The brown-haired boy rolls over, barely awake, and pulls the blankets further up his body. It's probably Adam, he thinks, but it hardly registers before he slips back into unconsciousness.


He rolls over again. This was getting old. Sleep…


He sits up, grumbling. Adam better be bleeding, 'cause it not, he will be soon… The blanket falls from his body as he stands, stopping briefly to check the time. 1 A.M. Jesus… His eyes narrow as he make his way over to his computer, the only source of light in the otherwise-unlit room. I guess this is what I get for leaving myself signed in. He opens the messenger window, expecting to see nonsense about Dead Hand or comic books, but what's really there surprises –and alarms- him.

clare-e23: eli? are you on?

clare-e23: look. i'm sorry. i know it's late.

clare-e23: eli, if you're there, i think i need someone now.

Instantly, he takes a seat, his long fingers making their way to the keyboard.

eli-gold49: Clare. My apologies, I was asleep. What's wrong, did Edward die or something?

Sleep, you know, what rational people do at this hour... He knew something was wrong and he did care, but he couldn't let just a few drops of sarcasm out.

clare-e23: eli. please, seriously.

eli-gold49: Again, my apologies. Is it your parents?

There was a break then. If he didn't know better, or if it she were anyone else, he would wonder if she'd fallen asleep. However, this was Clare, and somehow, Eli had a knack at figuring out her mind. He figured she was just deciding what to say. Gosh Clare, spit it out…

clare-e23: yes… they were fighting and mom threw a plate at the wall. then… dad just said he's done. this is it, eli, they're actually getting a divorce.

He pursed her lips. He remembered when it was him in her place, watching as his Dad walked out the front door. He remembered needing someone there, an escape, someone who knew what he was going through. Suddenly, he knew what to do.

eli-gold49: Clare. May I kidnap you?

He could practically hear her scoff.

clare-e23: do kidnappers often ask their victims for permission? that kind of ruins the point of a kidnapping, doesn't it?

eli-gold49: How would I know? This is the first time I've considered abducting someone. Really, homicide is more my style.

clare-e23: i should have known.

eli-gold49: Just answer the question, Red.

clare-e23: … where will we go?

eli-gold49: If I tell you, then I'm not much of a kidnapper, right? Just trust me.

clare-e23: …fine. Meet me at the end of my street. i presume you remember where i live, stalker?

eli-gold49: Stalker and kidnapper? Harsh. I'll be there in 20.

clare-e23: i'll be wracked with anticipation.

eli-gold49: I know.

eli-gold49 has signed off.

clare-e23 has signed off.

He stood up, a mixture of smugness, excitement, and anticipation running through his veins. He smirked as he tugged a black t-shirt over his head. First things first, he had a few calls to make. A plan was already forming in his head, and as he quietly made his out the front door, he grinned. This was going to be interesting…

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