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Chapter 7: Visiting Hours

Danny bounced his knee impatiently. Holding a pen between his fingers he rapidly beat it against the back of his text book. Every few seconds he would check his cell begging for time to go faster. It was barely quarter after eleven, class had just started and he was already praying for a way out. Maybe the ceiling could collapse or a fire could break out in the science building, something. At this point anything would be a blessing. A swarm of bees would be more exciting than class.

Danny sighed and sank back in his chair. His class, intro to sociology, had barely started for today and already he wanted to run for the hills. The class itself could bore you to tears, not to mention that the teacher was an absolute twit. Half the time it was like she doesn't know what she's talking about, and the other half was just her off topic ramblings for the day. How some people got to be teachers was beyond Danny's comprehension. Today they were supposed to be discussing the final assignment before the exam, but no... That didn't seem to be happening at all. At the moment the professor had gone off on a rant about city parking. Danny's questions to himself was, 'who the hell cares?' He rolled his head to the side, wishing he could just vanish. For a while he was determined to make it through the hour just to make sure he didn't miss anything, but now it really didn't matter. He doubted highly he'd miss much. Danny stopped his pen and put his textbook into his bag. He was getting the hell out of there. If he was quiet and went out the back door, no one would have to know. He made it out into the hallway as quickly and as quietly as possible, only drawing the attention of one student because Danny stepped on his foot by accident.

Out in the hallway Danny slumped down into an empty chair. He yawned and put his book bag down on the floor. It was still morning and classes were going on so not a lot of people were around walking the halls. This was also one of the days Sam doesn't have to get up for class, so she would most likely be still in bed. Danny pulled a foot up over his knee and relaxed. Leaning on the arm rest of the chair he started to fiddle with the pen again. Sure he could have been being lazy in the classroom but he couldn't take another minute of listening to that woman's voice. He clicked the pen over and over. This time he wasn't feeling bored, but more so just restless. He clicked the pen again and managed to somehow get ink on his hand. Danny looked at it for a minute then started to go over the line until it was long and thick. He stayed at it for maybe ten or fifteen minutes before his palm was covered in squiggles, dots and lines. Honestly, Danny was no artist, in any sense of the word. However, he was happy with his work and continued onto the top of his hand. Having a bit of nerd fun he squiggles the more major constellation on his hand and along his wrist. Getting a little carried away though, he scribbled a certain boyfriend's name on his inner wrist in thick black letters. That would be a little hard to explain later on but at the moment he didn't exactly realise it. And besides, he had on a long sleeve shirt. The name could be easily hidden.

When people started to trickle in for their next class Danny stopped what he was doing. It never occurred to him that the whole hour passed by. He tossed the pen in his pocket, rolled down his sleeves and picked up his bag. He could skip next class too. The notes would be online.

The sudden urge to call on a certain someone had just hit. Despite it not being a particularly good idea, Danny wandered towards the office building none the less. Ever since he and Vlad had started this little run around relationship, logic had gone completely out the window – for Danny anyway. Either he was ready to just come out with it all and spill his lies to someone, or he was ready to jump at Vlad right in his office where someone would, no doubt, over hear them going at it. For the sake of his good health and his life Danny was really restraining his urges.

Like any teenager, sex was frequently on his mind, if not always, and while the two technically have never slept together yet and have done nothing more than a kiss Danny still loved to think about what if they ever do. He'd beat his ass on it that it'd be amazing.

This was only a bad thing when they were alone in Vlad's office together or on the occasion where they just so happen to run into each other downtown. While this is perfectly fine for them, Danny still allows himself a little indulgence. After all he gets to tease his boyfriend in class by throwing winks at him and passing in notes with his homework. Vlad has frequently scolded him for this but Danny finds his irritated expressions rather enjoyable. It was almost funny in a way and Danny liked to have fun when he could. He felt Vlad needed to have a good smile now and then. He always looked so serious.

Today, like any other, Danny found himself standing before Vlad's closed office door unannounced. By now Vlad probably has developed a Danny-sense which could detect him within a twenty foot radius, or just recognizes Danny's bad habits. Either way, he wasn't surprised when Danny knocked on the door and poked his head in.

Danny brushed his long bangs back and smiled.

"Hey, Mr. Masters." He said with a slight hint of amusement.

"Daniel..." Vlad answered looking up from a stack of papers. "Come in and close the door."

Danny did as told. He stepped over to the desk and leans down on it. Vlad looked oddly at his hand for a moment before looking up. The questions of what he did was left unasked, he didn't need to know. The older man because quickly interested in the playful smile he was getting from the boy leaning on his desk.

Danny was indeed giving him a very bright and teasing smile, looking at him through dark hair. His bright blue eyes were speaking all on their own today. Vlad glanced back down at his papers.

