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Whilst the Sekirie slept Minaka was having a white night. He'd always despised his father's friend who was a programmer in the seventies when commercial computers had just started. He kept banging on about flow diagrams and proper documentation and the new programmers didn't know how to clear down properly, they now used the computer instead of their brains.

Minaka was trying to find the fault that had appeared with the system and would have liked a printout that was actually structured so he could try and find the problem. They had just included additional code for the next stage and restarted the system. Seo was no longer showing up as a confirmed Ashikabi but he knew that he was still alive and so were his Sekirei. He remembered what the old man had said about making tea as a programme; make sure that things were there in the first place, kettle tea water pot cups power switched on. He stopped; he was looking at a cup of tea that suddenly didn't have any tea in it. If Sekirei active show status, if status winged show Ashikabi, he tapped the raw data from eleven and twelve, they were showing as un-winged he'd never considered that a Sekirei could stop being winged whilst the Ashikabi was still alive, ten still showed as a winged Sekirei even though her Ashikabi was dead, nine un-winged, eight. He smiled eight was dead she should show up as inactive, he looked at the data, eight was showing as inactive but winged. He howled in frustration and thumped the desk, taking a deep breath he looked further eight was inactive but has Sahashi Minato as her Ashikabi. He called up the raw data for Sahashi Minato he was Ashikabi to one two three seven eight eighty eight and one hundred and eight, too many eights. He started a report from the history file and the raw data, one that could see all the fields from before the restart and compare with the raw data after. Whilst it was printing he went to get another coffee, his eyes hurt from looking at the screen a printout would be nice.

He looked at the report in his hands, numbers eleven and twelve were down as un-winged as was eighty three he turned and brought up the live data for eighty three, she was showing as winged, then it flickered un-winged, as he sat watching it switched between the two Minaka shook his head in irritation and reduced the screen, the second stage was only waiting for Tsukiumi and she was safely tucked away in the inn or it was, now there were three more to be winged again, all at the inn. He put them to one side for later and looked at the data for number eight. The report showed her as inactive but winged, that was common on those taken out of the game but eight had to have been winged after the game started, years after she was dead. He reread the report from Karasuba. Not dead, dormant in eighty eight, he brought up both streams of raw data and watched, she was asleep, he'd seen those readings many times. Suddenly there was a change in eight she was active but she was asleep as well

He looked at eighty three again there was now no Ashikabi next to her and she was still flicking between winged and un-winged. He sat back, he was no longer in charge of the game Minato his son was now the determining factor as to what happens. He smiled and went to bed a strangely happy man for a change.

Miya and Minato called all the residents on the inn for a discussion the next morning, "Matsu has looked at the MBI data and it's now showing three additional un-winged Sekirei although unconfirmed, there are now four waiting to find their Ashikabi. We are going to get these apartments next to the inn so that we have room for any others who wish to join us." She looked around "It's going to be difficult as both Higa and Mikogami have used their Sekirei to wing others by force but Minato and I want to try and give the others the option."

"Well Higa's still in hospital and won't be able to talk for another two or three days according to his records" Matsu supplied "Now's the time if we're going to do this"

"You can count us in" Hibiki said and looked over to Katsuragi who nodded as did Shinka Yukari and Shiina.

"I'll carry on waiting as you asked Minato" Tsukiumi said with a grimace "But it's getting harder every day"

"You should have said Tsukiumi" Miya stood and went to her room "Just a kiss on the cheek Minato" she handed him Tsukiumi's engagement ring "Shall we go into the garden as usual for this" she said as she took Tsukiumi's arm "Try and control yourself for a little longer" she whispered to Tsukiumi "You're doing very well, perhaps you won't have to wait to become a wife, but this will help and reduce the pain, ask Shinka afterwards how it helped her"

In the tower Minaka noticed a change, Tsukiumi's raw data was now showing that Minato was officially her Ashikabi and she was still un-winged. He laughed and was still laughing as Takami walked in after receiving a summons. Minaka indicated the screen and brought it up onto the main display.

"Our son has taken over my game" he was still laughing "We need to go and see him to find out what he wants to do now" He took off his cloak and went to change, when he came back he was wearing a dark suit and carrying a small briefcase.

"I'll phone Miya and ask her to expect guests" Takami said as she watched him reappear.

Minaka grimaced "Better ask her to guarantee my safety as well, I don't want to take Karasuba with us" He held up his hand at the question that was forming "Let's just tell it the once"

Miya was waiting with Minato as the car pulled up and both Manaka and Takami got out. Both looked at Manaka with surprise as he stood in his conservative suit with a briefcase.

