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When I Look At You

Chapter 1 ~ Friday


Beck Oliver was seriously bored.

On the Friday before a three day weekend, no less.

How does that happen?

It wasn't his fault everyone was gone away with bigger and better plans for the weekend; Jade being forced to visit her family up North, Cat and Robbie off seeing a concert together, and Andre…well he didn't know what Andre was up to, just that he wasn't even within the city limits.

Groaning, Beck sunk down deeper into his sofa and easily ignored the TV; there wasn't anything good on anyways. He had already watched all the reality show re-runs and practically sucked MTV dry of its musical entertainment.

What was there left to do?

Idly playing with his phone he was surprised when the small cellular device vibrated in his hands, most likely a text message wishing him a happy holiday or some other sentiment. Lazily touching the screen he found that it was a Slap update, the small speech bubble alerting him that one of his friends had recently updated their status. Tapping the link at the bottom of the bubble he was immediately taken to Tori's page, her face gleaming up at him from her hectic profile picture.

"Gee friends and fam, thanks for ditching me for the holiday! I can totally feel the love!" He read out loud, smiling as he got to the last part.

He apparently wasn't the only one left to rot alone over the weekend.


What to do, what to do, what to do?

She had already circulated all the channels and watched all the movies on FX. She had already taken two naps and a shower even though she hadn't even done anything to need one in the first place.

Tori Vega had pretty much already exhausted her limited resources.

Sighing in boredom she let her head fall back onto the sofa, the TV remote slipping from her hand to land on the floor, the light 'thump' echoing in the spacious living room. Closing her eyes she replayed the day dream she had had in class just yesterday; the one where her and her friends were hanging out all weekend and getting into random stuff over the holiday.

That obviously wasn't going to happen, not when her friends were off on their own small adventures and her parents were away celebrating their anniversary in private.

Even Trina had ditched her to go on an out of town quest for new clothes with her girlfriends.

Now that was just wrong.

Sighing once more, Tori attempted another nap, the quiet demeanor of the house perfect for such an activity.

But if it was such perfect napping conditions then why was she still awake?

Seething in quiet frustration she forced herself from the couch and manually turned off the TV on her way to the kitchen where she pulled her bag from one of the chairs and slipped on a pair of busted up flip flops by the door, fully intending on taking a stroll through town to lessen her boredom. Making sure she had the essentials in her bag, she no sooner than had her hand on the knob of the back door when the doorbell rang, it's chime deafening in the quiet of the house.

Slightly excited at the thought of a visitor, yet annoyed because it could be a vacuum salesman, Tori dragged herself through the living room and over to the door, her face smashing against it to see outside through the peep hole.

Her mouth gaped open in shock.

Undoing the lock with one hand and smoothing her hair out with the other, she opened the door and tried to recompose her face, not wanting to appear rude.

"Beck?" Her voice pitched higher than usual, betraying her composed features.

"Tori." He stated back, stepping forwards slightly to lean on the door frame.

"Hi." She responded stupidly, still shell shocked at his appearance on her front doorstep.

"Hi yourself." A small stare off followed by an awkward silence filled the front passage of the Vega household, neither teen not sure as to what to do next.

"Why don't you come inside?" Tori finally offered, snapping out of her shock and back into her normal mode of behavior. "We're letting the air out!" She added while backing up and allowing Beck into her house for the first time ever.

"Thanks, it's pretty hot out here." He remarked with his hands in his pockets, his gaze slowly taking everything in. Behind him Tori shut the door and slowly walked around him and over to the sofa where she slowly slid down onto the armrest.

"Soooooo….." She started, "what'cha up to?" At this Beck looked at her and smiled, his hand pulling his phone out of his pocket.

"I got your distress call and figured I'd come rescue you."

"Huh?" What was he talking about?

"Your Slap post?" He asked, twisting his phone in his hand as if to reinforce his point.

"Oooooh!" Tori said, realization finally dawning on her. "You're stranded for the weekend too?"

"Yup," Beck said, still taking in his surroundings, "I was kicked to the curb."

"Yeah, I know how you feel."

"Good," He stated, turning to look directly at her now, "we're on the same boat. How about some Fro Yo?" Wow, that took her quick.

"Sure, For Yo me!" Tori said with a shrug, forcing the overwhelming feeling to jump up and down out of her mind.

"Great; I'll drive." Beck smiled, making his way over towards the front door and opening it, his arm motioning for her to go first.

