A/N: Not completely important, just interesting. Since Amity Park is fictional, there's no exact location for this city. I am taking a wild guess and saying Amity Park is somewhere in Illinois or Indiana because of how easily and quickly they get to Wisconsin all the time, with travel time - it makes sense. Look at a map of the US! Also in Urban Jungle, the roots spread from the Great Lakes to the rest of the world-this hints that, possibly, the Lake Eerie ("Girls Night Out", "Claw of the Wild") actually replaces the real Lake Erie. They can't be in Michigan. Elliot (Gregor) was from Michigan. There are other clues in the show hinting towards central US and near the Great Lakes.

I actually did research to back up my theory a bit people! Don't step all over my thoughts. This is only a theory of mine though. I personally think they are in Illinois, right next to Wisconsin and Lake Michigan.

For the purpose of this story they are going to be in Illinois! I was trying to be accurate. So, technically this is all relevant to the story. You'll get why once you start reading the prologue.

I don't normally start off with prologues but I felt it was necessary for this story. Back story is a good thing!

– Totally AU based story. No powers, no nothing'! Danny doesn't even know Vlad yet. Tucker isn't in this story as well. It's not that I don't like him just that he didn't fit into my plot. Sorry dude, nothing personal. I love you, really.

Finally, I want to apologize for a few things with this story, just a few. First off I'm sorry to people at Illinois State University for using their school. I don't go there and have never been. Second, I'm sorry if you get confused by my British slang. True I'm Canadian but we use it here too. I don't use American slang a whole lot. If you have a question over the meaning of one, just ask. Third, beware of product placement for this chapter. I try to keep it at a minimum but I couldn't help it. Write what you know eh? Yeah. Product placement includes brands like Converse and DVD box sets of TV shows – not a whole lot. Fourth and finally, the class Danny is in, I don't think is actually at the school he's going to, but it is at mine.

Alright, I'm taking up too much of your reading time. ENJOY!

After Today by: Aisyy (Oliver Elijah)


"You're not bringing those with you." Sam said bluntly, pointing a finger down at her best friend's feet.

Danny looked down at his shoes, a pair of hot pink Converse, which he loved. He pouted wiggling a foot childishly. "What's wrong with them?" He asked sheepishly, knowing full well what her answer was going to be.

"Danny they're pink." Sam grumbled. She hated pink.

"So? I like them."

Danny smiled despite the criticism. Sam had been nice enough to help him pack up his things for school. The two friends were heading to Illinois State University and Danny was excited beyond anything because A) he was getting out of Amity Park and B) he was going to be at the same school as a friend. Even though Sam personally wanted to go to Chicago State, but for some bullshit reason didn't get accepted. She found this to be a huge insult to her on so many levels.

And unfortunately for the both of them their other friend Tucker was abandoning them to go to Technical College to work with computers. He still wished his friends the best of luck at school and promised to send them an e-mail when ever he could.

"Fine be that way."

While trying to pack Sam couldn't help but throw in a small "comment" or two over the clothes Danny was choice to bring with him. She looked in his suitcase questionably. True their styles were on completely difference ends of the spectrum; Sam being Goth after all and Danny choice to run around dressed like a human rainbow. She stuck her tongue out over the brightly coloured shirts Danny has packed.

"I remember back when you wouldn't wear any of this stuff. I was so proud of you then." She mocked with a smile. Danny returned the grin throwing a red sweat shirt into his suitcase. She was right of course. Back in junior high and freshman year of high school Danny would have rather died than wear such flashy clothes. He was all about blending in, not standing out.

However, somewhere between sophomore year and senior Danny pulled a U turn and changed a lot. He was still the unpopular, semi cute boy-next-door type and didn't stand out a lot, but his social life jumped from invisible background geek to the school's resident poof. Yes, Danny was gay. It didn't take a genius to figure it out which was why hardly anyone was shocked by it when he came out in the eleventh grade to his friends and family. It took a grand total of four days for everyone at school to know about it as well. The rumor mill in high school works like that. It wasn't a bad things, no one teased him; no more than usual anyways. He just became the one gay kid at his school that everyone knew. Because of this he actually became comfortable in himself. Danny started to take a notice in how he looked from then on and changed what he wore and how he did his hair.

