The Plan Keeperoliver Chapter 15

This was it. The final day of Remus Lupin's being alone. He was so thankful of everything that his friends and family had done for him, but it was nothing compared to what his wonderful bride to be had done for him. In four short months, she wouls make him a father. He never would have thought that possible. He was in the reception area, where he knew the Portraits would be. "James, Lily, I know you are not real, but illusion. It still makes me happy that you will be able to watch the proceedings, after the ceremony. I wish you could be there for the wedding. Nym is soooo beautiful, isn't she? Please forgive my tears, as there seems to be something in my eye."

Lily giggled, "Yes Remus, something is in you eye. It's called love. And I know of no one who deserves it more. I have some news for you, that James and I wish to share with you. We have been granted a twelve hour leave of living. We will be at your wedding, but you, or any of your guests will not know us. We will be in another form. It was the only way that he would allow us to return."

"You're kidding me right, you really aren't going to be there?" Moony went on.

James stepped in, "No Moony, we will be there. It is a one time thing, and we wanted it to be with you, and Tonks. We could have waited and be there for Harry and Ginny's wedding, but I think they already we are going to be there for their wedding, in their hearts. That id all that matters, because as long as we are accepted there, we will always be there. Don't try to look for us, as you won't recognize us. But be assured, we will be there."

"Well, when will you be there?"

"We will be there for the entire ceremony, and the reception, for the most part. Just be sure to save some time from the wedding, as Lily and I want at least ten dances, five with each other, one with each of you and tonks, One with Sirius and I believe Hermione, and two with Harry and Ginevra. One for whoever."

"I believe I want one with Neville, as he is Alice and Frank's son, and you coul probably dance with his date, Luna I think her name is, no, not Luna, Hannah. Luna is the one with Sirius. Hard to keep every body's name straight." Lily quipped.

"Listen friends, I have to go and get ready. I may not know who you will be, but at least I know you will be there. Have fun, and Lily, I look forward to our dance, who ever you may be." Moony laughed, as he left the Hall


Harry, Sirius, and Ron were standing on the stage, straightening out Moony's attire. "What the hell did you do, Moony, Sleep in these all night? Jeez, you would think you could wait to do it, after the wedding, not before, and fully dressed. Some people, I just don't know." Sirius joked.

"Listen, could you save the comedy routine for later, It's almost time. Damn, I don't think I have ever been this nervous. Thank heavens for the hangover potion, as I would have been in bad shape right now." Moony groaned

Harry was in full spirits, "Moony, we all would be in bad shape if it weren't for Dobby and Winky. It was their idea to have it ready this morning, for when we got up." As he finished hi statement, the music keyed, and the wedding march began. The four watched as the procession started, and the first out were Luna, and Colin Creevy. Luna was the flower girl, and Colin was the Ring bearer, and official photographer. He had his camera, on fully automatic, to include film change.

Next, were Fleur, and Bill. Fleur being a Bridesmaid, and Bill being a groomsman. Sirius left the stage, and waited, as Hermione came out, and escorted her to the stage. She was the Maid of Honor, and he was the best man, along with Harry. Remus couldn't decide, so he took both. Now it was Harry's turn, as Ginny also started out the door. She also was A Maid of Honor, as they had two Best Men. Harry walked her to the steps, steadied her, as she climbed them, and then took his place next to Sirius. The music changed to que the crowd for the Bride's entrance. Remus wanted to look around to see if he could spot James and Lily, but the vision in front of him was too much. Tonks was accompanied down the path by her father, Ted. They stopped at the bottom of the steps, and were joined by Remus. They waited for the minister to say, "Who gives this woman away to this this man?"

"I Theodore, Robert Tonks, Give Nymphadora Nadine Tonks to Remus John Lupin, turning over all rights of protection to said same Individual." Remus watched as Mym Kissed her dad on the cheek, then turned and held out her hand for Remus to take. Remus took her hand, and together they joined their friends on stage.

The minister then began the ceremony. There were vows of love, and vows of honor. There were promises of devotion and care. There was a moment of light, then a moment of cheers, as the minister pronounced them Husband and Wife. There lips met, before he had a chance to say, "You may...continue to kiss the bride." He laughed, along with every one else.


The reception started with the opening dance between Husband and Wife. After five minutes, they were joined by the rest of the wedding ensamble. Then, it was every man and woman for them selves. Remus and Tonks stepped away from the dance floor, to watch the portraits of the dancers. Tonks looked close, but could not find Lily and James. "Rem, where are Lily and James? This was all for them, and there not even up there dancing?"

"Oh, I'm sure their around her somewhere, Nym. They wouldn't miss this for the world."

Tonks and Remus were soon sharing their dances with their maids and groomsmen. When they got their dance with Harry and Ginny, she leaned in and said, "I'm so happy for you Mooey. You really deserve her." Remus felt a tear in his eye. He knew then and there, this was Lily. He hugged her close, and heard her laugh quietly in his ear. "Take care of her, and our young Marauder, and look for us in the portrait in ten minutes. We will wave at you, and I will give you a wink." She kissed him on the cheek, and led him to his new bride. He and Harry exchanged partners, and he saw tears in Nym's eyes.

