Two Minds

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Chapter Two – Sting

I woke up to the feeling of something prodding me in my side. Letting out a groan, I looked up to see what was going on. The sun blinded me for a few moments, but I squinted my eyes, and I eventually made out the figure of Seri standing above me.

"You're hard to wake up." Seri said with a hint of amusement. I felt myself flush in embarrassment, and I quickly sat up and gave a stretch. "How long was I asleep?" I asked her. Seri nodded up towards the sky, and I looked up. To my surprise, the sun was already halfway across the sky.

I was asleep for a long time, I thought with a sigh. Seri chuckled, then padded over to the river and bent to drink. Seeing her made me realize how dry my throat felt, so I moved beside her and began to lap up the water as well. "I could tell that you were exhausted." Seri told me, and I glanced over at her. "I'm surprised you're up and moving...after that blow you took."

Seri stops, and stares at her reflection in the water. "I've recovered from worse..." she stated. I tilted my head slightly, but she began to walk away before I could ask anymore questions. Taking a couple of last drinks of water, I turned and caught up with her. Deciding to change the subject, I asked, "H-Hey, are you hungry?"

Seri looked over at me with a more positive look on her face, and nodded. "Alright! I know a tree that grows some great berries!" I said, leading the way. I could hear Seri giggle as she sped up to follow me.

"W-What?" I said, my mouth gaping. "It's not as impressive as I thought it'd be..." Seri said teasingly.

The tree's wood had a grayish coloring to it, and the leaves were wilted and drooping. It didn't look like berries could ever grow there. "I came to this tree just a couple of moons ago..." I said, mostly to myself. I walked up to the tree, my ears drooping, and reflecting the sadness I was feeling. Sitting next to the tree, I simply stared at the ground.

"Was this tree important to you?..." Seri asked, padding up to the tree and sitting next to me. I nodded, memories of my past flashing into my vision. "This was where I was born," I told her, looking up at the sun poking through the branches overhead, "and it's also where the others died."

Seri's ears pricked up, and she rested her tail on my shoulder. "I'm sorry..." she told me. I looked down again and nodded. I then pricked my ears up and stood, turning to examine the tree. "But...what happened?" I said, trying to find something that was wrong ,or out of place.

"It looks like it just...died." Seri pointed out, watching me go around the tree. "No...something must've done this." I said, pressing my paw against the wood. Still hard and firm. For a while longer, I tested out the tree, until Seri finally stood and faced me. "The longer you ponder over it...the more it will hurt." she told me, and I glared at her a moment, before adverting my eyes and drooping my ears.

Seri walked up to me and rested her head on my shoulder. It took me by surprise, but I found myself not able to move away...It felt warm, and I was reminded of the warmth I felt when my mother was next to me...Underneath this same tree. I closed my eyes as images of my parents came to my mind.

The warmth, which was similar to my mothers, seemed to envelope me...Everything on the outside, all the noises of the forest...they seemed to fade away. Images of my parents came to my mind, giving me a feeling of happiness...

I felt Seri suddenly lift her head. Opening my eyes, I could see her ears pricked up. She then looked at me with an urgent look, and I heard her voice echo in my mind, although I couldn't seem to hear it. Then, she turned and began to run away. I shook my head, and thought for a moment. "Look out!" is what she had said. Realizing that something was wrong, I turned and looked behind me. My eyes opened wide as I saw what it was...

A large horde of Beedrills, flying towards me fast. Their buzzing cut through the serene sounds of the forest, and other Pokemon nearby quickly began to run. I quickly turned around, and was about to run...But I wasn't fast enough, and I was bowled over. Yellow and black filled my vision, and I began to panic, trying to stand only to get knocked down again.

"S-Seri!" I shouted out, but she was nowhere to be seen. I tried to stand again, but a stringer hit my back leg, and I winced, falling back down. More stingers hit me. After a minute, my body felt numb, and I couldn't move...Then, my vision slowly began to fade...

"Moon...Are you alright?" Seri's voice came to me through the darkness of unconsciousness. I looked around, trying to find where she was. "Seri?" I said, "Where are you?" After a few moments, a light showed itself from behind me, and I turned. Standing there was Seri, with a dim light coming from the jewel on her head, making her barely visible.

"Where are we?" I asked, padding up to her. "In your mind." she told me, "I couldn't stop them from taking you...So I had to enter your mind to see if you were okay." My ears pricked up as I remembered the pain and numbness from the swarm. "Why did they attack me?" I asked, and Seri shook her head. "I think that tree was their home." she said.

I flattened my ears and glared downward. "So they are the ones that killed it?" I said, feeling a growl coming up into my throat. Seri nodded. "It isn't their faults...Without a home, they wouldn't survive." she explained to me. I shook my head, and shouted, "They don't have the right to-"...but Seri padded up to me and buried her muzzle into my shoulder, taking me by surprise and making me stop.

"What if they were taken from their old home? Forced to run away...Is there situation any different than yours was?" she told me, and my eyes widened as I realized that she's right. Of all the inhabitants of the forest, I should know a thing or two about losing everything. How could I have been so hypocritical?

Seri took a step back, and our eyes locked for a few moments. A slight sparkle seemed to come from them, and a sudden warmth seemed to envelope me...And then, I found myself beginning to sway. "Moon?" she said as I found myself falling to the ground. "Moon!" The image of her began to appear farther and farther away, and I had the feeling that I was falling and falling...

I woke up with a start, jumping up to my feet in an instant and looking around, panting heavily. I was in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by what appeared to be honey combs. Is this their nest? I thought, cautiously looking around me. A buzzing sound started, and I turned to see three Beedrills enter through some of the combs.

I barred my teeth, and flattened my ears, ready to take them on...But I stopped when I saw that they weren't doing anything. "Who are you?" the Beedrill in the middle said. I was reluctant to tell him at first, but I eventually answered, "My name is Moon." The three Beedrills glanced at each other, and then nodded. "Come with us." the middle Beedrill said, and they all flew through a nearby hole.

I paused, looking around for a different way to go...But all of the honey combs were too small for me, so the hole in the wall was the only place I could fit through. I doubt I can fight my way out, I thought with a sigh, padding through the hole in the wall. The darkness seemed to swallow me up for a few moments, before I finally entered a large chamber.

My eyes widened as I saw the queen Beedrill up ahead at the front of the chamber. She was about three times as big as the other Beedrills, and her stingers had a distinctive razor-sharp look to them. I padded up to where the three Beedrills from earlier were floating, facing me. "This is Queen Eliza, our mother bee." the Beedrill on the left explained, and the three of them turned to face their queen, giving a slight bow.

I stared up at the queen, who seemed to give me a sort of glare. I dipped my head out of respect, not wanting to get on her bad side. "Who have you brought to my chamber, Sting?" she asked. Sting, the Beedrill in the middle, answered, "His name is Moon...We found him by the entrance to our hive." Queen Eliza's eyes widened, and her face gave away her surprise.

"Is he the one?" she asked. Sting turned to look at me for a moment, before turning back and answering:

"Yes...I believe he can save us from the Beast."

To be continued...

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