"I know I'm not welcome, but may I have your guarantee of safety please Miya"

"As long as you do not abuse it or the guests here you will be safe for this visit"

"I can ask for no more" his infamous grin appeared "Then let us get on, there's a lot to do." He looked at Minato "Especially for the new game master" he took Takami's arm and walked towards Miya "We will need Matsu as well with the item she purloined."

Miya turned and led them into the back garden where everyone was waiting. Minaka looked at Miya "We are a family, and as such we make decisions together" Minaka nodded "However you should meet three formally Minato, Yukari and Shinka, Sekirei number six"

Minaka bowed and looked at Shinka "Strangely my dear I'm very glad to see you restored to your proper form, it means that Minato here isn't just lucky but the proper inheritor of all things Sekirei" He looked at the chairs left unoccupied "Now where to start" he sat and put the case by his side "At the beginning is best" he reached into his breast pocket and drew out a small device passing it to an astounded Miya "You'd better play it in full first, then you can translate for the others once you've seen it and recovered"

"Recovered" Minato asked moving his hand to stop Miya

"What's on there is a message and instructions from your council with details of the mission you're currently on. I translated it without Takami or Takehito knowing. I may be slightly insane, but you've never accused me of not having intelligence."

Miya pressed a control and a hologram appeared of two Sekirei, they started talking in a language none of the others had heard before. Strangely as the hologram activated Minato understood exactly what was said; as the two paused for their audience to comprehend what they had just said he touched Miya's hand.

"Pause it a moment please Miya"

She shook herself and pressed the appropriate control. "Minato you just spoke our language?"

"I know but" he switched dialects to the less formal common patois that would be difficult for Manaka and Takami to follow "Can't you feel the ship, she's given me the languages so we can talk. I felt her when you touched that"

"You felt her when I touched this? It's a link to her but I didn't realise that you were included as well."

"Think commander, he's your life mate of course he's linked to me" came to Miya

"Then ask her why she's changed me I don't want to loose the ability to free the Sekirei still trapped" Minato asked at the same time

Miya listened and smiled after a moment "She's changed you so that you'll start to 'remember' aspects of our culture. The ability to change the Sekirei is set within your gene's and can't be altered without a change of body" Miya listened again "The ability to un-wing is also unique to you but should be quicker now that the ship is in contact with you as well"

"Try on the one called Katsuragi" a voice was in his head. His eyes opened wide in surprise; Miya put her hand to his face in reassurance.

Minato stood up and looked around "Katsuragi would you come here please" they looked blankly at him "Sorry Katsuragi would you come here please" he said so they could all understand. She came to the front and stood by Minato "Let's make sure they all see" he moved her hair and revealed her mark "I'm just going to touch it" he waited until she fearfully nodded "There" his finger brushed her mark and he caught her as she staggered, then helped her to stand "Hopefully you'll now free sooner now" the others looked in amazement then Hibiki and Hikari were standing next to him with their marks exposed he touched them and they too reverted.

"Seo is no longer showing as an Ashikabi" Matsu said from behind her laptop, neither is Higa for Katsuragi they're all showing as un-winged. Earlier it was all unofficial, now it's confirmed." she looked at Minato with lustful expression.

"No" Miya said firmly "not until this is all done, otherwise we'll loose at least a day"

"Spoilsport I'm" she stopped speaking and slid from her chair asleep.

"Still too young" Miya said with a smile then turned "We'd better get on" she pressed the controls again and the figures resumed their explanation.


Katsuragi walked into the house where Higa's Sekirei lived and called to everyone to come to the common room. When they were all there she moved her hair and turned around showing her mark. "Anyone else want to find their true mate?" she said then walked out the door.

Inside they looked at each other then at Higa's Sekirei, she was deep in thought then she stood "Best to make sure" she followed Katsuragi out the door.


Mikogami awoke to silence for which he was extremely pleased. There were a many things he'd done in his short life, and waking up with a hangover albeit a mild one was not something he'd wanted to repeat. He therefore started drinking champagne and since then had never had another; until today. This was no mild hangover he groaned and wished for something cool to put on his head shut his eyes to stop the flashing and laid back down. It was therefore mid afternoon when he found that he was totally alone there wasn't a single Sekirei anywhere, not only that he also couldn't feel a single one attached to him any more.

The big screen sprang to life "Ah awake at last" Minaka's voice boomed out of the speakers and Mikogami dived for the control and turned it down then sat and held his ringing head. "It's what happens when you add pure alcohol to champagne" the voice continued to boom.

