I own only my house car and bike. That is until they find a way of stealing these as well.

Minato was tired, god he ached. Every step seemed to cause cramps in his legs; this seemed to shoot up his back and through his whole body. Today Seo hadn't shown up for work and he'd ended up doing both jobs. There was some sort of rush on; some rumour about M.B.I. stopping all work. Well he'd made a lot of extra money today, but he was looking forwards to a good wash under the shower and a long soak in the bath; glad he had the weekend to recover.

Izumo inn appeared out of the gloom, he wasn't sure if it really was that dark or his eyes were closing. He was home. He sat on the step and took off his shoes, then just lay down to ease his sore back. Maybe Musubi could help; his eyes closed at the thought. It would mean he didn't have to move his arms. Yes Musubi could help tonight; please. He just prayed she'd meant it when she'd asked every day since they'd met.

Miya was sitting with the cause of Minato's problem, Seo had come round for food Musubi had gone to get some rice at Miya's request. Just forty kilo's Miya smiled at the thought of Musubi with two large bags under each arm. That girl was so innocent it just wasn't true. What had her adjuster been thinking; maybe it was Musubi herself that was the problem. She just couldn't seem to grasp basic customs; Yume's influence no doubt. Poor Minato sleeping with her and both still virgins; Miya respected him far more than he realised; she knew that Musubi would fall asleep if she thought too much about sex at her age; it was built into her genes. Her smile got a little wider and her hand came to her mouth, could it be that Musubi had found her true life partner. Somehow she'd better get Minato aware of the situation; it shouldn't be for long hopefully. It should have been that we were all that innocent and lucky. The smile faded; that was before Minaka had finally dropped all his toys out of his pram. She was startled by the scream from the hall.

"MINATO" Musubi voice filled the inn; full of pain and anguish and fear; real fear.

Miya burst up and through the door to the hall; she heard the thumps of the others. Sekirei could move when they wanted; and that call made them all come as fast as possible. It probably wasn't the best idea in retrospect, but fate had its own way of playing. She'd said to Kagari "If they're here by chance we're connected; it's the guidance of the gods". But why oh why did it have to be like a slow motion train wreck; all caused by Seo.

Minato resting his weary body; because he'd had to pick up the slack from Seo not bothering to come into work that morning; lay stretched out gathering a little energy for the final push up the stairs.

Musubi had come through the door to see her Minato flat out as if dead; there was almost no discernable energy coming from him. She'd rushed to see what was wrong, and fallen over his outstretched feet. The bags of rice Miya had asked Musubi to collect were for Seo; they flew out of her grasp as she tried to regain her balance twenty kilos of rice travelled with some velocity down each side of the corridor.

Miya had been daydreaming to take her thoughts away from the scum. If it wasn't for Hikari and Hibiki she'd have been tempted not to help this time; but the two girls had suffered enough for not listening to the advice they'd been given. Her mind still wasn't working properly as the bag flew towards her, she skipped over it but.

Kusano had been frightened by Seo and was hiding outside the other door around the corner. When she heard Musubi's cry she ran as fast as she could to her onii-chan. She didn't see the bag, her whole focus was on Minato lying on the floor. It clipped her front foot as it landed and tripped her up. She now slid past Minato and under Miya landing feet.

Miya had nowhere to go. If she placed her foot she'd hurt Kuu; she held it for a fraction and allowed the girl to slide under her. Her focus wasn't on what was in front, rather on Kusano travelling underneath. She touched down too late and staggered forwards; just as Minato was starting to sit up. Their lips touched; as her hands came forwards to break her fall she grasped Minato and collapsed onto him. They were lucky not to smash their teeth; but the damage had been done; they'd both opened their mouths slightly at the same time in shock at the impromptu kiss they shared. They both thought in passing that it was very nice however, and responded just a little. A fire burst inside Miya it raged. Then much more occurred than either of then had even considered possible.

Uzumi and Kagari arrived together to see Miya land on Minato and watched as they kissed; then in the silence that followed they were forced to close their eyes and turn away from the brilliant light that enveloped them all. When it passed they collapsed on the floor and just watched in stunned silence.

Upstairs Matsu had been reading about Minato, fantasising what she could do to him, and wondering what his pain threshold was. She'd heard the cry and turned her attention to the screens. Everything was registering as normal, then there was a power surge, just before the screens dimmed to black she saw the automatic confirmation appear; Minato's name with another Sekirei; Miya 01. She rushed downstairs to find out what had happened.

