Author's Note: This is the fourth entry in my series John&Mike&Rose&Donna, taking place about three years after Elements. It's going to be a low-key, 'human' romantic drama, about the relationships between the various characters. (So for readers looking for another exciting SciFi adventure: this isn't it.)


Disclaimer (I keep forgetting): not mine, but I can't keep my hands off 'em.


Prologue - Rose

From: Rose

To: Mum

Subject: Holiday!

Dear Mum:

I know I've said this before, many times, and I'll say it again many more, but I am so incredibly grateful that Torchwood there was able to figure out what was wrong with the TARDIS coral, so we could email each other. Yeah, phone calls would have been better, but getting your words and all the pics you send makes my week every time! I miss you and Dad and Tony so much. Don't ever think I don't.

Give Tony a huge hug for me, and tell him congrats on his team winning the Regionals. He looks so smart in his football uniform – so grown up. Sixteen... I can't believe it. Bet he's beating the girls off with a stick!

Oh, I have the most incredible news! Seems Mike's been holding out on me and John, and all the rest of them were in on the secret. He wrote a book! No, not a repeat of the kids books he and John wrote there in that world, a whole new adult sci-fi fantasy book! It's called Summer Rain, and he told John (when he finally 'fessed up) that it's based on some old Gallifreyan legends, from their home world.

Now it's been published, and guess what! It shot straight to the top of the bestseller list! (I'm so happy for him – I think he finally feels like he's got something entirely of his own making, and not from John, that he can be proud of.)

Soooooo, to celebrate, he's gone and rented this humongous old beach house in the USA for an entire month, and invited everyone to join in! There's going to be eleven of us: Mike, Donna, their three kids; me, John, and Davey; Sylvia and Grandad Wilf, and Hannah, too. It had better be as big as advertised! :D

Oh, I forgot to say where. I had to look it up in the library. It's in a tiny little town called Summerville (appropriate, yeah?) on Hatteras Island, a huge long skinny spit of land off the east coast – North Carolina. It's back of beyond for sure – Mike said we won't be bothered by summer tourist hordes that way. I don't even know if there's going to be any shops or pubs there. We'll see.

Mike and Wilf flew over yesterday, human style, and hired a car to drive from the nearest airport, which is all the way up in Virginia, the next state north. I'm trying to get used to how huge the states are over there. Looking at the map, it seems like it might take them all day just to drive it. Anyway, John and I are piling everybody else into the TARDIS and taking them the fast way tomorrow. Mike's doing it this way so we at least have some kind of local transportation, and to give John a target to land the TARDIS on after he signs for the house.

So the next email you get should have some pretty spectacular pics of the beach attached! It looks like it stretches on forever...

Gotta run, Donna's calling. We're going with her to watch the twins' last football game of the season before we take off "across the pond". They didn't make the Regionals, sadly, but maybe next year!

Ta-ra! Love to everyone!