"What do you want you bloody nut job and where are my Sekirei"

"Your Sekirei, you arrogant little shit they aren't and never were yours which is why both you and Higa lost before the second stage finished." Mikogami stared at the screen "The accountants will be there to take back MBI property, go back to your father then grow up" the screen went blank and the door opened.

Two large men stood beside him as another went into the bedroom and looked through everything with a list. Then handing him his wallet picked him up and took him downstairs and set him on the pavement in his underwear.

"We have charged the underwear to your account, everything else belongs to MBI as it was purchased with their cards. Good Afternoon" They went back inside leaving him standing there.

Higa sat in his bed watching on the screen. He hated Minaka which was true, but it was a professional hatred of two business men. Mikogami was a little snot nosed runt that he despised, relying on power from his fathers coat tails and then MBI. He grimaced in pain as his face broke into an uncontrollable smile as after five minutes the still stunned Mikogami was arrested for exposure.

"I'll send you a copy so you can enjoy it at your leisure later" Minaka's image came from another screen. Higa typed a question on the attached keyboard "Yes all your Sekirei have returned you're not linked to any anymore. But I'd suggest that you leave Sahashi alone, he still has Sekirei and they're very protective. They won't hold back if you attack again."

In the MBI tower they read as he typed 'Agreed. Now I can get back to work' and watched as he turned off the screen.


Karasuba woke to see Miya standing over her "Did I loose, have you beaten me?"

"No little sister, your onii-chan is making you better, we'll soon be on the ship and you'll be back to how you should have been." She smoothed her hair away from her eyes. "We'll be there when you wake up again"

"Onii-chan, have we got a brother? Nee-san I can't remember" she murmured as she slipped into the drug induced coma.

They were sat in one of the room on the vast ship. "Can the ship really help Karasuba?" Minato was a little dubious.

In his mind there was a snort of derision. "You might ask me directly"

Miya smiled "Not as she is at the moment, there's too much physiological damage. The violence was shown to her at a crucial stage of her development and had a very deep effect. Because it's the females who fight and the males who are the homemakers she's in a far worse condition than Mutsu. He's depressed, Karasuba is, well a psychotic psychopath. MBI managed to get one part of the system operational, but that can't help in her case. They accessed the section that allowed cloned bodies to accept the minds of their donors. Because Shinka had a chromosome changed her male body was always unstable, I don't think even she remembers how many she got through."

She looked at Shinka and Takami, they looked at each other and shook their heads "No idea" Takami said "It was almost a monthly occurrence"

Miya gave Minaka a tight smile "The system at MBI Tower is simple and restricted; it will only allow transfer between a donor and a clone of the same biological age. That's one reason we needed to come here, there were parts of the ship that were hidden from you and your teams, we'll go to one of these soon and then you'll see what you missed. The ship will be able to take Karasuba back to before she was shown the images, Yumi will need to be revived at the same time. You'll also need treatment and so does Musubi."

Musubi looked confused "Musubi needs treatment?" she looked at Takami "Why?"

"Because Yume somehow managed to implant her consciousness into your body Musubi, it needs to be returned to a body of her own." Miya said

"That's why I'm carrying the Jinki?" Minato asked

Miya nodded "The Jinki are a way to access the abilities of Sekirei. The Jinki's are closely related to the Sekirei they represent. There was a change in the order because they didn't wake them logically, that's why the Jinki don't seem to work properly."

"Binary opposites" Minato nodded

"As number one I represent stability and calm, Kazehana is change and movement, we are the first pair. Yume is light," there was a small smile "Karasuba is her opposite dark, the ones who woke her also filled her with hate that's why Yume developed into love as well. We're linked and in balance, if one develops power the other is gifted with a corresponding increase in the opposite power."

"Mutsu and Tsukiumi, earth and water, Shinka and Akitsu, fire and ice." Minato continued

"Which explains why we couldn't beat each other when we fought" Shinka looked at Akitsu, then gave a very unladylike snort and shook her head.

"Matsu is logic and Uzume emotion" Miya continued "they are the first of the 'daughters' until you get to the last pair who are actually the final arbiters Ku and Shiina, life and death" She looked at Minaka "Why didn't you wake us in the correct order?"

