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"Come on, Ice, come out of there! What will Norway think?" Denmark pleaded with the tot who had squeezed under a large cabinet. He couldn't quite reach him, and Iceland seemed pleased with this fact. Things just weren't going well for Denmark. He could only imagine how Norway would react to his horrible babysitting.

"There's all kinds of crap under there, Ice! You're going to be filthy!" He snaked a hand under, groping blindly. He could feel a spray of some sort of moisture. "No!" Iceland raspberried at him, somehow pressing back further against the wall.

Denmark groaned, pulling his arm back out and dusting it off. "Come on, is this about me calling you chubby? Cause I take it back." Because, clearly, the child couldn't be that chubby if he could fit under there. There was shuffling under the cabinet, but no definite reply.

"And besides, there's nothing wrong with being chubby at your age," Denmark continued, the side of his head pressed against the floor as he tried to get a clear visual of Iceland. "I was a chubby baby. I think Finland was too... And you like Finland, right? Maybe we can go visit him later if you come out."

There was a giggle, but Iceland remained. Denmark tried wheedling. "And I'm sure Finland will have sweets... I know how much you like sweets. If you come out, you could go over to visit him and have sweets." He could make out Iceland now, and he swore he saw a spider on the child's forehead, which made him shudder.

"So, just come out, okay?" He could see the child ponder, then shake his head. "No."

Denmark felt like pulling his hair out. Norway would be home soon, and he'd totally chew him out for letting Iceland get under there. Then the thought occurred to him: he could lure Iceland out.

"Stay right there, Iceland, I'm going to be right back," he promised, and he headed to the kitchen, quickly sorting through the foods. As much as Iceland seemed to like fish, he doubted it would work to get him to come out; he presumed the same of bread, and he knew Iceland hated his vegetables. It really left only one option: the butter cookies he'd made just the other day. He scooped up several cookies, and headed for the room again.

Denmark leaned down on the ground again, holding a cookie halfway under the cabinet. "Hey Ice, look at what I got for you. But you got to come out, okay? Just come on, take the cookie..."

There was shuffling, and a small hand brushed against his as it reached for the cookie. But Denmark quickly pulled it out of Iceland's reach. "Nuh-uh, you got to come out... Come on, just a little farther..."

A frustrated whine sounded from under the cabinet, and Denmark chuckled. "No way, I'm not giving in this time; come on out!" Finally, Iceland's head appeared, one arm stretched out for the cookie. Denmark seized him, pulling him out all the way.

Iceland was completely coated in dust, and now was nibbling on the cookie contentedly. Denmark sighed. That had been easier than he expected. He supposed he wasn't so bad at this babysitting thing after all-

"What happened to Iceland?" Oh. Norway was back. It would be fun explaining this one...

/AN/ Totally never happened to me, by the way. Kids hiding, on the other hand...