Today was just a boring, slow day during the last week of his summer break before his first year of university. While at home he wasn't going to put effort into his appearance. So, he wore a regular pair of jeans and a short sleeve white t-shirt, along with the pink Converse Sam hated. His short black hair was a bit messy but he didn't care enough to fix it any more then brushing his bangs out of his eyes. On a good day Danny would be all decked out in an array of styles, meshing together emo, scene and geek to one completely personal fashion which made him draw the eye of a few people.

Next to Danny, Sam only seemed more Goth the longer you looked between the two. She only ever wore black, black, a little purple, and more black. A lazy summer day like this didn't change that either, being dressed up in black skinny jeans and a black tank top. Sam didn't need approval from anyone else to know she looked good.

"So, besides packing more clothes than Tucker and I own put together, are you planning on bringing anything useful?" Sam asked sarcastically.

Danny nodded happily jumping across his room in a second to his window where a large telescope sat. "I wouldn't leave my baby here if you paid me! I can't wait to get her up in my dorm room. I bet there's a really good view." Sam was amused by her friend's obsession with space and his telescope. Danny had once planned to be an astronaut and go into space when he was younger but he was no where close to meeting the physical requirements needed to join the space program. This made Danny pretty miserable for quite a while when he found out.

"Rrrright." Sam mused browsing through Danny's shelves. They were packed tight with books, comics, CDs and movies. Sam shook her head. Danny was such a packrat. She though. "Just promise me you're going to use that thing to look at stars and not stalk all the boys from your dorm window. Please." Behind her Danny scoffed.

"I wouldn't do that!" He squeaked in embarrassment.

"Sure you wouldn't." Sam teased, laughing. Whether or not Danny would do such a thing was a toss up. If he did, it would be out of curiosity or extreme temptation, not so much a passing desire to check out the boys.

Danny went over to his bed and plopped himself down next to his suitcase. He began digging through his clothes to create more room.

"What do you want out of all these?" Sam asked picking up a pile of CDs.

"Not sure. I don't listen to half of those now that I got my new mp3." Danny thought about it for a moment. "How about you just hand over my Hawksley Workman CD?"

"Garbage." Sam practically sang as she threw the CD case like a Frisbee. Danny caught it easily in one and tucked it away amongst his clothes. He also gave Sam a dirty look for referring to one of his favorite artists and trash. They went on like this for a while, sorting through the CDs and movies Danny had, deciding what to take and what to leave behind. A few of the only things Sam didn't have a negative comment about was Danny bringing along season one through four of Supernatural. This made Sam very happy. She even found it funny when Danny demanded he bring along the few seasons he had of Queer as Folk.

They managed to get most of Danny's things packed in only a few hours. Danny had even won the debate over his shoes. Who ever said being stubborn was a bad quality in a person?

"You think you're going to miss Amity Park Sam?" Danny asked shoving a forgotten belt into a pock on his suitcase. She shook her head dramatically.

"No way. Amity Park is nothing special. It's boring. I'm ready to leave. Although I rather being going to Chicago damn it!"

Danny rolled his eyes. "Whatever."

"What about you Danny, gonna miss your mommy?" Sam asked, earning her a glare in response.

"No. They're only a drive away, what's there to miss? I want to just go already."

"Looking for adventure? You're not going to find it here."

"Obviously. I'm not exactly looking for anything. I just need a change in scenery. You're the adventure seeker, wanting to go to Chicago, alone."

"It would be fun; a big city, the sights, interesting people," Sam informed him.

"Good point." Danny nodded. "I doubt we're going meet anyone interesting at school this year."

"It's pretty unlikely." Sam agreed.

A/N: Fun facts:

This story was named after Max's song at the beginning of the Goofy Movie with the same title. Why? The lyrics don't really fit the plot and he's singing about a girl. Yeah, I know, but in a weird way when you think about it really hard and throw in some subplot, it works with my story.

Did you know that Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynolds - HBO's True Blood) was from Illinois?

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