"Ah, such a gentleman!" She joked as she stepped out onto the front porch as Beck shut the door behind them and led them down the small walk through her front yard and to the curb where he had parked his car.

Maybe the weekend wasn't going to be so bad after all?


"It's not an earth shattering decision, Tori, just pick one."

"No, Beck, it is! Who knows when I'll next be out of that house? I have to make this count!" Beck shook his head and just merely stood next to Tori while she contemplated which frozen yogurt she wanted to have.

He already had his in hand, ordering in a heartbeat as they stepped through the door. Sliding a spoon full of Chocolate Chip Cherry Garcia into his mouth he watched Tori from the corner of his eye as she made a move for the counter, seemingly knowing what she wanted.

"Hey Tim," She said, apparently knowing the guy, "I'll have the usual." She said with her head cocked to side as if she was still uncertain about what to get.

"The usual?" Beck had to ask before sliding another spoon full of the creamy substance into his mouth.

"Yes," Tori said turning to him, "the usual." And with that she turned back around, sliding her money across the counter and telling Tim to keep the change.

"What happened to making this count?" Beck asked, his eyebrow quirked in amusement.

"I dunno," She shrugged back, pulling the spoon from her mouth, "I like my usual so I guess it just overpowered me!" She smiled, closing her eyes as she swallowed another spoonful of the frozen treat.

"Huh, guess I can't say I've never seen someone be bossed around by frozen yogurt before."

"Hey!" Tori said indignantly, following Beck as he led them out of the shop and into the small dining section outside, the tables covered in shade from the multiple marketplace umbrellas wound out to their fullest.

"You'd be bossed around by this too if you got it." Tori stated as she plopped down into chair directly across from the dark haired boy.

"And why is that?" He asked, fixing her with a stare that was practically daring her to prove it to him.

"Because," She said after swallowing another mouthful, "this stuff is the best! Chocolate Fro Yo with caramel and marshmallow and little fudge fish! God it's so good!" She practically moaned as she brought a full spoon up to her mouth.

"Really now?" He teased, though it did look pretty good.

"Yes, Beck, really," She said looking back at him, "here; try some!" She claimed, pushing her small cup across the table towards him, a challenging look about her.

He smiled and reached out with his spoon and took a small helping.

"Make sure you get a fish, too." She said, pushing the cup even closer which only made him smile even more, his aviator sunglasses hopefully hiding the amusement in his eyes. He took the cup from her hand, his cold fingers brushing against hers as he dug around for a fish in the gooey mess of flavors though he figured she didn't notice.

"Alright," He said, holding his full spoon up for her inspection, "I have a fish." She pushed her own sunglasses atop her head and looked closely before giving him the go ahead, a cheesy smile on her face as he slid the spoon in his mouth and chewed for a few considerable seconds.

Nodding, he looked down and over his sunglasses her. "Not too bad, Vega, though I wouldn't make an addiction out of it." He said, knowing full well it'd get her worked up.

"Uh huh," She said simply, pulling her sunglasses back down to hide her face, "you say that now, but wait till you swallow and get that mellow after taste in your mouth….that's when it's really good."

"Oh, so you're the taste police now?" He teased, pushing her cup back to her and watching as she finished her Fro Yo, his already done.

"Yes, and I'm putting under arrest for shotty taste buds!" She exclaimed, playing along with a smile.

"But officer, I didn't do anything wrong."

"Yes, sir you did; you denied the power that is the Tori Usual!" Beck couldn't help but give a small bark of laughter at this and watch as Tori finally finished up and shoved her wad of chocolaty napkins down into the cup. Sitting back in the chair she watched the street for a few seconds before turning to look at Beck, an easy demeanor about her.

He honestly didn't know what to do.

"So…" He started off, not sure as where to go with whatever he was trying to say, something Tori obviously picked up on.

"You can just dump me back at home if you want; I've had my outing for the day." She laughed, leaning back and rubbing her stomach happily.

"Why do that when we can do something else? Going home now would be boring and it's already past dinner time." He stated while also leaning back in his chair and watching the cars pass by.

"Hmmmm," Tori mused from across from him, "are there any good movies playing?"

"Nah," Beck shook his head, "me and Jade have already seen all of them."

"Oh." She said quietly, causing Beck to slightly regret mentioning Jade's name though he didn't quite know why.

"Where's she at this weekend?" She asked casually, easily hiding her eyes behind her sunglasses.

"Her mom forced her up North to see her family, said it'd be good for her."

