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Chapter 33

Cierra smiled as she listened to the men bicker back and forth. It was so nice to just listen to the familiarity of the talk.

"So let me get this straight. Because I prefer to look through a scope and squeeze the trigger, rather than bonsai charge with explosions everywhere, I have trust issues? That doesn't make any sense." Sev said

"No no no. You aren't getting what I am saying. You have trust issues because you refuse to trust those around you tothepoint that you have to peer through a scope a long ways away. You refuse to trust those around you to not get you killed. In that aspect you have trust issues."

Cierra chuckled. Their banter had been going off and on for most of the trip. Sev and Scorch had been arguing about crazy things throughout the trip to Naboo. Cierra found it relatively relaxing, though she knew that most people wouldn't. to most people it would be as annoying as hell. Good thing she wasn't most people.

"You both are going to have some serious issues here in a minute if you don't shut up." Boss growled.

"Awww come on Boss. You know we are just trying to pass the time." Scorch argued

"Then play a game."

"I thought we were doing that." Scorch mumbled

A computer beeped next to Cierra, "Coming up on Naboo. We will be in atmosphere next couple of minutes. Padmé will be there to meet us. She wants an update on the war."

The three commandos moved as the ship exited hyperspace. It was like clockwork as they worked. Cierra checked her lightsabers and put her cloak on. Boss glanced at her and saw that she looked like a standard Jedi. He chuckled at the thought. Cierra was anything but standard. The mechanical legs and the pure ferocity that radiated from her undercutted the stoic Jedi persona.

As the ship made it's final approach they all gathered near the ramp. As soon as the ship was completely shut down Fixer joined them. As soon as he did Cierra lowered the ramp and as they descended the Royal House of Naboo met them. The entourage bowed respectfully to the monarch. With the politics out of the way Padmé moved forward and embraced her friend.

"Welcome back." She greeted

"It feels good to be out of the war for now." Cierra greeted

"I can only imagine, but I am afraid I have to ask you some questions about the war."

"Don't ask Delta and you should be ok."

Padmé chuckled at the little jibe, "I am sure they have plenty of stories to tell their children one of these days."

"They most definitely will. I will join you and indulge your questions. The Delta's can move along. They deserve the break."


Delta's respectfully moved out of the group and left. Padmé led the entourage back to the throne room. They walked in a comfortable silence. Cierra breathed in the nature of the Force that surrounded her. It was all that she loved so much about Naboo. The Force was so calm, so clean around her. It was just so calming. Even the menacing presence of HK was nothing that she couldn't handle. As they approached the throne room neither made a move to sit down. They both moved to the window wall behind the throne. To the right of the wall was a door that led to a balcony. Both women moved towards the door and out onto the balcony. Looking at the landscape both continued to look on in silence. Looking out Cierra could see the sparkle in the distance that marked where the Jedi Temple on Naboo stood.

"As many times as I see this view it is always breathtaking. I am going to miss it when my term is up." Padmé said

"I hear your people wish to amend the Constitution to allow you to stay in office. But the good Queen won't allow it. Makes you even more perfect in their eyes."

"Perfection is something we hope to attain, but can never reach. It is a foolhardy goal."

Cierra smiled, "Foolhardy as it may be, it is not necessarily bad to try and reach for that goal."

Padmé nodded in acquiescence, "Please, as much as would love to just stand here and talk I must know what is happening in the galaxy."

"I will satisfy your curiosity. But let us return to the throne room and sit down. For it is a long story to tell."

They moved from the balcony to the then room. Padmé took her seat at the throne, and Cierra sat in a chair diretly across from her.

"Please my friend. Tell me everything. And don't leave anything out." Padmé requested.

Boss had shed his armor. He was wearing one of the few civilian outfits that he owned. He smiled as he walked through the streets of Theed. Smiling he knew that Sev was most likely off with one of his lady friends. Sev was the one who was smooth with the ladies. However he didn't boast about it and Boss appreciated that one fact.

As he walked through the streets he saw a young couple whispering secrets to one another. Smiling he thought of Scorch and Yané. Now those two were an odd pair. They had this friendship that seemed to definitely move towards becoming romantic, but they never passed that threshold. They never took that next step that everyone thought they would. It was odd, but strangely Boss liked it for Scorch. It balances him out. And a balanced Scorch is surprisingly a good thing.

Boss continud his walk through and peered down an alley. He saw a group of kids playing Bolo-ball. Moving down the alley he perched himself on the crate to watch. He knew it was street games like these that were both the most theatric and most violent. He had heard rumors that these games culd prove to be more violent than the games the clones could engage in. He smiled as he watched the two teams compete. These kids really knew how to play the game. Neither one was really making a mistake but it was brutal. It wasn't long before the blood started flowing. Each tackle sounded with a hard thud that would make even the most battle hardened clones cringe. And yet these boys would roll with the hit and get back up once again. Boss stayed there for a few minutes and just watched these teens play out these brutul games. It wasn't long before he tired of watching them play that he moved on.

