"No," he breathed, staring at Alec's still form as time slowed to a standstill. It only took a moment before he bolted to him. He lifted Alec into his arms, looking from his face to the horrendous burn on his chest and stomach.

Distantly, eons away, he heard Lenny laughing. He threw his hand out, aiming directly for his heart and throwing nearly everything he had at him in a burst of white-hot light.

When it dimmed, only dust remained.

"Magnus," Alec croaked. Magnus looked at him, frustrated tears in his eyes. He cradled the younger boy's face in his hand, the other supporting his back.

"Damn it, Alec!" He spat, stroking his cheek. "Why are you-? Didn't-? Fuck! I told you to stay home!" He hugged him tight, a tear trekking down his cheek.

"M-Magnus-" He broke into a coughing fit, blood trickling past his lips. Magnus went white, heart stuttering in fear.

"Shh," he pressed two fingers to his lips, taking the blood away. "Don't speak, baby. Don't talk." He kissed his cheek, hugging him tight, trying not to panic at the feel of his cooling skin.

Alec grunted, breath catching in his throat.

"Shh, don't be scared, don't be scared, everything's gonna be alright." He kissed him softly, sniffing.

He froze. He looked down, into Alec's eyes.

His fists clenched. His eyes darkened, sharp teeth bared. He stood, leaving Alec on the floor.

"You're not Alec."

He looked down at the thing, sneering. He wiped his mouth, disgusted. The thing broke into a bloody grin, laughing.

"You kissed a monster, eh, warlock?" The thing's voice was distorted, mechanical almost. It was worse when it laughed.

Alec's face was distorted now as the thing died slowly, laughing hysterically.

"Tell your little toy I said he has a nice ass."

Magnus's finger twitched a fraction. It was enough to snap the beast's neck. He shut his eyes, that horrible crunch ringing in his ears.

Not Alec, not Alec, not Alec… He told himself over and over. He didn't even look at the body as he stepped over it. He needed to get to the Institute. He needed to his see his baby, his Shadowhunter, his angel.

Alec glanced at the clock again, adjusting the collar of his dark-blue shirt once more. He hated dressing like this. He hated drawing any sort of attention to himself. And anytime he wore the clothes Magnus had picked out for him he got stared at.

"They're jealous," Magnus would say, smiling and squeezing his hand tighter. "They're staring because their boyfriends aren't as sexy as mine."

He smiled at the thought. He was starting to worry.

"You alright?" Isabelle asked. He looked at her. A long red dress stuck to her curves, her hair done in fat curls that hung around her shoulders. She looked stunning, as usual.

"Date tonight?" He asked. Isabelle nodded.




"Ah," he nodded.

The front door burst open.

Alec's brow shot up when he saw Magnus stalking toward him, not angry, but desperate. He closed the last few feet between them by running. He lifted him into his arms, meeting his lips with heated passion that made Alec gasp.

"There you are," he breathed, smiling.

"Uh, wh-what happened?"

"I had to kill two monsters that looked just like you," he said softly. "But, on the plus side," he dug in his pocket, pulling out the largest wad of money Alec had ever seen, "Daddy's gettin' a new pair of shoes."

"You're getting a whole store by the looks of that thing," Alec remarked. Magnus grinned.

"Damn straight, baby." He looked down at Alec's clothes, still smiling, and shook his head. "God, I knew that shirt would match your eyes but…"

"But?" Alec frowned. Magnus touched his cheek.

"But you're breathtaking." Alec blushed, Magnus kissed him again. "Well, we can't let you looking this fabulously amazing for no reason. Give me five minutes. Oh, hi Isabelle."

She smiled and shook her head. "Hi, Magnus."

"Do you-?"

"Top drawer in my vanity," she winked. "Hair stuff's in the cabinet by my dresser."

"You're a lifesaver," he smiled, pecking Alec on the cheek. "Five minutes, darling."

True to his word, he was back in a few minutes, hair drenched in glitter, bangs in his face, eyes black and silver. His coat was white and tailed with dark gray buttons studding the front. His black t-shirt was v-necked, his skinny jeans a deep purple, boots up to the middle of his calves.

Alec swallowed hard. Magnus smiled at him.


"I can't believe you look like that after five minutes," he said softly. "It took me an hour to get this right."

"Alexander, darling," Magnus chuckled. "I've been doing this for eight hundred years. I think I've had some practice." He took Alec's hand above his head, twirling him around. "Absolutely stunning."

"I still think these pants are too tight," he mumbled. Magnus shook his head.

"No such thing, baby." He laced his fingers in his, smiling. "Now let's go."

"C'mon, Alec, don't make me beg."

"Magnus, I can't!"

"How do you know if you've never tried?"

"Magnus, I can't dance!"

"Plee-eease?" Magnus asked, jutting out his bottom lip, giving him a puppy-dog look.


Magnus's face broke into a huge grin. He took Alec's hand and they stood from the table, leaving the glasses and food behind on the white table-cloth.

The ballroom was crowded, and that just made Alec more nervous.

"Relax, darling," Magnus whispered. He took his hand again, his hand on his waist, waiting for the next song to start up. The violins started up and Magnus started to move.

Alec tripped three times in thirty seconds. He looked at Magnus, cheeks flushed, embarrassed.

"I told you," he mumbled. Magnus lifted his chin, smiling lightly.

