"Come now, you have to have something better than that to fight me with." Aizen glanced at Ichigo's black sword with amusement.

"You bastard," Ichigo spat out blood on the cold concrete, "Come on! Don't stare at me, fight me!" He lowered himself, his sword front and center. His arms hurt from the effort; the deep wounds in them dripped blood into the sidewalk cracks. He grimaced and spared a glance at his torn flesh for a split second. He watched his life soak into the ground beneath his feet. He looked back up, sword ready to slice into the enemy's body, but….

His enemy was no longer there. Panicked, Ichigo looked around, his senses drinking in the night for sign of him. Ichigo's eyes widened, he felt him. He spun around to cut into him, but he had nothing to cut with. He wasn't there. A light breeze picked up in the empty parking garage, and Ichigo was suddenly surrounded by the sound of Aizen's laughter.

"You cannot escape me." Ichigo could feel the breathy words on his ear. He swung a punch to the right and met empty air. He saw a shaft of sparkling light and there was his sheathed sword 100 feet ahead. He ran towards it, it seemed as if he were running through sand, his breathing became labored. He ran, but his sword wasn't getting any closer. He doubled his pace, but still to no avail. His blood came out in big bouts of red as he ran. He could feel his body start to shut down, his vision became tunneled. Ichigo tripped and fell. He could see the concrete coming, but it was in slow motion. This is the end.

Halfway down his body was jerked to a halt. Somebodies arms where holding him around his chest and waist. He could feel a warm body pressed against his back. He was too weak to fight back. Through his darkening vision, Ichigo could see the white perfection of the arms surrounding him being stained by his blood. The same voice spoke against his neck, "You cannot run forever," Aizen's lips met his flesh, his tongue running circles on the heated skin, "And I will not let you run for long." One perfect slender hand slid down his stomach, leaving goosebumps in its wake, and ended on the zipper of Ichigo's jeans. The long fingers of his hand bent to cup him through the fabric. Ichigo's breath caught and his vision cleared a bit from the contact. Ichigo started to strain against his arms to get free. Aizen tightened his hold, and whispered into Ichigo's ear, "Run for now, but soon you will be mine."

Ichigo gasped for air and shot up to a sitting position. It was a dream. He looked around, and his simply furnished room looked back. He ran a hand through his wild hair. His body ached, like it did when he had the flu. He calmed himself and lay back down. He felt a different ache down in his loins. He lifted the sheet and sure enough there it was. Staring him in the face through the boxers. For a second Ichigo could see a slender hand on its way down his stomach, but it was gone as soon as it came. For a second he swore he could hear Aizen's laughter. Ichigo scowled in the darkness of his bedroom, "That bastard."

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