As he walked out of the alley he couldn't hlp but think of Fixer. He knew Fixer would've taken a speeder over to the temple and would be playing with the young padawans there. Boss knew there was this rare side of Fixer that not many people knew about. It didn't come out much, but Boss knew that it was there. One just had to look far nough and hard enough to find it. And if they were lucky they might see it appear out of the blue. As much as he might like to condone Scorch and Sev about their banter across the comm, it was one thing that Boss knew Fixer enjoyed.

He continued his walk through the streets. He came upon the market place. For some reason he always enjoyed walking through the marketplace. It was so full of life. So full of hope. It was something that always reminded him of what he was fighting for. He loved to see what the vendors were selling. As he walked he accidently bumped into a youn woman.

"Oh, excuse me. I am so sorry." He apologized

"Oh that is no trouble. I should've paid more attention to where I was walking." She replied

Boss bent down, "Here at least let me help you pick your stuff up."

"Oooh a gentleman, even on Naboo, you people seem to be a dying breed." She commented

Boss helped her gather her itms then stand back up. As they were standing back up they locked eyes and Boss found himself being lost in her beautiful hazel colored eyes. Boss just found himself staring and becming loss in those big, beautiful, hazel eyes. It was a minute before it registered that she was actually talking to him.

"Are you ok? You seem a little lost."

"Huh? Oh, yeah I am fine."

"Do I know you from somewhere? You seem really familiar." She mused

"I am positive we have not met, for I would definitely remember these eyes."

She seemed not to hear him, "WAIT! You are one of them! One of the Queen's guard. One of the few that went off to fight in the war."

Boss' face grew solemn at her coment. She noticed the change immediately.

"Did I say something wrong?" she asked

"No. I just came out here to forget the war for a day." He said

"Oh, I am sorry, but I must ask: why come here? Why not travel to the mountains and enjoy the beauty of the planet?"

"Because if I were to travel there, there would be little to no life. I come here because it reminds me o what is going on, and what I am fighting for. That there is still good and hope left in some areas of the galaxy. There is a pureness here in its own right. A life that can't be found anywhere else in the world."

"Well I hope you find your inner peace while you are enjoying your ime here. As fun as this has been I must leave."

Boss watched her turn and walk away, "Wait, I never caught your name."

She looked over her shoulder, "No you didn't."

Boss watched her sort of glide away. He knew that she was enjoying the mystery that was surrounding her. Sighing he shook his head as he walked away. However, the image of those eyes was forever burned in his memory.

The Black Arrow knifed through hyperspace once again. No matter how many times she was a passanger she was always amazd at the sleek power. It accomidated the five passangers quite easily. She was hoping that Anakin would be travelling back with them, but unfortuneately that wasn't to happen. She had wished to talk to him however Palpatine had different plans. Ahsoka knew that Obi-Wan thought the same as she did. She sighed once again as she calmed herself down with the Force.

She was the only one awake on the ship at the moment and she monitored the ship's course. She checked over the monitors and just watched the meters for a long time. It wasn't long before Rex joined her. She saw the trooper walk in and she gave a soft smile.

"Why are you always up so early?" she asked him

"Because I am trained to do so." He retoreted

"Ah yes because you are just trained to be the perfect little soldier." She teased

"How far are we from Naboo?"

"Not that far? A few hours at most."

Rex let out a guttural moan. He hated flying. It made him feel so helpless to just be flying through the vacuum. It unnerved him to no end. Ahsoka could sense his nerves start to build up once again and it caused her to give off a soft chuckle.

"Stay out of my head." He growled

"I am not in your head. You are just projecting. Stop projecting and I wil say out of your head."

"Projecting? How the Hell am I projecting."

"Because you are not shielding your thoughts." She said simply

Rex just threw up his arms in frustration, "You are sounding more and more like Yoda everyday."

"And that is a bad thing?"

He just glared at her then got up and left the cockpit. She could feel his frustration rising, but above all else she felt hs amusement rise as well. She smiled. It was a friendship like this that she enjoyed so much. It was a connection similar to the one she shared with her Master. She sensed that the rest of the ship as slowly waking up. She could sense the warmth that emanated from Obi-Wan as he meditated, the serenity from Sera, and the controlled nervousness that was emanated from both Rex and Tiger.

The last few hours of the journey are relatively quiet. Rex and Tiger are mulling over the intelligence reports trying to figure out the enemy's movement. Ahsoka and Sera sparred, as Sera knew that she would need to get used to the feelinof a lihtsaber in her grasp once again. However, the sparring wasn't that long in the making because the movements came back to her quickly. The milleninnia of years had kept her reflexes inhumanely quick. She no longer relied on the Force, much like her mother. They were wounds in the Force. Yet, being without the Force hasn't been that bad for her.

The spar had ended to quickly for the women. Afterwards it was a long last few hours befoe they finally descended into the Nubian atmosphere. Once they were set down the ramp lowered and the five companions exited the ship.

The Queen's enourage was there. But the Queen wasn't the first one to greet them. It was Obi-Wan's son: Strider.


Ahsoka let off a soft giggle as Obi-Wan picked up the young boy and spun him around. In that moment alone, Ahsoka could sense all the tension fade away. It was there that there was complete contentment.

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