"Rem, I know you won't believe this, but, that was not Harry. Well, it was, but it wasn't. It was James, in Harry's body. I was so thrilled to be with him, that I wanted to shout it out, but, he told me I couldn't, as they were not supposed to be there. Does that mean you danced with Lily?"

"Yes, my darling, that was Lily. Believe it or not, Her eyes were even green. Come on, I want you to see something right quick." And they walked over to the portraits.

They watched as Lily and James walked in to the portrait, and looked down on the two newlyweds. They waved at them, and Lily winked at Remus, and he laughed, even as he was crying. He felt a hand on his shoulder, and knew it was Harry.

"They talked to us three days ago, and told us what they were granted to do, but they asked us not to tell you. Mom said she would tell you the day of the wedding. She was in our minds the during the whole ceremony. It was so hard to keep a straight face, what with Dads telling me of his wedding, and how Sirius and you, and Wormy, were trying there best to keep him at ease, buy telling you dirty jokes. He even told me some. I almost feel of the stange at one of them."

"Which one was it, Harry?"

"I don't think the girls want to hear it, Remus."

The two ladies echoed, "Yes we do!"

"Looks like you're out numbered sport." Remus added.

"All right, here goes. Mind you, I'm not as talented as dad is with comedy. [There were these two ladies who got off work, one Friday evening. It had been a particularly rough week, so they decided to unwind, at a dance club, looking to hook up with some good looking guy. They had been there for about 2 hours, and were ready to leave, when the blond lady saw this hunk standing alone with a drink in his hand. She walked over to him, and asked what time it was. He pulled down his zipper, whipped out his woody, and told her 9:15. She looked at him kind of wierd, and walked away. She told her friend, and she wouldn't believe her story, so the blond told her to go ask him herself. So she waited about 1/2 an hour, and walked over to the guy and asked him the time. He pulled down his zipper, pulled out his woody, and said 9:15. She looked at him and said "Wait a minute, about 45 minutes ago my friend came over and asked you the time and you said it was 9:15. I think your watch is broke?" He took his woody in his hand and started to shake it vigorously while saying, "Damn self winding watches."] Harry finished.

The four of them were laughing hard enough to get a crowd around them, wondering what was so funny. Tonks and Ginny were laughing so hard, the tears in their eyes were of mirth, not sorrow.

Ginny had to tell them, "Hermione is going to pee her britches, when she hears that. Oh, I can't wait. Ooooo, speak of the devil Hermione, love, come here, I have to tell you something."

She pulled Hermione closer to her, and told her the joke. Hermione laughed so hard, that she did what Ginny said, blushed, and ran for the ladies room. The four were laughing once again.

Hermione made it back, but, she was the color of a plum. "That was a mean trick, you pulled there Ginny. Who told you that joke, anyways. Ginny explained what Harry had said about the Marauders trying to calm James down, before his wedding. Hermione started laughing again, and Ginny had to calm hjer down, before she had to take another run. The crisis was averted, but it didn't stop the laughter.

The evening was a great success. The portraits from Hogwarts expressed their thanks to the new married couple, and to Harry for his great idea.

Tonks and Remus soon left for their first night as Mr. and Mrs. Remus Lupin.


In the following years, Harry and Ginny Married, and Had three children, The first, a boy named James Arthur Potter. and two girls, Lily Ann Potter, and Jasmine Renee Potter. Remus and Tinks hed another boy, after Teddy Remus. He was named Sirius Peter. He would learn to love his name, as he grew older.

Believe it or not, Ron and Hermione got married one year to the day later than Harry and Ginny. They had two girls, Rose Endora, and Luna Nymphadora. Tonks didn't know if she was happy about that one or not. At least it was her middle name.

Sirius marrried an actress named Helena Bonham Carter, and they had one boy, names Hercules Samson. Helena later on became popular with the family, as she was asked to play in a movie that was a ficticious rendition of Harry's trials at school. She was asked to play Sirius' cousin, Bellatrix. Sirius was laughing hes arse off, when he saw the movie, and saw his wife running around on screen yelling, "I killed Sirius Black, I killed Sirius Black." This was at the premiere of the movie about Harry's fifth year. He and his wife were asked to leave.


I really hope you enjoyed this story. I always try to bring you some different ideas about what J. K. wrote. She is a brilliant author, and is so gracious to let us play in her field of expertise. Yes people have their different ideas about who should have been paired to who, and who should have lived, and who should have died. In the end, it is Jo, who had the final say, and to that, I tip my hat, to a job well done. Thank you J.K. Rowling, for delivering onto us, one Harry James Potter, and all his friends. As always, Keeperoliver, or Ollie the Keeper. Smoooches to you know who.