"I see you are not in class again. You have Literature this hour... Skipping class is a good way to fail Daniel. I hope you know this." He said. Danny knew better than to bark at him for being condescending. He knew Vlad a little better. When the man said something like this, even if it was a scolding tone, he was only being thoughtful for his wellbeing. So, Danny scrunched up his nose and sank down into the free chair.

"It was so boring." He whined childishly. "You have no idea how stupid my teacher is."

"I can assure you I do. I work with her. Now bored, I can definitely believe this. You have ink all over your hands."

"Oh yeah..." Danny rubbed his arm trying to blur out the ink using the shirt sleeve.

"So..." Vlad started slowly. "What brings you here today Daniel? It's not that I don't enjoy your company, it's just that I have papers to grade."

"I just wanted to come see you... haven't been able to be around you lately." Danny sat back. He knew he wasn't getting sent anywhere any time soon, so he might as well get comfortable.

"You saw me yesterday in class."

"Not what I mean." Danny said dryly. "That's class, this is different. Here I actually get to talk to you and spend time with you. I like getting to do that."

Vlad smiled at him softly. His smile was something even Danny rarely saw, but it was worth the wait. Danny couldn't help but return it and lean forward onto the desk. With his elbows propped up on the wood and his chin in hand he watched the older man intently. It was times like this that Danny felt like pouncing over the table between them and hugging the man. Often enough whole afternoons could pass this way between them. Hours would go by with the two just talking, or Danny just watching Vlad work. He never minded the stares or anything. Today was no different, nothing special but perfectly wonderful all the same. Danny sat quiet looking at Vlad's work. Every so often Vlad would look up or reach over to touch his hand. It was so simple, but so fantastic.

Currently the two had fallen into a little silent cloud. Danny leaned his head down on the desk. His black hair hung around his head and covered his eyes. It really was a tangled mess. Vlad's large hand calmly brushed it back, softly grazing over Danny's forehead.

Danny rolled his head to the side to look at him. "Am I in the way?" He asked. Vlad shook his head.

"Of course not my boy,"

"Well, I'd hate for you to kick me out for being in the way."

"Now Daniel, you know I wouldn't kick you out." Vlad put his pen down. "I enjoy you being here."

"Besides winter break, I get to hang out here again next term too." Danny commented. "Which reminds me...What's going to be on the exam?"

He gave a really goofy smile and in return was met with a very unimpressed frown.

"You know I can't tell you that." Vlad answered in a bored monotone.


No luck. Nothing could crack this nut. The shell was too tough.

"Fine..." Danny sat up. "You know... I'll miss you over the holidays."

"You will not think of me much, I'm sure." Vlad said. The very idea made Danny mope.

"Yeah I will. I'll think you all the time. Honestly, going home has been on my mind quite a bit. I'm not going to get to see you and that suck!"

"Now Daniel, you do not live too far away. Besides, you're an adult. There are things you just have to deal with." Yes it was a cold thing to be told, but this was Vlad – he's a cold man. Sometimes it'd be nice if the man came with subtitles. That way Danny would always know what he really meant.

"Yeah whatever... so you won't miss me." Danny said crossing his arms. Vlad looked at him, almost shocked. "What?"

"Now Daniel... You know I am very fond of you. Do not start to think otherwise."

"So, you will miss me?" Danny received a nod of confirmation. It was a big relief. "That's all I wanted to hear."

Vlad leaned forward, clasping his hands together. He was hesitant for a moment. Normally a quiet Vlad wasn't strange but this was different. He looked like he was thinking very hard about something. Danny sat there watching him, confused. Finally he spoke,

"Daniel," He started. "Would it make you feel any better if you were to spend a little time with me before you left? I'd like to have to over after the exam before you go home."

"Like... at your place?" Danny asked, dumbfounded.

"Yes," Vlad nodded. "My townhouse is private. We would be able to have supper together the night before you depart for your holiday."

Danny shot up out of his chair, leading forward over the desk. Their heads almost banged together. "I'd love to." His smile couldn't have been larger, it made Vlad chuckle a bit. Danny gave a small laugh too. He could feel Vlad's breath on him. The two had maybe hugged a grand total of five times over the course of their relationship. So to have their faces this close was very new, and Danny found himself feeling shy of all things. His lip twitched up in a silly lopsided grin and he backed up a bit.

"I mean, yeah. That'd be cool..." He said, pretending to be calm. Obviously Vlad wasn't fooled, but that was fine.

"I am glad you think so."

Danny nodded. In his pocket, his phone buzzed from a text. 'Damn...' He thought. "Uh... that can wait."