In the M.B.I. tower the alarms were ringing and all the screens showed the same thing that had briefly appeared on Matsu's; Minato's face alongside Miya's. In the research labs Takami blindly grabbed a cigarette and lit it not realising that she was currently holding one in her fingers. In the main office Minaka stopped his gleeful monologue and shivered, first in fear but then he started to laugh. All one hundred and eight were now in the game.

Karasuba glanced at the irritating flashing screen that was disturbing her as she honed the edge for that little extra; then promptly sliced the top of her thumb off. She didn't even realise as she stood and smiled; the blood dripped down onto the blade and onto the desk. She looked at the thumb and frowned; then found the end, opening a drawer she found needle and thread belonging to Haihane and sewed it back on, it would soon heal. Then with added purpose cleaned the blade and started again.

Minato sat and looked at Miya's moving lips, his ears weren't registering sounds as yet.

"… light become my Ashikabi now and forever" Miya's face turned dark as she stood, the mask appeared behind her "Sahashi Minato why were you lying on the floor" her tone matched her face.

"I was resting to get the energy to get upstairs my work partener didn't turn up for work today and I had to do his work as well" he said without breathing

Miya looked at the terrified and exhausted Minato; then her eyes caught the bags of rice and a sinking feeling came over her, the mask vanished. "And just who is your work partner? What is his name?"

"Seo" Minato squeaked "He's an Ashikabi to"

"Hikari and Hibiki" her tone was dangerously level. Minato had heard the same from his mother.

He nodded and prayed her fury wasn't going to be directed at him, but then looked confused "How do you know?" His eyes slid passed her to the man in question standing in the doorway "Seo what are you doing here?"

"SCUM" Miya turned and grabbed Seo by the collar of his jacket. "NEVER COME HERE AGAIN OR YOUR LIFE IS FORFIT" she threw him out the open door; straight between Hikari and Hibiki as they turned the gate. "You two come in here now; you're never going back to that SCUM again"

They thought of running but there was a mask behind them. As they both turned back to the enraged Miya their thoughts were along the same lines 'Miya's cooking' they rushed inside; fear, but more the thought of regular meals and no Seo driving them.

As she looked around at the still shocked faces her gaze rested on Minato. He'd passed out, not even the adrenalin flowing through him was enough to keep him awake. She bent down and picked him up; cradling him as the most precious thing in her world she went towards her room. "Dinner will be late; my Ashikabi is tired and needs a bath. Uzume and Matsu will prepare dinner tonight. I'll sort out the sleeping arrangements later"

They hadn't moved as she came back out, still carrying Minato but with Yukata's for both laid on his unconscious form. As she opened the door to the bathroom she glanced again at the tableau "Dinner won't cook itself. Be ready in an hour please"

Matsu was the first to recover "Kuhu, kuhu, Miya's hoping she's going to get some in-depth investigation done on her later"

"Is that all you can think about you perverted witch?" Kagari asked her. He did however follow her gaze down to the bathroom door and wonder. His phone rang he looked at the number and sighed "Moshi moshi"

"Where are you" Takami's voice sounded fraught

"At the inn"

"I'll be there in five minutes. Be outside"

The phone cut off. Kagari's head almost came off as he turned to look at the bathroom door again. Last night she'd said she didn't need to know about Minato; then she'd opened her phone and looked at her children's picture. He rushed to the door and started putting on his shoes. "Don't cook me anything I'll eat out" They were still frozen as he disappeared.

Ku was the first of the others to move; when she'd stopped sliding she'd sat and turned to watch everything. Now she stood "What's onee-sama doing with onii-chan?"

Even Matsu had to stop and think on how to answer that one. "He's very tired and Miya' going to take care of him for the rest of the day; I should imagine"

"Should we help her" Kusano started towards the door

"NO; no we should start dinner, can you come and help us" Matsu indicated to herself and Uzume. She remembered what had happened when she'd tried to listen to Miya having a bath one day. She shuddered and reached for Kusano's hand, to listen to her and her Ashikabi would be to risk dismemberment.

"AGGGHHH THE GHOST" Kusano screamed and ran to Musubi hiding behind her; the next twenty minutes were spent convincing Kusano that Matsu wouldn't hurt her. Then they started preparing dinner; Hikari and Hibiki helped, to eat real food, not instant ramen their prayers had been answered. As they worked they cried the others found it strange since they were cutting the cucumber and pickles at the time, the onions came later.

