Author's Note: Chapters will be from Casey's POV unless a certain chapter requires Olivia's viewpoint. I am now writing this story alone, but I am doing my best to update regularly. Reviews are greatly appreciated. I love you guys J

Olivia took her time stripping Casey of everything she wore. A snail could have undone Casey's buttons faster than the rate the detective was doing it, and it was driving Casey crazy with need. She attempted to help Olivia once, but Olivia had used her own body to pin her firmly against the couch. Finally, Casey was laying naked on the couch and Olivia was undressing herself. "Olivia-" she tried to protest.

"Is that begging I hear?" Olivia, with a playful smirk, demanded as she pulled her own shirt off. She moved to the button on her pants, making Casey fight back a whimper.

"Not begging," Casey mumbled, knowing begging was exactly what Olivia wanted out of her.

Olivia pulled her pants off, followed by her panties. "We will see about that. By the end of tonight, you'll be lucky if you can even get out of bed tomorrow morning!"

"But we're on the couch," Casey pointed out. "How can I not get out of bed if we are not in bed?" As soon as Casey asked the question, Olivia chuckled to herself and led her into the bedroom. Her arguments never worked in bed. "What about the-" Casey's question was answered when Olivia left the room and returned seconds later with her work cuffs dangling from her finger.

"Anything else, Counselor?" Olivia growled quietly while she handcuffed Casey to the bedpost. Casey shook her head and relaxed against the pillows. Olivia kissed her passionately, pushing her tongue gently against Casey's. Casey pushed back as hard as she could, but Olivia's retaliation was even harder. She bit hard into Casey's bottom lip and then broke the kiss for a moment, making Casey look at her in confusion. "Do you have neighbors who will get angry if we're too loud?" Before Casey could respond, she grinned seductively, making Casey squirm and fight against the handcuffs. "If they complain, they complain," Olivia added. "I'll just nicely point out the freedom of speech right…or in this case, freedom of screaming." That being said, she slid down Casey's body and gently brushed her fingertips across Casey's skin, beginning on her neck and working her way to Casey's inner thighs. Seconds after her tongue reached between Casey's legs, she stopped.

"Olivia," Casey whimpered.

"Yes, that's my name." Olivia resumed brushing her fingertips across Casey's highly sensitive body.

Casey knew there was only one way to get what she needed from her girlfriend at the moment, but she had no idea how to say it. "Please?" she asked weakly.

"Please what, Casey? I know you want to beg me, and once you do I'm happy to oblige. I know you can do it. Please what?"

"Make love to me," Casey whimpered. Olivia leaned up, kissed her passionately once more, and slid back down to oblige her.