Unfortunately it didn't matter at all because there was also a knock on the door. 'Of course...' There were always many interruptions during their time together and Danny had gotten use to them, but he didn't have to like them. Vlad excused himself for a moment and told whoever it was at the door to wait, and that he was meeting with another student.

Danny rolled his eyes. He wouldn't say the interruptions bothered him. He was just a greedy teenager who wanted to hog Vlad all to himself.

Vlad closed the door and turn to face Danny. He stepped closer and quietly spoke,

"I apologize, Daniel."

"No, it's ok. You're busy. I'll just be back soon anyway." Danny got up.Suddenly feeling incredibly confident, he stepped close to Vlad and stood up on toes till so their noses almost touched. Vlad looked a little surprised, not as much though as Danny thought he would. However, he coyly places a hand on his chest and smiled. "I'll see you in class." He said, trying to sound as sexy as he could.

Danny had never really tried before so he was really hoping for the best here. If anything, he was trying his best not to sound creepy or needy. But with it said, Danny didn't know how long he could hold his composure. So, stepping back he picked up his book bag and quickly went to the door. He thanked Vlad for sparing the time to talk and excused himself.

Vlad nodded, still partially unfazed by Danny's actions, but replied with "Anytime..."

Danny left the two in the office and headed down the hallway. If it was at all possible, Danny was both incredible pleased with himself but also very disappointed. He was ecstatic with how bold he acted but also very upset that he didn't just kiss Vlad and get it over with. He had the chance but let it just slip by. Damn...

Well, he was going to get another chance very soon. Another week or so, depending on the exam schedule, and he was going to get a nice dinner alone with Vlad. Danny was so happy he could start doing cartwheels down the hall, and he probably would have if there was no one around who'd see. Danny was impulsive but he wasn't nuts. He hoped no one thought that, especially Vlad. Though he did seem a little confused by Danny's actions. Did it confuse him or turn him off? Did he like it or not? Sure Danny was new at this but he couldn't have been that bad... right?

Taking a deep breath he left the building. His self confidence someone fizzled down into a draining paranoia wither in a few quick minutes. The cold winter air hit him and instantly froze him to the bone. Danny shivered but felt better for some reason. The cold was helping him use up all his extra energy that would have been used for an anxiety attack. Like always, Danny didn't see his error until long after the incident occurred. And like always in these situations Danny found himself doing the one thing he always does – going to talk to Sam. She was going to do one of two things: give him useful advice, or bust his balls. He welcomed either, but really was hoping for some decent advice at this point.

The trek over to the dorms wasn't overly long, but it was cold. December wasn't exactly being pleasant this year. One thing Sam would say, if he complained about the cold, would be some smarty-pants remark about global warming causing colder winters and that it was just going to get worse. Then Danny would call her a tree hugger and she's start giving him a scientific lecture, and then his brain would hurt.

Danny quickly unlocked the door to the dorm building shook. It was nice and warm in the building, usually too warm, but after coming in from the cold it was just right. Even though it was warm, climbing the stairs was a challenge. You know when you're really cold and it feels light your legs are frozen and they never want to cooperate? Yeah, that's what was going on. But despite that he made it to Sam's floor. He could hear muffled talking and music from behind random doors, but from behind Sam's he could hear her music loud and clear. He kicked at the door knowing it's the only way she'd hear him.

She opened the door looking bitter and unimpressed. A moment passed where she did nothing but look him over and frown.

"You were outside without your coat again..." Sam pointed out. "Get in here you dumb ass."

Danny stepped in, thanking her as he did so. The room was constantly dark and smelled of freshly made coffee. Sam had certainly done wonders on the small room. It definitely had her charm. The walls were literally wallpapered in band, movie posters and photos. Her bedding was all black. Black mesh was hanging in front of the open closet and pumpkin string lights, the ones found around Halloween, were strung up around the room. It was Sam in a nutshell.

Sam took an extra mug off a shelf above the desk. She didn't bother offering him coffee, instead she just shoved it into his hands. It was hot and black, but she added a little sugar to it first because that's how Danny liked it.

"Thanks..." Danny said sitting down on her bed. He dropped his bag on the floor and kicked off his shoes. Sam, dressed in a very baggy t-shirt and black sweatpants, flopped back in the desk chair.

"You're welcome." She answered. "So, what's up? You haven't been around lately."

"Oh, sorry about that... I got busy with assignments and extra help."

"Right, you still have to do that. That's got to suck... your teacher is a prick for making you go."

"No, I don't mind. I could always use it. You know how badly I do in school." Which was a very fair point, Danny was never a great student. If Sam or Tucker hadn't tutored him, he might have failed a class or two back in high school. "But that's all going to be done soon. Classes are almost over, and I think I actually did well this time."

