Hello again. Me again.


I have BIG news. *happy dance*

Okay, FIRST of all… Thanks again to everyone who has reviewed/faved all my stories, be it iCarly or Inception. You guys seriously rock my metaphorical socks off. Special thanks to SopranoandBass, ByTheBeauitfulSea, RandomRiter, AlicePixie, and EmoGleek for all your amazing reviews. I seriously squeal with glee when I see them.

Now, let's get down to business… *plays "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan and sings along*

1) For all those who voted for the sequel to 'Dream a Little Dream of Me' on my poll, have no fear- I WILL be writing one. I'll start the first chapter today, but I probably won't upload it until I have at least two chapters written. So be watching out for that!

2) I start school again on the 23rd *wah!* so I'll probably not be uploading/updating as much as I am now. I'll still be writing, though- my updates will most likely be on the weekends.

3) I have two new Inception oneshots coming- one's called 'How Much Do You Love Me?' and the other one is…err…well, I haven't titled it yet, cuz it's not finished. But the first one is, and it should be uploaded already. Go check it out and, when the untitled oneshot gets published, go check that out too.

So, yeah, that was my big announcement (announcements?). Thanks for reading, and be on the look out for the 'Dream a Little Dream of Me' sequel! w00t w00t!


Edit: I just published the second oneshot- it's called 'Nap Time'. go check it out! :)