"normal talk"
"parsel tongue"


Harry walked slowly. Very slowly. He was in no rush to meet death after all these years. At 17 years old, Harry Potter was about to become history, but if he could defeat Voldemort then anything would be worth it. His emerald eyes looked down upon cracked twigs and branches while his broken glasses bobbed up and down as he sniffed, determined not to cry.

He hated that man. He couldn't win either way: The monster had taken things he loved away from him already and now he was going to take Harry away from the things that loved him. The castle behind him was silent now. No screams. No bangs. Just silence. He stopped by an old looking tree and turned to face the castle. Through the siloetes of the trees and branches, Harry could make out the tops of the towers and he knew the lights were ignited by those who were searching for the lost and the dead.

Dead. Thats what he would be soon. He could never come back. He would never see Ron again. He would never see Hermione again. He never share joy, or laughter, or happiness with them again. And what would happen to his beloved Ginny. Would she live with his memory, or move on? Would she think him a hero or a coward taking the easy way out. Harry thought of her auburn hair and the touch of her lips and how it made him so alive. He started to shake as the tears finally possessed him: He wavered and his hand slide down the tree trunk as his body followed. He cried for his Ginny and friends. He cried for the people who had lost and were lost because of him. His body shook with salty tears of grief as he curled into his knees and pleaded for death to wait a little longer.

But fate had other ideas.

As he cried Harry didn't notice by the sense of touch, sound or sight that a great, scaly dark coil had gracefully moved downwards from the tree above. Quietly beneath his audible grief and pain, faint hissing could be heard.

"Now, my pet. Strike NOW."

And without warning Harry felt something around his waist. The coil began to curl around his waist as he whimpered.

"what the-GET OFF ME!" Harry kicked out and lashed at the coil as it spun and curled three more times around his waist and squeezed. "LET GO OF ME-arg-ow-LET GO" Now Harry was being hoisted into the air. His wand slide from his pocket and fell to the ground as he was jerked onto his side. "PUT ME DOWN! ACCIO-ACCIO WAND!" Nothing happened and Harry clawed stupidly at thin air as he tried to escape. He gave a pathetic whimper as branches came into his view. He tried holding onto one but the coil was determined and dragged him backwards, the sound of hissing becoming more apparent.

Finally the tour of the tree ended as Harry was flipped upright in the coils and placed on a think branch. "LOOK JUST LET ME GO!" He kicked out. Harder. He hit something and the hisses seized.

"Got more important duties then to be somethings dinner" he thought.

As soon as the thought had flouted from his head, the coils crushed him against the trunk again and pulsed hard around his waist making him loose tears from his eyes and a groan from his split lip.

"Why, Harry, I couldn't agree more" came a voice right in front of him and before he could blink away his tears, he was staring into red eyes. The red eyes of Lord Voldemort.