Minato floated in a dream, he was warm, in the bath resting against something soft. He turned his head slightly and breathed gently against Miya. Then he mumbled

"What did you say" she asked quietly

"If I do the same Monday I'll have enough for a whole months rent for Miya" he was slowly waking up.

She held him still "You'll make yourself ill working that hard"

"Gotta pay my way can't depend on charity, we can't take advantage Subi, can't have you homeless"

She brushed his hair out of his face, "You'll never be homeless Mi chan"

He slowly opened his eyes and looked into her upside down face, there was confusion there; they shut then slammed open as he levitated out of the water. "M MM M MM Miya what are you doing in my bath"

"You're my Ashikabi now don't you remember; I'm looking after you. You were very dirty and tired; I've washed you and now you need to relax, in my bath." There was a slight grin as she said the last three words; but he didn't notice.

"Oh god" he looked at her, keeping his eyes on hers; then they closed again and his head fell "I can't do this; I can barely look after myself, now I have You, Musibi and Kuu looking at me as your Ashikabi. I don't know what I'm supposed to do" he snorted "Whatever it is I'll probably screw it up"

Miya moved across the bath and pulled him to her, he was still too tired to fight much, and if Miya didn't know better she'd thought he'd been winged as well. She'd seen the rush of blood to his face whenever he caught sight of Musibi's pants or breasts; but now in the bath with a naked Miya he rested his head back on her shoulder; he didn't even try and hide the rather large and obvious evidence of his attraction to her. Wearily he asked "What do I do now Miya"

"You learn more than Manaka has ever known about Sekirei; and you're my life mate."

He sat up; again his eyes stayed fixed on hers never going below her chin "Life mate?"

"In your customs it would translate as our wedding vows. 'Now and forever' means just that" With one hand she took his head and tilted it down, the other held his wrist and placed it on her breast. She shuddered a little at the feeling that went through her when his finger touched her skin, she felt sure the water temperature went up a few degrees. "I'm your wife; I want you to see me and touch me, never be afraid to show me how much you care." Her voice was getting husky, she reigned herself back a little "I know you do otherwise you'd never have winged me. I've waited for you and only you; although I never thought I would ever meet you"

She moved the red face back up "There is a slight age difference at the moment, but I won't age for centuries now, and when you reach the right age neither will you" She kissed him lightly again, this time deliberately. She still held the wrist, and moved his hand to her waist so he could hold her, her wings flashed out from behind and beside her; they filled the room and went through the walls; she burned with an intense heat inside. "At the moment I'm physically twenty six, we'll get a bit of muscle on you and soon you'll stop aging, maybe at twenty two" He'd returned the kiss a little, she lent forwards and they both kissed this time. "Later I won't fall asleep like Musubi does at the moment; I'll start explaining after we get up tomorrow afternoon"

Minato could only think of the lyrics to 'summer the first time' an old record his grandmother would sometimes play. But the next kiss filled the lost years; it seemed to last forever. To Miya each time they kissed she seemed to feel stronger and burn hotter.

"Why don't I feel nervous, or any of the other things"

"Because somehow you can feel just how right this is" she kissed him again. "It's almost as if you were winged at the same time"

"Miya for god's sake stop that, the hobs going mental everything will be burnt at this rate" Matsu's voice reached them from the kitchen.

Takami and Kagari sat on the bench overlooking the ferry. "Tell me what happened"

"Minato's been working at a building site to get more money. Musubi left her card in her rush to find her Ashikabi. Anyway it appears that he was teamed up with Seo"

Takami knew Seo from M.B.I. a few years previously; he'd left as the Sekirei were starting to be released. Pissing off Manaka at the same time; well that wasn't hard, but he was a total waste of space. The gene pool could well do without him.