"Actually I'd given the project to a different section" he replied "I was trying to set the company up and ensure financial stability as I'd told Tamami and Takehito. Then I got sidetracked by the communicator. I didn't realise until Takami broke my nose after she'd found out" he rubbed his nose. Miya's expression was hard "I know I'm responsible ultimately, but they were reckoned to be the best in the field. I'd assumed they had a modicum of control in their behaviour"

"We needed to be woken in the correct order because there is an impact on the development of the minds following in such a group, which is why I'm also zero the controller. As an adult they should have woken me and talked to me that's why I travelled like that, so you could talk to me; but no." She sighed "First they woke Matsu logic then Kazehana impulsiveness then Karasuba dark. That meant that everyone after was exposed to the influences of those three. On top of that they also conducted experiments, Matsu was kept dormant and subject to stimulation to find the range of our nervous system and responses. Because she's actually nine they underestimated the strength of the others above her. Then someone sexually abused her while she was still dormant. It left its mark however and formed a part of her makeup, her 'experiments'. Kazehana had a slightly better time as they tried food and drink on her, again leaving its mark 'alcoholic'. Karasuba" Miya stopped and looked stricken.

Minato hugged her, it had come as a surprise that she was Miya's younger sister "Are you all right?"

"Yes I'm fine" She drew a deep breath "Karasuba and Mutsu were shown acts of extreme violence and cruelty. Given Karasuba's first power it was the worst thing they could have done. She revelled in it and since Yumi was still asleep there was nothing to balance her, she had nowhere to go" tears filled her eyes as Miya thought about her sister. Minaka and Takami were astounded as she turned and held Minato burying her face into him as he comforted her, after a while she continued. "They seemed to have decided that there weren't enough males so they altered a chromosome in Shinka, at the same time they started waking Yume and Akitsu and finally me. With the other things they'd done to the now adult Karasuba Yume was adjusting and impervious but Shinka was still in flux and so the addition of DNA to Akitsu resulted in a partial winging, they then designated her a test subject and used her as a 'lab rat'"

"They're all dead, Karasuba killed them not long after Takehito and Takami took over" Minaka supplied to the fierce expression "Not my doing, they tried to take her and conduct another experiment, she objected"

Miya was silent for a while "Well about this time Takehito woke me and told me what had happened. Even though we weren't in the ship I was still in contact. Everything had been conducted in the buildings set up on the island so she didn't know what was happening. She couldn't find out as the only two people she could contact were Minaka who thought he was hearing voices and finally lost the small grasp he had on reality and Takami who has a natural shield to her mind and was too involved with work and her children" she shook her head "Then we had the invasion and after that we were all moved to the mainland"

"I'm ready" a melodious voice sounded "We'll do Karasuba, Musubi and Yume first. Minaka is getting a better grip now he knows that I'm not a figment." There was a hint of a smile from the speaker.

Miya pushed the cart with Karasuba the others followed. As she approached a solid wall it vanished allowing them to enter what was obviously a medical room. There were two pairs of tables, on one appeared to be a copy of Musubi and the other held a copy of Karasuba.

"Musubi go and lie next to Yumi, she's your twin sister and Miya can you place Karasuba next to herself." Once they were in place "Minato place the Jinki's in the recesses between the two please" the lights went down "You'd better go back this will take some time, I'll call when they have started to recover commander"

Miya nodded and led them out, the wall returning to solidity as they passed through.

Minaka rapped it with his knuckles "Impressive, every time I return there are new wonders to find" They all shook their heads at the tone of his voice. He caught the movement "Well I'm still not what you'd call sane am I?" Even Miya had to smile at that admission it faded quickly as he continued "Miya I had nothing to do with his death, after hearing how things would have affected Karasuba I can only assume that she did it to hurt you directly to try and make you challenge her"

"What about Yume, you had her killed or tried to" Miya had turned at the confession her eyes flashed angrily but her voice remained calm.

"Actually that was me through Minaka" the ship said "If you thought Karasuba was bad then Yumi was the total opposite even more dangerous and just as unstable. Karasuba would kill for pleasure and could be controlled somewhat. Yume was pure love, if she'd decided that the earth would be better off without the Americans, Chinese or any of the others who'd attacked what would have happened? Through the small contact I managed to establish I inserted the idea of transferring her consciousness to her twin if she was in dire peril. Why do you think it was Musubi that was kidnapped she was the best hope to keep Yume alive and retain additional control over Karasuba." there was a long pause "Go to rooms and sleep, I've secured us for the night"

"Secured" Minato asked

"With the end of the challenge and the opening of Tokyo a number of governments are again interested and have sent troops to secure the island. They can have that; the buildings have been abandoned for years. I on the other hand am still fully operational and having my commander and her mate on board I decided to go where we were safe and wouldn't be disturbed"

