Long Hot Summer: Chapter five " Facing the mirror "

Gwen floated in a green void toxic to her kind. His voice that dark reflection of Danny Phantom echoed in her ears.

" Existence loves pairs. Men and women, light and dark, life and death. You where really foolish enough to come here to the realm of the dead and expect to just find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow."

Gwen's thoughts where a million miles away. The fight was the last thing she was expecting, and her spells something she was getting out of the habit of using in favor of her more powerful instinctive mana use had fared so much better.

" When I called the ghost freaks here I never imagined I'd be this lucky! Killing you last time took months, and Ben oh Ben he cried for you he really did. "

Spells where something invented by people like Hex and Charmcaster. They had significant mana levels of their own, but already she knew her mana levels dwarfed them both.

" It was such a shame when he detonated that watch of his in the skies over Bellwood trying to destroy me. Their was no one left after that but a few fools hiding behind exotic technologies. I got them too in the end. "

' If you have to make every drop of mana count ' thought Gwen. ' You'd make them as energy efficient as possible. That makes them very narrow in focus, because they can only do so much with the fuel they have. '

" There where days many days when we made love to the sound of cities burning. What a shame I wont have the time to break you this time. "

' I guess that's what I came here for, the answer I wanted the diffrence between spells and just getting all glowie on something. I wonder if something like Danny could use spells with negative charged ecto energy and not mana? It's killing me I know it is the ecto-energy of this realm, and I've got that monster inside me ranting. I knew what this trip might cost, and I never thought being part Anodite would be a weakness here. Time to find out how human I still am. '

She spoke for the first time since he started murdering her from the inside out.

" Quis quandum era maflictus, iem feachus mas redentegero, quis venit pro mas mesquam essei. "

Kevin woke up his lungs burning, thoughts painful. Like a zombie out a bad horror movie he made his way thought unfamiliar surroundings looking for one primal thing.

" Car."

Finding it through a tiny hole he lacked the where with all to name a " window " he climbed through it happy to find out he was on the ground level of whatever building he was in. Reaching the car he ripped the trunk open with pure muscle power, and grabbed a silver case next to an old file box containing the steal mask of Destro and the copy he'd made just in case. Laying flat on the ground and pulled out a gun like device and put it to his right temple and pulled the trigger. Pain shot through him as he went limp. After a long moment hurried foot steps found him, and a voice rang out.

" Oh you damn fool! "

Someone knelt beside his head, and Kevin felt warm. A annoying beep filled the air as something touched the guns handle.

" A full GRAM KEVIN you fried a GRAM of brain tissue! "

Kevin fully came around and he hit the retract button on the neural rebuilder and felt the sizable needle retract from his brain. Shego was looking down at him with worry was all over her face. He smiled as he spoke.

" Thanks for bailing me out again. "

Ben watched Grandpa Max talking with some government goon in a green suit, as he felt someone walk up behind him.

" Hello Gwen. "

" I'm betting you're pretty pissed at me right now hu? "

If Ben heard the words "interplanetary incident" he ignored it in favor of Gwen.

" Naa, I figured out what you had planned a while ago. Kevin on the other hand went a little postal. "

" Ben. "

He turned around and they looked at each other. Ben had a red mark the shape of a hand across his face, Gwen's clothing was in tatters, and the tattoo over her heart showing through her shredded shirt made him shake his head as he moved in for a hug.

" Uncle Frank is going to kill you. "

" So much happened, and I . . . missed having you around to do all the screwing up. "

" Well I'm glad you have sooo much faith in me ya dweeb! "

The pair laughed, as they leaned on each other for a minute letting the other feel the weight of the the past few weeks. Gwen spoke.

" I need to talk to Kevin don't I? "

" Yea, want my car you look beat? "

" No thanks, I need to finish this last thing on my own before I go home and . . .I don't know get grounded for life. "

She felt Ben tense up.

" Please you'll be lucky to get that Uncle Frank hired a detective to find you. Like his family of space cops weren't willing to go looking for free. "

" Good bye Ben, and whatever happens in the next hour thank you for not trying to stop me, or tell anyone where I might have gone to. You're like a brother really. "

He felt her dissolve in his hands as she teleported without uttering a word.

Ben looked up at Grandpa Max going to bat for Kevin. Providence was willing to try and turn a Plumber into a crooked cop to get what they need to fix some mess with tiny robots. It felt like the start of this summer when he woke up and Gwen was gone. Something had changed looking back on this life would be clearly divided into the time before this, and the time after this. Not unlike that summer with Gwen and Grandpa so long ago when he'd gotten the watch and things changed forever.

Gwen followed Kevin's mana without needed an object to focus on for the first time, and appeared next to his car. A red haired girl half a head shorter then her covered with bruises and cuts was taking something from it's ruined trunk. She locked eyes with Gwen at the sight of the purple flash signaling her arrival.

" Well well, here you are the cause of so much trouble. It's hard to remember he's half monster some times isn't it? "

Gwen raised an eyebrow Kevin wasn't around even if she could feel him close, and his car was a wreck yet again.

" What the heck are you talking about? "

The girl smiled an evil smile that told Gwen she knew something she didn't

" I know he's got a heart, and you're the one that broke it, but still people that are half monster should be together it's only right. Good bye Gwendolyn Ann-Marie Tennyson, I'm going to leave while Kevin and me are still even. "

Gwen decided it was better to let the girl go with whatever she was taking. This was the end of something long and hard she could tell, and she had not right to cause a scene. Following Kevin's energy she walked into what looked like a bar under renovation and followed the sounds of laughter to the one room with the lights on.

" Mmmm Kevin! "

Kevin and a woman maybe ten years his senior where pealing each others cloths off. It bit deep to see them like this and she spun on her heals and made for the door. Rushing outside after a weeks spend living in a public park, getting poisoned by a realm made of death, and fighting something closer to Ledgers joker then she ever wanted to know existed seeing Kevin with another women made her shake.

" I did not just see that. . . I did not just run from that. . .choice and consequence. . . "

Gwen could hear them from the street, and forced her eyes closed before coming to a cold decision.

" He has every right. I knew going into this their might be hurt feelings, and maybe even an ending I wouldn't be happy with. Good bye Kevin. "


In the words of Peter Parker Stick me with a fork I'm done

Well here we are the end of a sequel I though I'd never write. It was important to have the characters go some place Ben solved a problem without smashing something as Fourarms, Kevin got burned trying to do the right thing, Gwen learned she can stand alone. Their had to be a cost because change can not happen without it, and that's only right and natural. Some people might think I was a little rough on Kim but well not everyone wants to get along. Kevin and Kim dislike each other deeply and only pretended to get along to serve their mutual agendas and that boiled over badly.

Comments are welcome as ever.