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Ps. This story takes place immediately after Bill has gone missing, and contains season three spoilers and possibly some spoilers from the books. You've been warned…

Chapter 1

It had been a long night. After Bill's disappearance, she had, had no choice but to go to Eric. Not that he was much help either. In truth, he seemed almost relieved. You'd think that being the Sheriff, he would have jumped to Bill's aid as soon as she mentioned his abduction, but this of course, was not the case. She had decided to find him on her own. It was her that discovered he'd been taken by werewolves, not that pompous sheriff. The only thing he'd brought to the table was the fact that he was probably in Mississippi. Gee Eric, thanks for all your help. When I told him I was going to find him, Eric had given me an amused look.

"Sookie, have you ever been to Mississippi?" He'd asked, and I'd kindly answered no.

"Well then where exactly do you propose to start your search?" I knew he'd ask me something like this. I knew what he was thinking, but what other choice did I have?

"I'll just have to try my best," I bit out. "I'll find him by myself if I have to, with no thanks to you." He'd smiled at me then, the kind of smile that you'd give to a naive child. I felt the anger bubble inside me, and directed it all into the glare I was giving him now.

"No," he answered. "I think I have a better plan."

And with that, here I was. Up, but not nearly awake at 5:00 am, waiting for my so-called ride. Apparently this man, Alcide, would take me to Jackson, show me the ropes, and hopefully help me find Bill. The man was a stranger, and he was already helping more than Eric. I spit onto the ground, something I don't normally do, but with the line of my thoughts, I thought it was fitting.

A truck came rumbling down my driveway, pulling to a stop outside my house. I sat up, reaching for my bags behind me. When I turned back around, I was met with a wall, or in this case, Alcide Heveraux.

"Ah," I spoke into his chest. "You must be Alcide." I felt, more than heard the rumble in his chest as he laughed.

"And you must be Sookie," he answered. His voice was deep, masculine. The kind that should be on late night radio, keeping girls awake all night. I tilted my face up to his, and tried not to gasp. I'd already taken in his muscled chest, but his face was the cherry to top the man cake. His features were sharp, too chiseled to be called handsome, but he was, in a rugged kind of way. His brown hair fell in disarray around his face, with a few stray locks falling over his brow. A short beard covered the lower half of his face, drawing attention to his full lips, and pale green eyes. I stopped my perusal when I saw his lips curve into a smirk. I reached into his mind, but not without some difficulty.

Eric didn't tell me how pretty she was. And from the looks on her face, I'd say she was thinking the same about me.

The fact that he was right, didn't make me any less angry, in fact, it made me more so. I thought of Bill, stuck somewhere with people doing god knows what to him. The thought made my spine stiffen.

"So, can we leave?" My irritation could be heard in my voice, and his smile dropped. Without answering, he grabbed my bags and headed for the truck.

It was a short ride, around three hours, or it would have been if we'd done anything to pass the time. But I'd stayed silent, and he'd done nothing to stop me. When we reached his apartment, a sigh of relief left me, just thinking of a hot shower and a cozy bed. It didn't matter that it was still morning, I was hell bent on taking a nap. His apartment was nice, covered in earth tones and beiges, it spoke of man and comfort.

"Shower?" I questioned. He grunted.

"First door on the left, your bedrooms straight across from it. I'll put your bags in your room." I thanked him, and tried not to run to the shower.

The water ran hot, and stayed that way, a blessing I never received at my own home. My water heater had always been flighty. I scrubbed myself down, and then stepped from the tub, feeling like a new woman. I grabbed a towel from beneath the sink and dried my hair before wrapping it around me. I opened the door, and peeked outside. He was nowhere in sight, taking advantage of the moment, I sprinted across the hall and into my room. This was a bad idea, as Alcide was just now putting my bags away. He looked up at the sound of me entering, and his gaze locked on my towel clad body. I felt a blush start from my toes, and climb all the way up to my face. He was eyeing a drop of water that was sliding slowly down my thigh. I coughed, and he jerked his head back to the task at hand.

"You can just leave them there," I murmured, not liking how his perusal had caused a heat between my thighs. I clenched them together, knowing that he was a werewolf, and praying he didn't smell my obvious arousal. He was about to pass by me, before he stopped, looked me in the eye, and gave me a knowing smile. I waited until he shut the door before I murmured 'shit'.

I didn't need this. In fact, this was probably the last thing I needed. I didn't need an overly attractive were getting me all hot and bothered. I was here for Bill, I reminded myself. I was here to save him, not betray him. As I lay my head on the pillow, I tried to picture Bill's face in my mind, but I was repeatedly interrupted by a handsome were's smile.

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