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Seven years. Seven years since Victoria was finally eliminated as a threat from our lives. So much has changed. I graduated with my Masters in education two years ago and have been teaching at La Push High School. Well I was currently on maternity leave. Jacob and I had a beautiful baby boy we named Charles William Black. Charlie was currently sleeping in his bassinet while I waited for Skype to load.

"Hey Bella."

"Hey Alice, Hey Esme."

"So how's the baby?" Alice asked.

"He's good sleeping right now. How's everyone up there?"

"They're good currently out camping."

"So Bella when are you going back to work?" I have four more weeks of maternity leave left but by then school will be out for the summer so I'll go back in the fall."

"The little guy timed his birth perfectly."


"How's everything with your Dad?"

"He's good he's still adjusting to being retired. Tried to turn the lights and sirens on the other day before realizing he wasn't in the patrol car."

"Oh that's too funny."

"Charlie, the baby, kind of gave him this look like Grandpa what are you doing?"

"How's Jacob?"

"He's good, the garage is doing really well. The car restoration business is doing good to. And of course since he hired Embry and Quil full time last year going to work is like not work at all for those three. How's Vermont?"

"It's good. I mean I'm not crazy about the fashion store options here." Alice wrinkled her nose at this. "Also I was doing some retail therapy the other day."

"When are you ever not?"

"Hush, I'm sending you a car seat."

"Alice, Charlie already has the overly expensive car seat you bought him before he was born."

"Bella not every present is for you."

"Leah is going to be an amazing mom!" Esme said then put her hands over her mouth clearly letting the secret out.

"Holy crap they're pregnant!"

"They might not even know yet so you can't tell Jacob."

"This is going to be amazing. Charlie will have a best friend in nine months."

"Why is Charlie going to have a best friend?" Jacob said as he walked into the room "I was phasing back and heard."

"Hey Jacob!"

"Hey Alice, Hi Esme."

"Well now we have to tell them. Jacob Leah is pregnant."

"Yeah Embry and Leah told me last night." He said.

"Damn my visions are still fuzzy even after they stop phasing."

"Think it could be because only Leah stopped?"


"All right we'll leave you two to the baby have a fun afternoon." Esme said as the chat disconnected.

"So." I said turning my direction to Jake as he picked up Charlie. "How was patrol?"

"I saw a butterfly that was kind of the highlight."

"You ever miss when you guys were actually tracking vampires?"

"No because it means A) that we can ease up on it and B) That our family is safe."

"I love you Jacob Black."

"I love you Bella Black."

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