A/N: Hiya, recently I've been reading the Women's Murder Club books by James Patterson and I'm completely hooked. I absolutely love the characters of Lindsay and Rich. I really wished they had been together, but it wasn't meant to be. So I wrote this instead and I'm pretending that they really did get together. So this is AU from the books and has nothing to do with the TV show. Enjoy!

Sergeant Lindsay Boxer had a new role in her life: Mom. She had given birth to her first baby, a boy, early that morning, the girls had come by in the afternoon and now, late in the evening, she was getting a chance to really study the baby. Her husband, Inspector Rich Conklin, sat on the edge of the bed.

"You know Linds; we have to name him eventually. He can't go around as Conklin Baby #1 for the rest of his life." Rich shot her his famous smile and she grinned back.

"Baby #1, huh? And what makes you think we're gonna have another one? I am 41 you know." Rich laughed and nodded,

"Yes, I do know. But, it'll happen. I can feel it." Lindsay patted her husband with her free hand and said,

"Alright Madame Psychic, let's name this one first." The tiny baby boy opened one eye first and then the other one, darting them from side to side and taking in his surroundings. Rich gently stroked the baby's tiny cheek with his index finger and said softly,

"Can we name him after my dad, Linds?" Lindsay looked up at her husband and nodded.

"Yeah, I like that. Andrew Conklin." The family was quiet for a few minutes, when Lindsay took Rich's free hand with her own.

"I was thinking, would you mind if his middle name was Christopher?" Rich shook his head,

"No, why would I mind?" Lindsay looked back at the baby.

"I had a partner, a few years before you. His name was Chris Raleigh. He…was shot and died in my arms. It was during the Bride and Groom murders. I…he and I dated for a few days before he was killed and I…you know what? It was stupid, I'll think of another name." Rich picked up the sleeping newborn and placed him in the hospital issue bassinet. He sat back down next to Lindsay and wrapped an arm around the blonde woman's shoulders.

"Linds, it's not stupid. If you had feelings for this guy…for Chris I want you to be able to do something to remember him by. Besides, Andrew Christopher Conklin has a nice ring to it." Rich dropped a kiss to Lindsay's forehead and stroked her hair back.

"You're sure? You really wouldn't mind?" Rich shook his head at Lindsay's questions and the new mother sunk back against the hospital pillows.

"I'm so happy you aren't upset. Can you bring him back to me?" Rich stood up and brought the baby back to Lindsay.

"Here's mommy." Rich said to the boy as he slipped the baby into Lindsay's arms. The Sergeant looked down at her new son and smiled.

"Welcome to the world Andrew Christopher Conklin."