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Author's Note: Found a 50 sentence prompt at http:/ community. livejournal. com/ 1fandom/ 300. html, which was handy for staying focused while working on reviews for Scarecrow Contests. Trickier than I expected, but a lot of fun. Might try it again sometime with other pairings/characters. Anyway, please let me know if any stick out. :-)

In Stitches

01. Move

She moves, dark like a trickster, to Scarecrow's ear opposite Riddler and whispers "Take the black queen."

02. Sleep

Harley lies alone on the couch in his lair and sleeps peacefully.

03. Inspire

A smile crawls across Jonathan's face as their victim begins to shriek—leaving Harleen excited, disturbed, or possibly both.

04. Sweat

She wakes up in a sweat after dreaming of him and cries.

05. Lovely

Most women wouldn't be flattered to have their dress evaluated with an impassive "Nice," but then most women didn't have Scarecrow staring speechless across the room for minutes beforehand.

06. Breathe

After she's finally found him, Harleen is a little scared to feel her eyes sting when he falls asleep (breathing, alive) against her.

07. Rough

It takes a lot of nagging before he lets her try it on, then when she does it itches.

08. Strike

The first time Jonathan infuriates her she breaks a table and he walks out.

09. Help

Scarecrow isn't like Ivy because when Harleen accepts his help, he doesn't say anything.

10. Resist

Joan has an idea of what's going on, but in all their therapy sessions Crane never admits he might be self-destructive.

11. Meet

"I thought you were impossible when we first met," he informs her as she so-cheerfully invades his space, "and I haven't changed my mind."

12. Taut

When Harley flashes that tight, painfully aware smile Jonathan knows there's something wrong with him.

13. Thirst

Much as he hates the metaphor, it truly is like loving a siren as she drowns you.

14. All

Pamela only sits with him because beggars can't be choosers.

15. Fog

Scarecrow uses fog like a good horror movie, and she tells him so.

16. Before

Harley is determined to collaborate on a bank robbery before she leaves.

17. Hurt

As she pulls the trigger, Harleen reflects that they really do have a lot in common.

18. Kind

Jonathan knows he doesn't fit because Jokers are two of a kind.

19. Warm

She delights in making the Scarecrow shiver by breathing on him in a cold room.

20. Pattern

"Guys like him destroy girls like you," mutters Ivy, and Harley has a moment of discomfort wondering which J she means.

21. Cycle

Jonathan froze when Joker first showed up without her, but then the clown had to inform him "Oh, she's just uh…going through her usual cycle."

22. Glow

He thinks Harley Quinn appears inhuman under the glow of an explosion.

23. Zero

Part of him wants to scream that he knows this already, but the rest just keeps listening.

24. Wonder

They only discuss scars once.

25. Scold

"What did I say about inhaling psychotropic hallucinogens?" murmurs Scarecrow, kneeling next to Harley Quinn as she laughs.

26. Figure

"You have nothing to be ashamed of."

27. Then

They were both doctors once, but it gets hard to remember.

28. Lie

She is something Jonathan won't confirm but can't deny.

29. Hunt

Scarecrow refuses to adjust the plan just so she can say they'll "inject Batsy from behind".

30. Mistake

"I've got no regrets," says Harley in a t-shirt, in his arms, and Jonathan catches himself actually believing it.

31. Birth

Very few rogues recognize that she wasn't born giggling in greasepaint.

32. Cut

"There's a reason why I don't like computers", he declares as Harleen brings his finger (still stinging with paper-cut blood) to her lips.

33. Double

What fills Jonathan with horror isn't the fact that it happened, but that he allowed it to happen twice.

34. Cover

It's fitting that his first impression of her was a joke.

35. Lick

"No, you've gotta slide your tongue all around it," explains Harleen, nearly making him choke on his ice cream.

36. Wheel

Jonathan realizes what kind of woman he's been associating with the first time he sees Harley knock someone out in mid-cartwheel.

37. Slight

"J and I had the best time messing with Ryder last night Jon, it was hilarious!"

38. Fling

Sometimes Jonathan really wants to lose patience and shout at her, but part of the irony in knowing you're just a fling is the fear that it will be confirmed.

39. Sorry

"This doesn't make up for the property damage," says Scarecrow as he takes another bite of chocolate cake.

40. Call

"Can I stop by your place for a movie tonight?" asks Harley over the phone, and Jonathan wonders if he'll ever actually know her reason.

41. Jewel

Prying Harleen from the computer in hysterics, even Crane can't suppress a chuckle upon learning teens obsess over his "icy sapphire orbs".

42. Fruit

He suffocates in a swirl of poison and memories and heat, undecided whether she is girl or serpent.

43. House

Harley lives with Joker but isn't home.

44. Swim

He still won't talk to her about the motorcycle incident.

45. Family

It's oddly touching that she wants to throttle his grandmother too.

46. Interest

Jonathan has grown accustomed to late night psychology blurred in alcohol and her cheap cigarettes.

47. Record

They dance—mismatched in darkness to an unfamiliar song.

48. Glass

He gets the call from Nashton, turns on his t.v., and sees her surrounded by glass from a second story window.

49. Shape

Scarecrow lets his eyes drift over her silhouette and is unafraid.

50. Live

"Well Jonny, do ya think the heart's stronger than the mind or the dick?"