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I was driving my car back from Peninsula CC with my associate's degree sitting in the back seat. Dad was right I did feel proud of myself now that I had a college degree. I had also learned some useful stuff to open up the garage I wanted to someday. I didn't really want to go to college after testing out of high school before senior year. I mean I wanted to get a jumpstart on the garage before someone else opened one. Then was the whole I started turning into a giant wolf thing. Things were going good I had phasing completely under control, Rachel had moved back home since Paul imprinted on her (shoot me) but that meant I could move out into the old cabin from my mom's side of the family that I had just finished fixing up.

I heard my cell phone going off as I reached into my pocket and saw it was my dad calling.

"Hey Dad, picked up the diploma and I'm on my way home."

"Jake you need to meet the rest of the pack." The pack as of right now consisted of Same Uley, Paul, Jared Embry Call and myself. We had a feeling that Quil was going to be joining us soon. Paul was trying to get Sam to let him pretty much force Quil to change by pissing him off like he did to me but Sam wasn't having any of that again.

"Ok? What's wrong?"

"The leechs left town." Did I hear my Dad right? The bloodsuckers were gone?

"And they my help gathering the supplies to celebrate?" I was beyond stoked that the bloodsuckers were leaving.

"Jacob, the Cullens left and Bella Swan is missing." I pulled over at the side of the road as I felt my body start to shake. I knew Phasing on the side of the road in my car would be a bad idea but really the wolf inside of me was not listening. "Listen to me, Jacob, do not I repeat do not phase right now we don't know if the treaty is broken or not. Meet me with the others at the Swan's house in Forks."

"Ok Dad bye."

I took a few minutes to calm down and then started driving as fast as the rabbit would go. I wanted to get out and run there knowing it would be faster but would draw attention to me. All my memories of Bella were playing on loop in my head even though I hadn't seen her since I phased. Memories of us as little kids playing on first beach, watching her when my dad and I would go over to Charlie's for baseball games and lastly at the bonfire right before I phased when I acidentlly let it slip about the Cullens being vampires.

Once I pulled up to the house I started wondering how I was going to phase without someone noticing that I was taking off all my clothes and leaving them to go into the woods. I had on shoes, pants a t-shirt and hoodie because I just came from school.


"There you are Jake the others went into the woods a half hour ago looking for Bella so." He handed me a draw string backpack when no one was looking. "You should head into the woods and catch up to them.

"Billy he's never going to be able to catch up with them." Charlie said when he heard the back end of the conversation.

"Trust me he'll find them." I heard my dad say as I was already heading into the woods. As soon as I was out of sight of everyone I pulled my clothes off and put them all in the bag before tying the strings around my calf and phasing.

"Hey look Jacob brought a doggie bag." Jared thought

"Funny but not now." Sam replied.

"Any sign of her so far?" I thought almost desperately.

"No but we'll find her." Embry said. I ran as fast as I could to meet up with them.

I eventually found Sam and we kept on running while he filled me in on the details. Bella had left a note saying she had gone for a walk in the woods but it had reaked of leech so one of them had to have written it.

"Wait did you hear that?" I heard Jared thinking. He was only about five minutes away and through his thoughts I saw the tshirt I recognized as Bella's. what was she doing out here with no coat on?

"That's her." I said taking off to rejoin them.

"Jake you get her." Sam thought. "She knows you it might go better if she sees a familiar face."

"Ok." I phased back and put my clothes back on. I walked where Bella laid curled up on the ground.

"Bella, it's Jacob Black?"


"Yeah it's me are you hurt?"

"No just he left me."

"Jesus Bells you're shivering I said pulling my hoodie off and putting it around her. Then I got a good look at Bella's face. Then it was like everything in my life shifted, taking care of my dad starting the business, even putting the finishing touches on my cabin they all fell on the backburner for this one girl. My Bella.

I scooped her up in my arms.


"Shh it's ok." I started carrying her back to the house. My heartbeat spend up a little as Bella pressed her head into the crook of my neck. The logical part of me said she was doing it for the 108.9 degrees but my heart just noticed my imprint cuddling with me.

"Charlie." I yelled over and he came running.

'Oh thank God! Here Jacob I got her." I pulled back towards my chest. No MY imprint.

"Here I'll carry her inside." I choose to ignore the look my Dad was giving me. I didn't know where the rest of the pack was but I assumed they went to check the Cullens place to make sure they were really gone.

"Just lay her on the couch Jake." I did as Charlie told me even though I really didn't want to let Bella go. I laid her down and placed a blanket over her.

"Thanks so much Jacob." Charlie said placing his hand on my shoulder. "You and you're friends really know the woods."

"Yeah I should go get my dad home." While every fiber of my being wanted to stay right where I was with my imprint I knew I had to go home.

I got back outside and helped my dad get into the rabbit.

"So Bella Swan huh?"

"Dad you know I can't choose who I imprint on."

"Looks like you have your work cut out for you Jake."

"I know she's upset because her leech boyfriend left but I can show her a better life."

That night while everyone else celebrated I was patrolling and once my shift was over I carefully made my way to Forks and just sat outside Bella's house for an hour. I was going to make my imprint fall in love with me.

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