"Where are we" Minato asked quietly

"This wall is just transparent there's no need to worry" As it vanished they saw the rings of Saturn from above filling their vision. Minato staggered next to Miya "We'll be back tomorrow morning; we can't leave our charges unprotected or our mission incomplete"

"What about those in Tokyo" Minato asked when his brain returned to functioning

"All Sekirei and Ashikabi have reported in to the MBI tower, they're in rooms that Minaka prepared without knowing why." There was a slight smugness in the tone "If we need to we can transport them onto the ship. At the moment they're all accounted for and happy to stay where they are since I've told the Sekirei who I am and why I requested them all to come to the tower."

"Can we get back to the room, there's something I still need to do" Minaka asked

Once they were all sat back down with drinks they looked towards Minaka. He however looked at Takami "You need to tell them"


"So that I can transfer the shares in all the companies connected to patents developed from the technology we found. We can keep a part, ten percent each but the rest"

"Oh all right" Takami turned to Minato and Yukari "Meet your father" she waved a hand towards Minaka. From their faces it was apparent that Yukari knew and Minato's brain shut down again.

When Minato returned to conscious thought he found himself sitting at a table watching while Takami signed as witness to the transfer of ownership. He had apparently already signed the documents. Once Takami had finished the last Minaka went and sat in a large comfortable chair leaning back with a sigh he watched Takami.

"What do you want now?"

He seemed to listen to his inner voice then smiled "Nothing, I'm going to be advisor to my son now that he's in charge" he shut his eyes "And I can have another good night's sleep, the second in twenty years" he was instantly asleep. His chair moved and straightened out forming a bed.

"His mental instability is linked to his inability to sleep, I drugged his drink" the ship informed them. There was a pause "I added a less powerful sedative to all the others I'd suggest you all get to bed before you sleep where you fall, we'll be back before you wake and you'll all need to be your best for tomorrow."

Author Notes

First thank you if you've managed to get this far, and I hope you enjoyed my little tale, I know some didn't. The idea was to get Miya back into the ship as the first part of a story. I think that it stands as it is. The thought that there was a craft capable of space travel just sitting there and not being used was too good to not consider. As for anything that follows, I'm not sure that would fit within the fanfiction site since I'd take them back to the home planet within three chapters. Anyhow I'd better give my reasons for the characters as I see them.

Miya: Is shown as zero and referred to as number one by Kazehana, she was married to Takehito but it's not been revealed yet if she was winged, it can be read that she hasn't, chapter nineteen when she's in the bath there is no mark. She is also an adult when found therefore genetic adjustments would be difficult. She isn't a Sekirei as the other one hundred and seven have had adjustments of one form or another. The problem with Miya is that she would never involve herself in the game or anything to do with Minaka, therefore I didn't do that but got her to the ship so that she can carry out the original mission whatever that is. To me both she and Karasuba have similar responses to things, remember when they met after Karasuba had visited Musubi. So I made them sisters.

Homura: Is unstable, the first time he's burning up he says he needs a new body as this one is unstable, chapter twelve, hence the cloning and mental transfer. He wouldn't have been included in the ship with the others if his body was unstable therefore something in the adjustments caused this. Since he later changes sex I used this as the basis for changing a chromosome and therefore his sex. The relationship is in the manga, he's an escort and Takami keeps his rating's up for him.

Akitsu: Everyone I know assumes she is number seven. It matches with the power she has. It also matched the binary opposition that's shown, but the other numbers don't match up. The pairs that do in the manga are six and seven then one hundred and seven and eight.

Binary opposites: the power is from the actual mind, when Musubi is out at the railway bridge and Yume takes over she had her power of light not Musubi's power. If we are talking opposites then the power of dark is also in the single digits therefore Karasuba as her rival is dark, it also goes with her personality. The numbers given to the embryos are the order they were brought forwards, it's not implicit that they are actually in the correct order.

The Ship: The ship is supposedly wrecked but still has full function in life support lighting and doors? To me the ship is fully functional hence I've used it.

Minato: He's irritating and I'm not good enough to write him as he was shown early on. I admit that he's different now but the start of my story is in the beginning just after Ku. He's nineteen, the ship was discovered twenty years prior to the start so I made it that he was adjusted at conception to be a match for Miya. He's not a Sekirei he's whatever Miya is, I hinted to it in the story, he has Miya's power but he doesn't know it yet, also because the females fight his power will be weaker.