The spirit will not rest, will not be satisfied with anybody else

I'll take it as it comes, any way you choose to give it




"Favorite color?"

Elena smacked his arm. "You should know that."

He looked at her confused.

"Red!" She glared.

RIGHT! The color of her lingerie, prom dress, grenadine syrup... Damon gave her an apologetic smile. "Mine too."

"Favorite food?"

"Steak. But whatever you make is delicious too." She said sincerely.

If he was human, he might have blushed. Instead he shot her a cocky grin.

Elena rested her head on his shoulder. They were sitting in the uncomfortable airport chairs waiting to board. He suggested playing twenty questions. Why not learn the small stuff? She was his girlfriend.

"Favorite movie?"

"Gone With The Wind."

He made a face of disgust. "There was nothing romantic about the Civil War."

"I don't think the movie is romantic. I wouldn't wish anyone to fall in love with Rhett."

What? He didn't bother asking for an explanation. Moving on...

"Favorite book?" He asked. "Besides Jane Eyre."

"I thought the point of having a favorite is it being your only one."

"Fine." Damon smirked thinking of another question. "Favorite person?"

"Alive or Dead?" Elena teased.

"Alive, Dead or Undead."


'ATTENTION PASSENGERS: Flight 676 to Buenos Aires, Argentina is now boarding.'

The End




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