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They were more than siblings, there was something else in the way they loved each other. It wasn't romantic, it wasn't platonic, it wasn't family love, no one knew what it was, but it was there.

She hated his girlfriends, and he hated her boyfriends but again it wasn't because of jealousy… well in a way it was. They each demanded all of the other's attention, and when someone got in the way of that, it was war. Even Juliet and Mason didn't stand a chance, not really.

They knew each other better than anyone, including our parents. He knew when she was mad, and when she was pretending to be mad to mask hurt feelings. She knew when he was being dramatic, and when something genuinely meant a lot to him. They protected each other, fiercely; don't get me wrong they protected me too, but it lacked the intensity they had for each other.

When Mason had broken her heart, he had almost killed him. That may seem like a normal older brother impulse, but Justin was NEVER violent, and he looked about two seconds away from beating him within an inch of his life. I still liked Mason, and that baffled him, how could I like someone who had hurt her? Why didn't I despise him for making her cry? He couldn't understand it. In his mind, anyone that looked at Alex wrong was lower than the scum of the earth. That included family.

When dad had been so harsh on Alex when she wanted to fly the magic carpet, the only word to describe the look Justin gave him was disgust. He'd helped her of course, he always did; and she'd thanked him in her own way. She'd given him that smile that was just for him and hadn't really pranked him for a week.

When something really meant a lot to him, she made it happen. She gave him his senior year moment, the dragon dog; she gave him like a hundred do-overs for his first kiss, heck she even gave up her full wizard powers for him. It was always for him.

She let him win sometimes. She was smarter than anyone gave her credit for, maybe even smarter than Justin, but she hid it; she held back so he could shine in what was most important to him. I asked her why once, and she said that she didn't need approval, and Justin did. She had art and that was enough. It was the most selfless thing I'd ever heard her say.

They wouldn't ever marry, not because they were in love with each other, but because they would never be able to put anyone above the other. They wanted other people, they needed each other, that was how it had always been. They were soul – mates.

No, not soul-mates as in fall in love. They weren't in love. Soul-mates as in, apart they were strong, together they were invincible. They completed each other, challenged each other, defended each other. It was always each other.

Alex Russo belonged to Justin Russo. Justin Russo belonged to Alex Russo.

It wasn't romantic, it wasn't platonic, and it wasn't family love.

It was Alex and Justin love.

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