Kagari waited until she was ready "They're on piece rates, with Seo not there Minato worked well beyond his limits. You know we can sense what your martial art sensei's call Ki?" she nodded "Well when he got back he was drained, totally exhausted. His Sekirei came back from an errand and saw him lying on the floor and thought he was almost dead, she screamed" he took two cigarettes out and lit them, passing one to Takami "We all came running, she was carrying forty kilos of rice and tripped. In short that tripped Kusano who fell under Miya; to avoid stepping on her she landed on Minato as he was sitting up"

"Miya tripped; that's not a usual occurrence"

"She'd been talking to Seo, the rice was for his Sekirei, he'd come around again. You know Miya; she was still willing to feed him. I think she was elsewhere trying to ignore him when Musubi screamed" he smiled as he remembered the next "Miya asked Minato what he was doing, it didn't take her a second to figure out it was Seo responsible for everything. She picked him up and threw him out the door. Hikari and Hibiki are now at the inn told never to see him again"

"What about Minato, what did Miya do. I know she didn't hurt him but"

Kagari held a hand up, he knew what she was asking "She picked him up and carried him into the bathroom, told Uzume to get dinner ready for a hour's time" He turned to face her "She called him her Ashikabi" there was a trace of a smile "There's a change in rooms tonight for the rest of us"

Takami lit another cigarette from the butt. "What's her power like with a norito?"

"I couldn't see when she was winged; even with my eyes shut I had to look away. What is her power?"

"Power" replied Takami. "From what Takehito said we thought that it would be impossible for her to ever be winged, I know he told me that she had never entertained the idea. Minato must be her ideal match" she shook her head at the irony of the situation. "Do you have any idea what she's likely to do?"

"She's a traditionalist. Tonight and tomorrow morning is her honeymoon in our culture. After that no"

"I think I'd better come over tomorrow lunchtime and meet my daughter in law" she finished her cigarette and ground it out "Kagari you're going to be very busy tonight, let's go and get you stocked up on a few dozen oysters shall we. Then strawberries in Belgium and Swiss chocolate with a few bottles of champagne"

"Real food first let the champagne and oysters cool properly in the ice"

Takami made two calls and took Kagari's arm. Amazing what you can get on expenses with a good accountant.

Miya and Minato came out of the bathroom dressed in the Yukata's; while Minato sat waiting with Musubi and Kusano Miya checked the dinner and made a few adjustments. "Uzume; tomorrow I want you to take Hikari and Hibiki shopping and buy them some decent clothes with your M.B.I. card" she turned to the two sisters "This is the last time I want to see you in anything but decent clothing." Behind her appeared the mask to emphasise the point. She seemed to brighten, "I just need to talk to Musubi and Kuu for a minute then we can have dinner." She looked at Matsu "I take it you're staying downstairs for yours. Look after everything until tomorrow; you know what I mean."

Before dinner Miya explained to Musubi why she kept falling asleep, she would have to wait a few months until she could become a proper wife. In the meantime she was to look after Kusano who would now be sharing a room with her.

After dinner Hikari and Hibiki were given a room, Miya then took Minato's hand and he stood up with her "We are going for our honeymoon; please do not disturb us. Remember Kusano, bedtime is at eight"

Once in private they sat on the futon and Miya started telling him about Sekirei. She knew that they would have to wait until the others had gone to bed; but she'd waited this long, a couple of hours were no problem. She'd decided to start with winging. The very real problems and dangers facing them now could wait until later.

"So you see; for us winging is the end of a mating ritual, it allows us to accept only DNA from the most suitable candidate. If we're lucky we find our ideal mate, we burn inside when we kiss and our full maturity comes to us. Musubi is too young for this at the moment; while she can feel that you're her mate she can't respond properly. That's why when you were together in bed she kept falling asleep. It's a mechanism to stop the immature going too far too fast." She squeezed his hand. "I was very impressed that you'd never taken advantage of her" her eyes darkened a little "Your world is not usually so caring about the feelings of others"

"But she was asleep it wouldn't be right" he shuddered "It would be rape" he added quietly "I could never do that, especially to someone I loved"

"I know but think about Hikari and Hibiki, they are only just old enough now. It didn't stop that Scum however. If they have sex with their partner even once before the Sekirei is fully mature then they can never have real Sekirei children. They'll be stronger than humans are but a lot weaker than they should be. The twins can never have their real children now, just pale reflections of what they could have been. That was why I am so angry with him. He knew this yet still he continued. You on the other hand; all your children with Musubi and me will be Sekirei." She warmed at the thought "But not just yet, there are other things we need to do to make this a safe place for them to grow up in" She was beginning to burn a lot more. "The others are in their own rooms now" she pulled him down onto the futon "I can't wait any longer" she was flushed and breathing quickly. This time the fuse box tripped every single fuse and soon after the house shook as if there was an earthquake. It happened a few times again that night, through till the morning; each was stronger than the last.