"I can fix that." He put his mouth next to his ear. "Fiducia."

"Magnus, what did-?"

"Just dance, darling."

They spun and twirled around the room with ease. Alec didn't look at his feet once, not once. He just moved. He let Magnus spin him and didn't care about all of the eyes that were on them. Magnus couldn't stop smiling.

Alec was lost in his eyes. When Magnus smiled it lit up his entire face. Alec loved that smile.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" He asked. Alec rested his forehead against his.

"You're amazing."

"I'm not the one dancing like that," he smirked. The fast-paced song ended and a much slower one started.

Alec wrapped his arms around Magnus's neck, leaning against his chest. Magnus smiled contentedly, his cheek on the top of his head.

"Not exactly formal, but I'll take it," he whispered. Alec shut his eyes, sighing.

"Promise me you won't put a spell on me that makes me dance well again, okay?" He asked softly. Magnus chuckled.

"I didn't make you dance any better, baby," he assured. "All I did was give you a confidence boost." Alec flushed, even more embarrassed now than he was.

"You have no excuses about not dancing anymore," Magnus winked. Alec groaned despairingly.


Magnus kissed his forehead.

"Now shut up and dance with me."

They fell on Magnus's bed, laughing.

"And, and then I said 'O positive? Last I heard, you're girlfriend was too'!" They were both sent into another fit of giggles.

"I think you've had too much to drink," Alec stated. Magnus shook his head, smiling goofily.

"Noooo, I don't think so," he giggled. Alec nodded.

"You had two bottles of wine. Warlock or not, you're wasted."

"Okay," Magnus slurred. "Maybe a 'lil." Alec grinned.

"That's what I thought."

Magnus took his face in his hands. "Alright, hot stuff, listen to me right now," he swallowed. "You are so friggin' gorgeous. And you're sweet. And you're so damn cute and smart it drives me bonkers!" He kissed him deeply. "And I'm never, ever gonna let you outta my sight again. I would never break up wiss you. I'm not that stupid!" Alec smiled, peeking at him through his lashes.

"Mmm," Magnus growled, kissing him again. "See you do stuff like that and you, you're just so- God I love you."

"I love you too," Alec said. He unzipped Magnus's boots and chucked them across the room.

"Alexander, you dog," he slurred, giggling. Alec shook his head, smiling. He took off Magnus's coat and tugged his t-shirt over his head.

"Hey, you gotta buy me dinner firs'," he barked a laugh. Alec chuckled.

"You are gonna hate yourself in the morning," he said softly. "And I did buy you dinner. You were using your wallet as a hat and wouldn't give it to me."

Magnus shrugged. "Fashion statement?" Alec shook his head, still smiling. He took off his shirt and shimmied off the too-tight pants, grabbing a pair of his sweats out of Magnus's dresser.

He lied back down next to him, stroking his hair back. Magnus blinked drowsily.

"I love you more than life itself," he said softly. "You're everything I could ever want. And I want you to promise not to leave me like everyone else has." Alec blanched, taken aback by his statement.

"I…I promise. I swear on the angel I'll never leave you," he said, his face close to his.

"Great," Magnus snorted. "Now you're stuck with me forever." Alec smiled, kissing him.

"I can live with that." He rubbed Magnus's forehead, knowing good and well he'd be asleep him minutes. He held Magnus to him when he was asleep. Magnus curled against him in his sleep, snuggling against his chest. Alec smiled lightly, pulling the covers over them. He shut his eyes. It'd been a very weird, very good night. He couldn't be happier.

"Alec, I'm dying," Magnus moaned from his bed. Alec peeked in at him, smiling sadly.

"I told you not to drink all of that," he said firmly.

Magnus put his hands over his eyes, moaning. "Next time bludgeon me with a stele until I listen."

"Will do, baby," Alec smiled before disappearing.

"Oh, don't leave…"

Alec came back a moment later, holding a glass full of red liquid. Magnus could smell it from where he laID.

"Ugh," he groaned, blowing air past his lips. "That's awful, keep it away from me."

"Magnus, sit up," Alec commanded. Magnus shook his head, folding his arms over his chest.

"Nuh-uh," he shook his head. Alec glared at him.

"Magnus Bane, sit up right now or I swear to God I'll make you," he said sternly. Magnus smiled flirtatiously.

"Alexander, I love it when you take control like that. Makes me all tingly." He would've said more, but an agonizing wave of pain washed over him and he groaned, nauseated.

Alec put his hand behind his back and helped him sit up, pressing the glass to his lips. Magnus groaned again.

"Baby, drink this, you'll feel better." Magnus drank it reluctantly, shuddering a few times. "Alright, that's it." He set the glass down.

He could already feel his headache going away. He smiled up at him, the bright light not so bright anymore.

"You brewed that all by yourself?" He asked. Alec smiled.

"I did learn a couple of things from you," he winked. He placed a soft, chaste kiss on his forehead. "I'll order in, okay?" Magnus nodded, looking up at him.

Alec walked out of the room.

Chairman Meow hopped onto the mattress, plopping down next to the warlock. Magnus looked down at him.

"I think he's a keeper, don't you?"

The cat purred, something of a smile on his tiny face. "Glad you agree."


-Thank you all so much! Hope you all enjoyed this! God Bless you all and hope to hear from you again when I post more Malecy goodness!-