"Well that's nice." She responded with a shrug and small smile, obviously uncomfortable with the Jade subject.

"How about we rent a movie?" Beck said, quickly and easily changing the topic.

"Works for me!" Tori responded, happily jumping up from her chair and making her way over to the trashcan, Beck not too far behind. Disposing of their items they exited the small outdoor eating area and crossed to the street to Beck's car, Tori stopping him before he could get to the driver's side.

"I think we should switch sunglasses." She stated quickly, her hands held out as if she had just called a time out in a basketball game.

"And why is that?" He felt himself smile as Tori pulled her own magenta framed shades from her face.

"Because yours are so cool and I've always wanted a pair of aviators." She said, pouting slightly with an undeniable set of puppy dog eyes.

"Fine." Beck said, realizing he caved way too easily as he pulled his own sunglasses from his face and swapped with Tori, sliding her much smaller pair onto his face.

She did the same opposite him.

"Do I look Beck-ish now?" She laughed, striking a small pose for him to observe.

"Very me-ish," He confirmed, "now how about me? Do I Make It Shine?" He asked, slightly mocking her showcase song.

"Oh yes," She said nodding, "the rhinestones on the side just totally match your dark and brooding manner!" She laughed, walking around to the passenger door and pulling it open, effortlessly sliding in. Beck merely shook his head and slid in behind the wheel, taking his phone out in the process.

"Here." He said, leaning towards the middle and motioning for Tori to do the same. She complied and leaned in, her head angled enough so that it was slightly touching his though he doubt she noticed.

Why was it that only he seemed to notice every little time they touched?

"Happy thoughts!" She laughed before he snapped the picture on his phone, their faces smiling back at them from behind each other's sunglasses.

"Definitely one for the books." He stated matter-of-factly as he started the car and backed out slowly from the parking lot, Tori still laughing from their mini photo shoot.

Beck couldn't help but laugh too.


Tori couldn't help but glance over at Beck in the next row, his dark gaze focused on the selection of movies before him.

She was way too excited about them hanging for her own good.

He was a taken guy, after all.

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she turned away from him and tried to tune her attention to the task at hand; picking a movie. If only she would have waited a few more seconds she would have seen Beck's quick look towards her, a small smile on his features.

But she hadn't.

Running a hand through her hair she smiled as she reached forward and grabbed a DVD box off the shelf, softly calling Beck's name across her shoulder.

She jumped when he spoke from right behind her.

"Yessssss?" He asked, a little too close for comfort.

"I, uh, found this!" Tori sputtered, taking a small step away to distance herself before turning to look at him.

"Ah, Biggly Bear's Big Bash; a classic if I do say so myself." He said, nodding in approval.

"No way," Tori smiled, disbelief on her face "you watch Biggly Bear?"

"When I can," He responded with a shrug, "Jade's not too into it so I don't get to that often." Was it just her or did Jade seem to be popping up a lot lately throughout their various chitchatting?

"Oh well; her loss." Was all Tori said, brushing the beginnings of an awkward silence away from them with ease.

"What'd you pick?" She asked, pointing down at the DVD in Beck's hand.

"Vacant Moon." He responded, a whimsical look on his face that Tori found to be quite cute until she snapped herself out of it and struggled for words.

"I've heard of that," She started, trying to recollect her memory of the film, "it's an Indie flick, right?"

"Very good," He said with a nod, stepping around her though a little too closely, "are we ready to go?"

Was he even noticing all the stuff he was doing to her?

"Uh, yeah…" She said, slowly following him down the aisle of movies and to the counter where the goth girl behind it fixed them with an appraising glare.

"Well you two seem like an odd couple." She commented while scanning their movies.

Tori felt her mouth go dry and didn't know what to say.

"We're not dating," Beck said easily, stepping forward to block the goth's gaze from her, "we're two good friends hanging out and renting movies." He explained simply, a small smile on his face as he paid and collected the DVDs in his hand.

"Whatev." The girl said, picking up her discarded copy of Rolling Stone.

"All good?" He asked as he turned Tori, her mind still reeling though she put up a happy front.

"Yeah," She gushed, "let's get out of here!" She smiled, turning directly towards the door; the remnants of a blush on her face as she pushed it open and exited out to the parking lot.

"That was awkward." She said with her hands on her hips a frown on her face as she watched the night life all around her.

"Only because you let it be." He said stepping up beside her, their arms practically touching. Tori swallowed and looked down at her shuffling feet, not sure as to what to do.

