The Plan Keeperoliver Chapter 1

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Also note that thought separation will be by using TP. This does not mean Toilet Paper. It means The Plan.


The Order of the Phoenix members were in disorder, They had received a letter from Harry saying:

To the members of the Order of the Phoenix:

Please make no attempt to retrieve me from my current residence. I have made arrangement for my safe removal, to a secure location. Please pass on this information to all my friends and family. Do not worry, as my help is most reliable. If you continue to make plans, please include Mr. Fletcher in them, as I am sure he will be of great assistance.

Yours truly

Harry Potter.

Moody was laughing at the message as if it were a joke. "Does Potter really think he can leave there with out being seen. The Death Eaters have been watching his residence for three days now. They know his every move. They are just waiting for the shields to drop, to make their move. Stupid, brash child. This is no game we play. Remus, you know him better than anyone else here, what do you think?"

"Alastor, I really have no idea what Harry is thinking. He must know that the DE's will place all kind of containment charms, making it impossible to escape. If he thinks he is playing a game, which I doubt, then he is playing in a game that only ends in death. His death. I don't think Harry is that ignorant. For six years, he has avoided death in one way or another, mostly from Voldemort. He knows the stakes if he fails, therefore, he must think his plan is better than any we can come up with. I think we should still continue with our plan, as if we never got this message. It may be that Harry was hoping it would get intercepted, throwing the DE's off course. In any case, we have to be able to respond, in case we are needed. What I don't understand, is why Harry wants Mundungus involved. He would be the last person I would trust."

"Well, I say we get Fletcher, and make our plans, as he will be needed anyway, if just for an extra body. Fred and George, and maybe Ron, and Granger, seeing as they are of age. Molly will not like it, but we can only do what we can do, with what we have available."

Tonks chimed in, "I think I might know where I can find Stinky, I mean Fletcher." and she left the meeting.

She arrived in the street of Hogsmeade, standing outside of the Hogshead Inn. She entered, and looked around, and sure enough, sitting at the bar, talking to thye bar keep, was Mundungus Fletcher. She walked up to him, and had to hold her breath, as he stunk of Tobacco and alcohol, and other unfriendly odors. "Fletch, You're needed. Come on let's go."

He knew who it was talking to him, without turning around. "Leave me be Tonksy, I be in no shape, to be of use to anybody. Just let me sit here and enjoy me self."

'Sorry mate, can't do that. You have a special request for you appearance. No time to finish your drink, I said let's go." And she grabbed him by his collar and pulled him outside, where she side alonged him to HQs.

Once inside, and four or five cups of strong black coffee, they started their planning. It was a particularly intricate plan, requiring the use of Polyjuice. Fourteen people would be needed for the plan, so it was necessary for the Order to use Fred, George, Hermione, and Ron. It was unfortunate that no one saw the rat that was in Fletcher's coat pocket, taking in all this information. Peter had been shadowing him for the better part of two weeks, knowing he was a member of the Order. It has finally paid off.

Once the meeting was adjourned, Fletcher made his way back to Hogsmeade and to his seat at the bar. Peter left the pocket of Fletcher's jacket and left the Hogshead, in his own manner. This was an evening of spy, counter spy, as a pair of unknown, unseen eyes also left, to report his findings.


Harry was sitting in his room, in the other wise deserted house. The Dursleys left earlier that day, in order to be safe. They were no happy about this but when told of the real possibility of being attacked on the night of Harry's birthday, they thought it was in their best interest to do as they were asked. Vernon left without a word to Harry, Petunia just nodded her head and said good luck. Dudley had been the real surprise. "Stop, why isn't Harry going with us?" He is in even more danger than us. He is the one who needs protection."

"They know what they are doing Dudley, and Potter will be alright. Now come on, let's get out of here." Vernon said.

"Wait up, I won't be long. I have something to say to Harry. Harry, I know you saved my life, two years ago. I don't why, as I have never given you any reason for you to do it. I just want you to know, that I changed after that. It made me look back on my life, and see all the pain and suffering I put not just you, but all the kids in the neighborhood, and school. I was a git and a bully, and yet you still stood up for me, and saved me. I just want you to know that...well just thank you, Harry. I wish you all the luck in the world for what you have to do, and I hope I get to see you again." Dudley held out his hand, and Harry took it, and was pulled into a hug by his cousin.

That had been four hours ago, and now Harry had to wait. It was two days till his birthday, and he had no intention on being here for it. He hoped his plan worked, and hid friend would be able to help him.


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