"Good. If you fail, I'll kick your ass." Sam said, blowing at the steam coming off her coffee. Honestly, she would. This wasn't a joke in the least.

Danny looked down at the mug of coffee. It felt nice on his cold hands. Gently blowing on the steam he went to take a sip.

"So, what did you do?" Sam blurted out. Danny, in surprise, sucked back the hot coffee. It burned his mouth and throat, but he had to swallow or else he'd spit it out on the floor. He coughed and fanned his tongue.

"What the hell Sam?" He yelled. Danny made little noises of discomfort.

"Oh Muffin~" Sam teased. "But you heard me, what did you do?"

"How do you know I did anything?" Danny asked. He received another one of her unimpressed glances.

"I know you far too well for that crap, spill." She ordered.

Danny had little choice in the matter now. He told her from the beginning, leaving out the parts of who he was with at the time. So his abridge version went as such:

'He had been asked out on an innocent dinner date by his secret boyfriend, and then he came onto him because he thought it was the right thing to do and then took off because they were interrupted.'

Sam listened to him, nodding at times. When the story was over and put down her coffee mug. She got to her feet and put her hands on her hips.

"Get up." She instructed.

"...why?" Danny asked, confused.

"Because... I'm going to kick you in the nuts for being so stupid." The horrible thing was she was dead serious. Danny crossed his legs and looked away.

"I'm good, thank you. A burnt mouth was enough for one day."

"Danny, I know you think there's no down side to any dissensions you make but, fuck, you're going to get yourself hurt like this."

Danny looked down again. "So you think it was a bad idea."

"You're going to give him the wrong impression. I mean, I don't know him or anything; you never talk about him that much, but from what you've said he's older and really could just be looking to mess around with a young gullible boy." Sam pointed at him with a warning finger. She did not look happy with him at all. "You're a freaking eighteen-year-old boy. You're away at school, alone and "dating" an older guy who you won't introduce to your friends. How do you think that looks?"

"Very, very bad..." Danny said meekly. "I know that-"

"Do I have to tell your sister on you?" Sam threatened.

"Fuck! Please don't!" Danny really didn't want Jazz to know any of this. She'd yell and would be far madder than his parents ever would. Not to mention he'd probably wind up in one of her psychology papers. Jazz was one of Danny's weak points. She did a better job at looking after him than his own mom. Having Jazz disappointed with him, or worse mad, he'd feel so guilty and stupid. Danny threw on his best hurt puppy dog face. It never worked completely but it helped void the threat. Sam rolled her eyes. Crossing her arms she gave in, for now.

"Fine you big baby. I won't tell Jazz, yet."

"Thanks Sam, that's all I ask. Really it's not like I'm sleeping with him or anything. I swear." Danny was indeed being honest. "If, and that's a big if... If me and... my boyfriend, do last long enough to see that happening, then I'll introduce him to you."

Well, maybe not really but shhhh!

Danny really would say anything to calm down the angry Sam-monster. He shifted uncomfortable on the bed, scooting back till he hit the wall. Sam looked at him for a moment then sighed.

"Fine Danny, I just hope you know what you've gotten yourself into." She commented, sitting back down. The two sat quiet. There wasn't any silence do to the music Sam still had going, and wouldn't turn down for anyone. And hell, people have tried. Including the floor's RA, but nope.

It was a while before either one spoke to one another. And it was Danny first, saying something still kind of stupid.

"I'm still going to go on this date you know." Danny received a bored look from his friend.

"Yeah, I know." She replied. "No one can talk you out of doing anything, You're stubborn like that. Hope your boyfriend can handle that."

"He's just fine with it." Danny said. He would gladly defend Vlad. "He happens to find me very sweet and honest, and we have very adult conversations. I think you'd like him."

"Hmm... ok. Why's that?"

"He likes literature, and chess, and classical music. He isn't a fan of video games and pizza. He's very formal and well spoken and treats me with respect and kindness. He's gentle and listens to everything I have to say." Danny could ramble on for hours about Vlad. He knew so much about him and yet so little. It made him really happy to go on about Vlad like this. There was a big smile on his face and every so often Danny would laugh and look off with a dorky expression on his face. Sam snorted at how love struck he was acting but he didn't care. After a good solid five minutes of babbling he was finally stopped when an eraser bounced off his head.

"I get it, shut up." Sam said.

"What? You asked." Danny tossed it back at her, managing to land it right in her coffee mug. It made a sploosh that was barely audible over the music. Sam looked into her coffee mug then at Danny, then back at her coffee.

"You're getting me a fresh cup." She held out the mug to him. Danny took it willingly but was still kicked from the room, not to be let back in until he washed the mug.

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