Night Elves: Who They Are

*Note: This is an update for people who wish to read my Henrietta series that you will need to read to understand anything in my story. *

Night Elves are distant relatives to the house elves. However, Night Elves are not in the same ranking as house elves. Although the house elf is most commonly used as a servant to wizards, until it was outlawed, wizards and witches were servants to Night Elves.

The male adults are very tall, averaging at around 5'11" to 6'7" and slim. The women are also slim, but average at about 5'3" to 5'6". Full, one hundred percent Night Elves have bright blue skin. They also have very pointy ears and are excellent warriors and warrior-esses.

At the age of two, a Night Elf child will be the same, maturity-wise, as an eleven-year-old witch or wizard. At this age, they are sent to a Night Elf Junior Academy, graduating there at the age of eight, and becoming a legal adult in the 'secret' world.

After graduating the Junior Academy, Night Elves have the opportunity to go on to the actual Academy. The Academy is like a middle school for adults, only optional. If a Night Elf would choose to go to the Academy, they would attend it for a year and a half. After the Academy, there's the University. This is like a college. If a Night Elf were to attend the University, you would start there after a week of vacation from the Academy. After attending the University, you may choose to attend a wizarding school.

A Night Elf would attend the University for the rest of that school year, and a full one after that. If they do, then they are considered… the closest I can think of are Nobles. They don't have a name for it, but they are higher than the 'merchants' (for want of a better word). There is a royal family, and High Council. The Night Elf culture is a matriarchal one.

The High Queen is the highest of the leaders. Under her is the High King. Then comes the High Council, with seven members. Next are the High Prince(s) and High Princess (es) [the High King and/or High Queen's child (s)]. Last, there are the Prince(s) and Princess (es) [the High Prince (es) and/or High Princess (es) child (s)].

Night Elves are superior scholars. This is an example of a first year Junior Academy student: History of Magic (Night Elf style), Night Elf Magic, Night Elf Cultures, Human Cultures, Fighting (with weaponry), Fighting (hand-to-hand combat), Fighting (without weaponry), etc.

Night Elf women are the best fighters, but most only fight after their children are full-grown. Women are the 'men' of Night Elves. The women are the ones who do all of the handy-work and housework. They also are the majority of the High Council, although there are normally two or three men on Council.

In religion, the Night Elf is also matriarchal. They worship the Goddess Onyx, most widely known to humans as the Goddess of the Night. The warriors and warrioresses and families of them also worship their Goddesses Warrior, who is also Her Protector, Guardian, and One-and-Only (a one-and-only is a 'significant other'), Rebus. They also worship the five elements: earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.

Night Elves live in the forests. They like the way they are closer to the earth that way. They make huts and tree houses, and although they are very 'Amish' in some ways, they are also very advanced in others. The Night Elves do not believe in electricity and 'city' or even 'well' water. However, humans can hardly imagine many of the inventions they have made, such as an oxygen-fuelled computer that uses less than 2% of the oxygen in the air to run.

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