Based on "Fake I.D.s" episode…with a twist

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After meeting Danielle, Zack's new USC "college honey," he can't wait to see her again at The Attic. The night before was fantastic, who cares that Screech was getting thrown around by Regi, that Slater totally made a fool of himself talking about Jessie to Danielle's hot friends, or that Kelly's new boyfriend Jeff was spotted kissing another girl. Zack, thought to himself, "I just need to see Danielle again."

While sitting at The Max, Zack convinces Slater to join him at The Attic the next night.

"Alright, Preppy, I guess I can go."

"Thanks Slater, just don't talk too much about Jessie this time."

"Morris…what if we see Jeff again?"

"I'm not telling Kelly! She's not going to believe me! Besides maybe he won't even be there!"

"Fine Preppy. Be at my house at 8 tomorrow."

Zack, Slater, and Screech show up at the Attic the next night. Screech is wearing a wig, mustache, and beard to disguise himself from Regi, but it doesn't work. "Doooonnnnniiiieeee!" Regi screams. Screech tries to scramble away, but Regi picks Screech up and hauls him off to the dance floor.

Zack spots Danielle at a table and grabs Slater, "Come on, Slater, over here."

Zack plants a kiss on Danielle as he sits down. Slater sits as well, but gets glared at by Danielle's hot friends Joan and Sandy. Embarrassed about the last time they met, Slater says a quick "Hi."

Danielle asks Zack, "Do you want anything special to drink?" and pulls out a flask filled with vodka. Zack glances at Slater, and says seemingly unsure of himself, "Sure, why not?" Danielle pours some into Zack's and Slater's drinks.

The night rolls on Danielle and Zack become closer and Slater, with drinks in tow, forgets about Jessie and loosens up and gets comfortable with Joan and Sandy. Screech continues to get a workout dancing with Regi. Zack and Slater don't even notice Jeff, Kelly's boyfriend dancing, with his blonde bombshell.

Meanwhile, Jessie, Kelly, and Lisa are getting ready to join the boys at the Attic. They talked Screech into making them fake I.D.s too. Lisa heard the Attic is a great place to pick up guys, and Jessie and Kelly want to spy on their boyfriends.

When Lisa walks into the Attic she heads right for the dance floor. She came to party. Kelly and Jessie are shocked at what they see.

Little do they know, that an undercover cop came in right behind them…