"I guess," She eventually said, turning to look at Beck and finding him once again too close for comfort, "silly me!" She laughed, trying hard to get it to sound real.

He just smiled and shook his head.

"So where are we doing it?" He asked, running a hand through his hair and going around to the driver's door.

"Doing what?" Tori quipped, her mind not up to speed.

"Uh, watching movies?" Beck smiled, holding the DVDs up with a 'no duh' expression on his face.

"Oh, yeah, the movies!" Tori laughed weakly, her hand grabbing the door handle, "What size TV you got?"

"I got me a full twenty four inches of distinct viewing pleasure." He said with a quirked eyebrow before sliding down into the car, Tori slowly following his lead.

"Yeah…" She buckled her seat belt, "we'll watch 'em at my house." She nodded, fully aware of Beck's tight living quarters and the limited amount of space to spread out in.

"If you insist." He said with a shrug, backing out of the tiny hole and before setting off for the Vega household. Tori just merely smiled back and hoped to high heavens her excitement and anxiety didn't show in her eyes.

It was going to be a long night.


He was feeling conflicted…

definitely conflicted.

He didn't know what to do as his eyes focused to the darkness of the living room, the only light from anywhere coming from the snowed out TV screen. Rubbing his eyes Beck tried in vain to look around for a clock, but found none. Deciding to reach for his phone, he attempted to lean forwards but found that couldn't. Wondering what was keeping him in place he looked down to find a sleeping figure using his lap as a pillow.

Tori was out for the count.

And on him, no less.

Smiling drearily he reached down and moved a chunk of hair threatening to fall down into her face from where she slept on her side, her hand in a fist by her face where it laid on his thigh.

She was just too cute for words.

Still playing with her hair he continued to look around for a clock until his eyes fell on the bulge in the back pocket of Tori's jeans. Frowning, he contemplated his next move. He didn't want to wake her up, but he also wanted to know the time, but was it alright pulling her phone from her pocket? Seemingly stuck in between a rock and hard place he froze as Tori shifted on him and rolled over onto her belly, her even breathing signaling her deep state of sleep.

Throwing all fear aside Beck reached for the phone, giving it a small tug and pulling it from the pocket, wondering why he had even been nervous in the first place. Shaking his head, he tapped the screen, causing the small device to light up his face. With foggy eyes he looked around for the time before finding it in the upper right hand corner, 5:53am blinking back at him.

Suppressing a yawn he placed the phone on the small table next to the sofa and sunk down further into the sofa, Tori not moving at his actions. It had been well after one o'clock when he noticed her slumped over on his shoulder, but after that he couldn't remember anything having fallen asleep himself. Looking down at the sleeping girl before him he smiled, his thoughts drifting to everything they had done earlier in the day…well yesterday, actually; it was officially Saturday now.

Everything with her was just so easy, he thought; she didn't question his actions or second guess his words or put him down. She laughed at everything and smiled more than any other person he knew.

He liked who he was around her.

He liked feeling free from ridicule and neglect.

He liked being happy.

"Beck…?" He heard softly, immediately causing him to stop playing with her hair and breaking him from his thoughts.

"Yeah?" He asked back, his voice raspy from the few hours of sleep he had gotten in.

"Are you still here?" He smiled at this and watched as Tori flipped her position until she was on her back, her eyes searching for his face.

"Yep." He stated, refraining from brushing more hair from her face.

"Oh…" She said, sleep still evident in her voice, "what time is it?"

"Almost six."

"Nice." She said, rolling off him and onto the floor, her 'oompf' causing him to laugh slightly.

"And why is being up at six o'clock nice?" He asked as she crawled over his legs and behind the sofa, disappearing from view. Behind him he heard her moving around, apparently hitting something and causing her to release a small curse that thoroughly surprised him, and then a slow scratching noise as she moved something.

Turning in his seat he looked up over the back of the sofa only to have the first rays of the morning sun pelt him in the face.

"Getting up at six is nice because you can see the sunrise." Tori said with a clearer voice, walking back down the steps and flipping over the back of the sofa to fall into place beside him, her eyes trained to the large bay windows.

In a comfortable silence the two teens watched as the sun slowly began to rise above the horizon of the distant mountains, the living room growing brighter with every passing minute.

"See," she said looking over at him with a smile, "it's beautiful."

He just merely shook his head and looked over at her smiling face, her wide eyes reflecting the brilliant rays of orange and yellow that continued to fill the room.

"Yeah," he said softly, "beautiful."

He definitely liked this.

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