Extended Summary: Elena is no longer dating Stefan. She doesn't see Damon very often. She is half-way through the school year. She starts having casual sex with Damon. This story is AU after 1x20 'Blood Brothers'.

I hope you know what you're doing to me here

What you're doing to me here




Call it fate, call it whatever. Damon found her five days ago at the quarry. There wasn't anyone around for miles. It was nearly sunset and she was sitting on the grass. Elena was reading a well-worn copy of Jane Eyre. He sat next to her and watched her read. There she was, beautiful as ever in a knee-length skirt, reading a romance novel about a dark man. She didn't pay attention to him. He didn't say a word.

He doesn't know why he did it. Okay, he wanted to do it. He took her precious book out of her hands and before she could protest, he kissed her. The kiss started out hesitant, but moved into passionate territory. Elena kissed him back!

Then things got out of control. Somehow after heavy kissing and petting, she ended up straddling him, with her skirt still on. Not exactly how he pictured his first time with her, but it was memorable. Damon was happy. More than happy, if he was being honest with himself.

They had great sex and then it was over. He didn't expect her to walk away, but she did. She said nothing to him, soothed out her skirt, grabbed the book, and walked away. He didn't follow her. He felt ridiculous for being disappointed.

It has been five days since the incident.

Five long days.

Nearly a week.

Damon hasn't seen her around town. He refused to call her. He knew she wouldn't call.

Was Elena ignoring him? He needed answers damn it! He settled on seeing her.

Elena entered her bedroom from the bathroom. She had just finished her night routine. He was there, waiting for her, sitting on her bed. She figured he would show up eventually.

"We had sex." Damon looked at her and cut to the chase.

"I know. I was there." She answered flatly.


That question threw her off guard. She expected a witty remark or something more Damon-esque.

"Do you need a reason? Or an excuse?"

He stared at her blankly.

"I don't have one. I wasn't drunk or heartbroken or in love with you... I wasn't anything."

For a second, she swore he looked hurt, but the feeling was quickly shoved way. He looked the same as he always does. He looked collected.

"I would like to go to bed now." She motioned to her state of undress, her pajamas.

She climbed into her bed and got comfortable under the covers. She turned off the light next to her.

Damon leaned over her body and gave her a gentle kiss.

"Wait-" She said and placed her hand on his chest.

He expected her to yell at him or tell him to go away.

"We can't. Jeremy and Jenna are home." She whispered in the darkness.

Damon smiled in response, but she didn't see it. He put his lips against her earlobe, licking it gently, before replying in his best seductive voice. "I can be very quiet."

Elena's body froze before nodding in agreement. She grabbed his face and brought him in for a kiss.

He knew this was the start of something.

He was screwed.

A/N: Hope you liked the introduction chapter. There will be smut in the story, in case you were wondering. This story is inspired by the song "Any Way You Choose To Give It" by The Black Ghosts. Be Good & Review! :) Please!