This is a parody type thing on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy using Naruto characters.

I wasn't sure under which series i should publish this...but i guess this will do.

Well, as you'll see, the story is basically in line with the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. There are some differences, but that's just to accommodate the Naruto characters. And anyways i, being the CTYer that i am, could never bear to change some of the things Adams has made tradition.

Yes, this is a Nejiten fic, but it's not fluff. And i'll try to keep the characters as in character as possible. Enjoy!

Somewhere in an alternate universe of the most technologically advanced island situated in the largest ocean of an utterly insignificant little blue-green planet, lived villages of ape-descended life forms that are so amazingly primitive that they still think kunai are the most remarkable weapons ever created.

However, the people of this small island were terribly upset. Alliances were forged only to be broken. The villages were at constant, alright maybe not constant, but occasional warfare. What could they do? Some had fooled themselves into thinking that life was good, while others decided to leave their respective villages to for an organization that would essentially take over the small and insignificant island.

As this time, a young, blond-haired fox was sitting in a ramen stand in perhaps the least insignificant village of the group of them. He was slurping ramen like a starving man when suddenly, he realized the answer. This was it! But before he even had chance to tell a soul, his world was crushed by a bright, terrible, stupid, and highly insignificant catastrophe.

No one would ever come up with an answer again.

Then again, no one would need to. Of course this ramen devouring fox also died along with the terrible catastrophe, being on the Earth as he was. There was, however, an earthman who did survive. Along with an alien, and a copy of The True Ninja's Handbook to the Known Universe.

In this notable book, it defines a "bright, terrible, stupid, and highly insignificant catastrophe" as an event able to be caused only by Vogons and only to an utterly insignificant little blue-green planet called the "Earth". All other such catastrophes are merely, "bright, terrible, and stupid".

Though this book is very significant to our story, it is not the only thing that is. We must begin with a compound.