I Shall Now Saw This Heart in Half


Magnus sighed, walking into his apartment.

"Alec!" He called, smiling. "I'm home, darling!" He frowned. Alec was usually in his arms the second he walked through the door.


Maybe he went to the Institute, he thought.

He was mistaken. Alec walked out of the bedroom.

"Well there you are, love," Magnus smiled, walking toward him. He stopped short, however, frowning. Alec didn't look happy to see him. Not in the least. He looked angry, detached. "Alexander, what's wrong?" He asked.

He glanced down at the floor, his eyes and fear growing when he saw the bag at Alec's feet.

"We're done, Magnus."

It was like a sledgehammer pelted into his stomach. He wasn't sure he had heard what he had. Maybe this was a nightmare. Sound disappeared for a moment, his throat going dry.

"Wh-what?" He rasped. Alec's scowl deepened.

"Are you stupid and deaf?" He barked. "We're done. It's over. I don't want to be with you anymore."

Magnus's heart was slowly tearing in two. This wasn't how he broke up with him in Idris. This wasn't like that at all. At least then he could tell Alec felt bad for breaking it off. No, no right now Alec didn't look like he felt bad at all.

"Why?" He asked, apparently only capable of monosyllable words.

"Why?" Alec hissed. "I can't stand you. You're so needy, and whiny. If I have to spend another hour with you I think I'm going to kill myself!" He hauled the bag over his shoulder, walking past him.

"Wait!" Magnus said, grabbing Alec's shoulder. "Let's talk about-"


Magnus fell to the ground, his cheek burning from where Alec punched him.

"Don't touch me, you FREAK!" Alec screamed, enraged. Tears filled the warlock's eyes as he looked up at him, touching what would be a bruise on his face.

"Alec, please," he breathed. "I love you." Alec sneered down at him.

"How could anyone love you? You're a Downworlder, a monster, a demon, a freak. I don't want anything to do with you. I don't want t see your disgusting face ever again!" He snarled. "If I do, I will kill you, warlock."

And he was gone.

Magnus stared at the door for a minute, tears finding their way to his face. Alec was gone. He hated him. He didn't want him anymore. He…he called him a freak…

He started to sob, his arms giving out from underneath him, leaving him on the floor, right next to his shattered heart.


What did he do wrong? What did he say? What did he do to push the one thing he loved the most in this world, that he loved more than anyone in his eight hundred years of living, away?

His sobs echoed through the empty house, his hand on his chest, trying to keep what was left of the pieces in his chest inside, wishing he was holding that boy again.

Alec pulled a clean shirt over his head, shaking out his damp hair once he did. He, Clary, Jace and Isabelle had gone running through the woods after a demon, dealing with a few Forsaken in the process. Point being, he got sweaty, and dirty, and decided to take a shower before he headed over to Magnus's.

He turned when his door opened, face lighting up into a smile. "Magnus!" He grinned. "I was just comin' to see you." He stopped smiling when he saw the look on Magnus's face. Disgust, loathing. He had a bag in his hand that he tossed in the room.

"What's that?" Alec asked, still trying to smile a little, wondering when this joke was going to be over.

"Your things," he said, voice cold, just like his eyes. Alec frowned, confused.

"Why did you bring my stuff here?" He asked. Magnus rolled his eyes, looking even more repulsed.

"God, you're so stupid," he spat. "Why else would I be bringing your things, you idiot?" Alec shook his head in disbelief. No, no this couldn't be happening. He couldn't be breaking up with him, he couldn't! No, no this wasn't fair, no!

"Magnus, no," he breathed.

"What the hell do you mean, 'no'?" He barked. "You think I'm going to listen to you? You sniveling little bitch." Alec's lips started to shake, his heart being torn into pieces.

"B-but, why?" He asked shakily.

"Why? You want to know why?" He mocked. "Let's see, where do I start? You're pathetic, you're weak, you're whiny, and frankly," he looked him over with heartless eyes. "You're hideous."

Absently, Alec looked himself over, at his faded clothes, pasty skin, and shaggy hair. His bleary blue eyes looked up at him, on the verge of tears, heartbroken.

"You think I'm hideous?" He asked softly.

"That would be why I said it, idiot," he said harshly. "I don't want to see you ever again. If I do, I will kill you, Shadowhunter." He turned on his heel to leave.

"Magnus, wait-" He reached out to him. Magnus snarled and spun around, throwing his hand out, striking Alec in the chest with a flash of blue light.

Alec was floored instantly, his shirt burned, skin seared.

"Don't you touch me, you filthy little bitch!" He hissed, He turned and left without looking back.

Alec carefully sat up, gingerly touching the burn on his chest. He sobbed freely, sniffing and curling into himself, face in his knees.

He didn't understand. He loved Magnus so much, how could he d something like this to him? What did he do?

So he cried, alone and heartbroken, wishing he could take back whatever it was he did.


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