eh?'

'Shuddap' Joey muttered before looking away, giving a heavy sigh 'Looks like I won't find no peace here'.

'Not with me around you won't' Kaiba added.

Joey groaned, though he didn't mind that it was the way it was, happy that he had Kaiba with him.

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