Roses small talk:

So, here we go!

One chapter more...

An this one is some sort of smexy...


Warm light.

Almost sundown.

Bright love.

Buzz had locked his eyes with Woodys the howl time wile the woman had worked on him.

To look in tho his cowboys brown eyes was just as wonderful as ever – this means: Before box-time... because in the box... he wouldn't think of it.

"Buzzie," the woman's friendly voice stated, as she turned him around "I hope this will not hurt ya..." he now could see her grab blindly for the tweezers, only an inch out of her reach, "... oh c'mon..." she cursed.

This was the moment when Buzz realized the other toy.

Was this toy there before?

There leaning against a big black painted barbie-horse, he stood and as if rule number one didn't count the other toy moved the tweezers with his booted foot into the woman's reach and blinked at Buzz.

The groping hand finally grabbed the tool and with an absentminded smile the woman muttered: "Thanks..."

The other toy – it seems to be a sort of pirate, because he wore a black shirt with a skull-print, a long black cape with skull-clips and an eye-patch – just saluted and then remained still again.

Pale moonlight.

Silvery star-shine.

A new home.

The woman had left with the other toys, the pirate and the horse, and the words: "Good night boys! For tonight we leave ya 'lone..." she had kissed both of them on to the head then she left the room, closing the door behind her.

They where alone now, seated side by side on the windowsill, Buzz still porting Woodys cowboy hat and wings spread – the right one had to dry, the woman said so.

They waited a good minute to be sure that no one comes back again, then Buzz shifted in a kneeling position between Woodys legs, placed the hat back on his cowboys head and whispered softly: "I'd thought I had lost you, Woody..."

The cowboy-doll placed his hand on Buzz' cheek and just cooed: "Love you Buzz Lightyear."

Buzz in response thrown his arms around Woodys waist and nuzzled his nose in to the fabric of his chest, he then took a deep breath.

"Hmm," Buzz sighted in delight, "you smell peachy..."

Woody chuckled back: "Actually, I feel peachy..." and he hugged his spaceranger closer.

There where some silent moments between them as they just enjoyed to hold each other so close.

Buzz then gasped as curious fingertips traced the practically invisible fracture-line on his right-wing and he tugged at the fabric on Woodys back.

"Rather sensitive there, Spaceranger, huh?"

The whispered words sent shivers down Buzz' neck and in return he traced his fingertips along the new stitching at Woodys leg.

The cowboy-doll let out a strangled breath and tilted his head back and now Buzz purred: "Rather sensitive too, Cowboy..." and he nibbled at Woodys now exposed throat.

Woody uttered a little moan, smiled and leaned in to kiss his favorite space-toy.

It was a deep, breathtaking kiss who Buzz responded with all his love for Woody.

As the kiss broke, Woody leaned further against his lover and tilted his head to place a soft trail of butterfly-kisses on Buzz' wing – more precisely, on the fracture-line.

Buzz shuddered and then whimpered as Woodys next touch wasn't a kiss, but a soft, wet lick along the fracture-line.

"Woody..." Buzz tugged his cowboy closer, on his knees, rubbed gently over the new stitching on the leg and was pleased to hear and feel a soft moan.

"Buzz..." murmured Woody against the wing only to make his space-toy shudder with desire and longing.

Gently fingers fondled at a certain cowboy-dolls string pull and Woody clutched his right hand on to Buzz left wing, let out a startled wince and nipped at the right wing.

His fingers digging in both of Buzz' wings Woody threw his head back as his spaceranger scratched at the stitching on his leg and at the same time tore his ring pull back.

Woody shouting one of his catchphrases along with his name, fingers drilled in to his most sensitive parts made Buzz immediately follow him into the blur of oblivion.

Golden morning sun.

Awakening life.

Tender love.

They where deep asleep, entangled in each others arms, legs, bodies, covered with the pink washcloth and they both smiled in their sleep.

"They're so cuuuute, Harlock..." the woman's voice whispered soundless against a little vinyl-ear.

The so named toy – the pirate-toy, more precisely space-pirate-toy – nodded and smiled silently: "I'm happy too, you have finally found and got them here! The others would be overjoyed..."

"Especially yar honey..."

There was a little laugh which startled Buzz, he immediately was awake and opened his eyes only to find himself and Woody almost tied together, so tight was their embrace; he just couldn't resist and placed a soft kiss on his cowboys nose.

He almost jumped as two friendly green eyes accompanied by bright smile appeared over him and his love.

"Morning boys!" the woman giggled and then went on: "Ya had a good night too?"

Buzz was frozen in place, the expression of pure shock on his face as he paled.

Did she saw them? Did the woman saw that he kissed Woody? That he moved?

Of course she did.

No way, she couldn't saw it.

"Na, don't sweat it..."

She then lifted her hand, the pirate sitting in here palm, smiled broadly at Buzz: "Welcome to Toy-Heaven, Guys, I'm Harlock and this..." he pointed at the woman, "... is Cat. And, we got a surprise for you!"

Woody, meanwhile also awake smiled a little confused up to both of them and stated: "Morning everyone!" then he leaned comfortably against Buzz' shoulder.

"How yar wing does, space-cowboy?" Cat asked with a gently smile and then added: "Ya two would come over there? Normally I didn't let sleep someone in my office..." and she walked away, the pirate-toy sitting on her shoulder now, past the door at the other end of the room.

Woody and Buzz exchanged a look then shrugged, lifted and followed them to the door.

Once arrived Woody took a hold on Buzz' hand and placed a quick kiss on his space-toys lips, murmured softly "Love you!" and then they entered the next room.

They both where thunderstruck at the sight before them, not the room caught there eyes, but the toys.

Then there was a neigh and they found themselves tackled to ground by Bullseye. No doubt hers Bullseye!

Then there was a high shriek and a well known voice cheered overjoyed: "Cat, you found them! You really found them! Really, really..."

Harlocks voice interfered, with a laugh: "Honey, we all get deaf if you continue to..." he was cut off because Jessie gave him a quick peck on the lips before she runs off to give Bullseye some company as she hugged both new arrivals.

"Ya see Harlock," Cat stated, as she looked at the four friends on the floor, "some times wonders happens and ya'll find what ya get looking for on granny's attic..."

"You found me there too!"

"Yep captain, ya an' Jess. An she told me to get a look for this two..."


Love and friendship.

Family and – wonders?

Roses small talk:

I really believe in wonders!

I know they'd happens from time to time.

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