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Please, be gently with me.

It's my thirst Toy Story story I ever wrote.

And YES for goodness, it is SLASH!

Means: Boy x boy love... maybe I should call it: Toy/Toy love? *g*


Toy Story belongs to Disney Pixar an I get no money for my impure imagination.


Buzz/Woody Woody/Buzz

(what else?)


This little story is set years after Toy Story 3, The Toys where in the attic and no child's around to love them... and its even worse!


No clue at the moment


It was so dark.

And it was hell.

For Gods sake they weren't alone.

Buzz remarked the little shiver at his side and fastened his hold on Woodys slender form, scooted closer to his love.

Woody in return, tightened his grip on Buzz' neck and tried to steady himself, he hated to be so weak.

"Buzz," Woodys voice was harsh, "do you still believe we ever get out of this box?"

Buzz, unhesitatingly answered: "Of course we gonna get out, Cowboy!"

In fact, he was not really sure to ever get out of this damned, way to small, cardboard-box.

They where only toys. Broken toys.

But what else he should have said?

Lovingly Buzz stroked Woodys back in low circles, this time was his turn to offer comfort...

Last time he had had a break down himself and Woody had had to hush him, with gently kisses and even more patience.

The cowboy-dolls pleading voice brought him back to the moment: "Light?" and a soft hand traced over the little red light bulb on his right forearm.

He smiled, reached for the activation-button and whispered in Woodys ear, followed by a little kiss: "Buzz Lightyear, Spaceranger, at your orders, Sheriff Woody!"

He then pressed the button down, switched the "laser" on.

Woodys soft face appeared over him, dimly lit in the red shine and with a certain sadness around his eyes.

"I like to look at you, Spaceranger..." Woody cooed right before he leaned in and placed a soft kiss on his Buzz' nose.

They weren't alone.

They were together.

And sometimes there was a little light to spread some hope.

"... Mags, mags, even more mags an an ol' newspaper, where is this bloody stuff for what ya called me over, granny?"

Woody practically jumped at the sound of the female voice coming from outside the box, he and Buzz had slept till now, he was afraid of what seems to come.

"They would us throw away if they find us, Buzz..." panicked Woody and clinged on the space-toy.

"Perhaps this would be better than to be closed away in this stupid box to the eternity, Love?"

"Perhaps... Shush, they comes..." both toys immediately remained still.

They couldn't believe it as the box was lifted up and the female voice cheered: "Granny, I got them..."

A ray of dusty light fell on them as the lid of the box was lifted and an old voice stated: "But they're broken too. You should them throw away..." and they where in the darkness again.

"Woody," Buzz whispered, "if they have lifted the Box..."

"Then the trunk will be lifted too.." Woody cached the sense of Buzz words.

"So, if they let us here we..." the space-toy couldn't finished because the cardboard-box was shook and he hugged himself tightly against Woody, to protect the other toy against the shaking.

Soon there where the sound of a engine and loud music pierced their ears.

Obviously they were in a car, driven to a unknown destiny.

Together in the dark.

Driven to the unknown.

Afraid to get separated.

They tried to open the lid, but it wouldn't move and Woody pointed out that the human who drives the car, must have placed something heavy on top of the box, so they lied back, cuddled up against each other.

"You know I love you Buzz..." Woody started, only to get interrupted by his spaceranger who purred in response: "Love you too, cowboy..."

Woody smiled despite the darkness and continued in earnest, nuzzling his nose against Buzz' cheek: "If we ever get separated, you'll take my hat."

Buzz just nodded and brushed his lips against Woodys. Deep inside him he hoped, he never get the cowboy-dolls hat.

There was an awkward silence when the car comes to a stop.

They could feel the box shook again and then – then the lid opened and a hand gripped Woody and pulled the cowboy out of Buzz enlacement.

"Oh shit, cowboy, ya look like crap..."

Buzz curled himself around Woodys hat.

Alone in the dark.

Worlds crashed down.

Hopes shattered.

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