Heyyy guys

A lot of stuff happened to me this past year

Like weddings, sister in hospital, family, school, friend living with me cause her parents were fighting...

Through all of that I lost my inspiration...

But now it's back!

My brother Leo will be updated very soon

I'm currently doing both this story and My brother Leo so the update will come shortly after I post this one up


On with the story...


I don't own TMNT and I don't think I ever will all copyright goes to their respective owners


On with the story

Dear dia-journal,

Living with a secret can be hard

Balancing home life with well... your other life

About three years ago my life took a turn... I was exploited to a whole new world, a world I had to hid from my entire life

Yep you guessed it...

I'm human

I can hear my brothers talking about me and how I should come up with a plan to stop well... me.

I hear the news lady say: Damien Andrews and his infamous group of mischievous delinquents have done it again. Spray painting city hall.

I laugh inside saying yep that's me =P

Well it's almost time for training so I gotta go

Since you won't or can't tell secrets I'll tell you how it all started

Well until then journal (I'll name you later)

Leonardo Hamato

So... how do u guys like it?

Do u think I should continue or should I stop?

This is just a random idea that popped into my head