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Jacob was sleeping in bed. Light snoring and mumbling about badgers, which according to Carlisle was progress on some level. I had been keeping an eye on him for the last two days. He mainly slept a lot I kind of wished he would wake up so at least I could see him smile.

"Hey honey."


"How are you?"

"Little sleepy."

"Do you want some soup?"

"Yeah sounds good." He started shifting trying to prop himself up. "I love you."

"Aww thanks baby." I took the bowl and started to feed him the soup bit by bit. When he finished the bowl I went to go put it away.

"Can you cuddle with me for a minute?"

"Jake I'll cuddle with you as long as you want."

I laid in bed and Jacob pulled me right up against him.

"Don't hurt your leg." That was the main thing that was still hurting him at this point.

"Shh I'll be fine I just want you close." I was about to mutter that he couldn't get much closer but let the poor guy have his moment.

"So what did you tell Charlie about why you had to stay with me?"

"You got hurt testing a remodeled motorcycle."

"I hope you realize that means Charlie is never going to let you near yours again."

"Silly werewolf he doesn't know I have it." He kissed me on the forehead. I realize Jacob was healing but I really wanted something more than that. Considering I was wearing a tang top and pajama pants and could feel his body. Every hard sexy muscle was pretty much calling me at this point.


She needs to stay here from now on.

Yeah like that's going to happen.

But she's our imprint and she's happy here. Plus this feels nice so nice. We could cuddle every night and now that the vamp is gone we can make a puppy.

She has to go to college.

She wants to be a teacher.

"Jacob you ok?"

'"Yeah Bells I'm fine what's wrong?"

"Your face just turned into this weird mix of constipated and thinking."

"I was just thinking about some stuff."

"Well if you're worrying about something don't, just focus on getting better."

"All right if you insist." I leaned over and what was supposed to be a kiss on the cheek turned into almost full on making out. Then Bella started kissing her way down my neck and then she was starting to plant light kisses down my chest, which I knew meant one thing.

"Bella you don't have to do that." Despite me really wanting her too.

Bella then stuck her hand down my shorts. "I know baby but I really want too." Oh God what she is doing feels so good right now.

"That feels nice."

"I would hope so." Bella then eased the shorts off my hips. It always amazed me how naturally beautiful she was. "Baby I don't think you're well enough yet for sex but we can still have some fun."

"Mmm." I tried to reach for her shorts as well but she put her hand over mine. "No Jacob right know is all about you."

Then I felt her mouth on me. Don't get me wrong I love my imprint with all my heart and soul and what was happening was still really hot but it was really obvious Bella hadn't done this with anyone else before we started getting intimate. I wish I could flip her over and pin her to the bed but I didn't have the strength for it yet. Once we were done I pulled her back into my arms.


Now that I knew Jacob was feeling better I finally seemed to process something.
"Victoria is dead."


"We can move on with our lives."


"Does this mean you guys can ease up on patrols now? Maybe I could have some free time with my boyfriend this summer?"

"Well we can't let up entirely just in case there is some kind of retaliation. I have a meeting with the leeches as soon as I'm feeling better."

"So you don't plan on doing that today do you?"

"No probably not, since you wore me out." I buried my face in his chest. "I love how you get so shy about that."

"You're a jerk."

"It's cute I promise."

"You should schedule the meeting for tomorrow. I want us to be able to get back to a normal life."

"You realize I'm still going to turn into a giant wolf right."

"You know what I mean."

"Ok are you going to come with me? I don't want to go into their house with how disgusting they smell without you."

"What happened to you didn't want me around the Cullens?"

"I learned to pick my battles. We're going to have a long happy life together after the Cullens move on from here. It's not worth fighting about."

"I feel like this is actually some sort of mix of post orgasm and the pain medication you're on talking.'

"Ok fine."


After another day of rest and Bella time we walked into the leech's house with Embry and Sam to hammer out all of the details about them being in the area now that the red headed leech was gone.

"Welcome." Carlisle said as we walked into the living room. Yeah that was pretty much the last thing I felt as I gave Bella's hand a light squeeze. "Let's head into the dining room to discuss this." What's the point of a dining room they don't eat?

"It came with the house you dumb dog."

"Edward." Esme admonished him as we were sitting down. Yeah it has gotten to the point that I know all of their names. Aren't I the luckiest alpha ever?

You have Bella that's pretty damn lucky

The inner wolf had a good point for once.

"So let's get down to business." Carlisle said while sitting down at the table. "We discussed this as a family and most of us think it would be best if we moved on to another town. The teens are out of school anyway so we would have to start over again. Also we realize the threat from victoria and such a large coven in the area led to more of you changing then ever before."

I was surprised the vamps were actually being reasonable about this but then I realized he said most not all of them agreed to this.

"I heard you say most, all of you are going though right?"

"Of course Jacob. We are a family like you and your brothers."

"Don't forget Leah." I was surprised Emmett of all people said that.

"Right well we need some time to hammer out the details. Thankfully I told the hospital I wasn't sure if we were staying so they are still searching for a replacement. If you would allow us about five days that should give us enough time to make arrangements to move to another one of our homes."

"That sounds reasonable."

"There is one other thing we wanted to talk about." Alice said approaching the table. "Emmett. Esme and myself would like to be able to keep in touch with Bella this time."

"That is all Bella I am not her keeper." I said glancing over at her.

"I think staying in contact would be good but I'm not going to risk anyone changing but we could keep in touch via video chat if that would work for all involved." She could still see the Cullens and I wouldn't have to smell them I marvel at my imprint's genius sometimes.