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-And the story continues!-

Ichigo struggled to free himself from Sousuke's grasp, but no matter how hard he tried his grasp only seemed to get even tighter. "Ichigo we must run! I don't know how he was able to penetrate my realm this far in, but I can only hold Aizen off for a few minutes more, then he will overtake us!" Sousuke tried to pull Ichigo along the long cinder-block corridor by the arm, but only got a few feet.

"Let me go you creep!" Ichigo tried to twist his wrist free, but all he got was a loud pop and he cried out as his wrist dislocated itself.

"I'm trying to help you don't you understand? Now you've gone and hurt yourself!"

"Let me go! I don't trust you!" Ichigo shouted. The corridor shook and the ground heaved upward. They both fell to their feet.

With Sousuke's hold gone Ichigo tried to scramble away, but the ground heaved again and he fell back down. "Ichigo listen to me," Sousuke grabbed his graphic tee in his large hands, his porcelain face inches away, his breath ghosting across his face, "If you do not run Aizen will capture you, and he will show no mercy. Do you understand? I can keep you safe, but only if you run!"

"How do I know this isn't a trick?" Ichigo's voice trembled. Not really from fear, more from the proximity of his beautiful face. Whether he was Aizen, his good twin, or something else, this man was something to behold.

"You don't. You're going to have to take my word for it. It's either me or Aizen. Make your choice!" There was a resounding crack and the corridor started to collapse inward. The ceiling started to crumble away and fell in huge chunks. The corridor was filled with a fine dust and all the light seemed to be sucked out at once leaving a crushing darkness. Ichgio struggled to breathe but it felt like his lungs were taking in water, he tried to cough but his body was under so much pressure he couldn't. Now he couldn't even move. It was like he had a car parked on top of him. Then there was Aizen's voice.

"You should not have taken him from me." His voice was full of a certain anger. It hurt Ichigo's ears to listen to.

"You are too cruel for an innocent like him." Sousuke rasped out like he was choking.

"But I will have him regardless."

"You will never truly have hi-" Sousuke's words were cut off with a gurgling sound. Ichigo felt the floor give way and he was going with it. Falling again, only this time there seemed to be no hope at the end of the rabbit hole.

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