"You guys can't do anything!" Skipper yelled at his team. Kowalski stared down at the floor. Private stared at skipper with hopeful eyes, and rico looked away from him and stared at the wall.

"I wish I never had even made this team!" Skipper grumbled as he walked outside into the cool night air. Probably was a good time to say that because a shooting star shot through the sky as Skipper said his wish.

Skipper looked up as the star disappeared. He smiled, maybe I had been a bit hard on them, he thought. Skipper shrugged. He'll apologise to them after a good nights sleep.

"That was the worst sleep ever," Skipper grumpled as he sat up in his bed. Instantly he shook it off and jumped down to the floor, not even checking anyone in the beds. He turned around in surprize that nobody else had woken up. Usually they would have been up as soon as he did.

"Where are those guys?" He asked himself, half yawning from his bad sleep. Skipper shrugged and climbed up the ladder, out into the zoo. But gasped at what he saw.

There was nothing. All the habitats were nothing more than dust on the ground. Skipper scratched his head trying to find anything that could have caused. He didn't hear anything while he was sleeping. Nobody seems to be here. There's no evidence of any enimies. Wait, private kowalski and rico!

"Kowalski!" Skipper started to shout, circling around the top of his hq. "Rico! Priv-" He stopped and turned around to see an iron wrecking ball aimed for him.

"Move!" Someone suddenly yelled. Skipper looked in the direction of the voice and was suddenly was tackled into the water. His head was pounded into the rough stone wall and he fell deep into the water. He was drowning in blue, but his world felt black.

"Are you ok?" A voice with a british accent asked him. Skipper shook his head and stared up at private. It was him, except with a few changes. He had a scar running down his eye to his beak and it was something about him that screamed 'get away!'

"Private?" Skipper asked, excited. "What happened to the zoo? Where's kowalski and rico?"

Private looked at him and laughed. "How do you know me? Who are you? And who's kowalski and rico?" Skipper stared at him hopefully with his mouth open, trying to say something.

"What happened here?" Skipper asked, sitting up to see where they were. It was the park, kinda. Everything was destroyed, and it seemed like there was no more life in New york. How could this happen? Skipper asked himself, I just went to sleep and now there's no life in New York and private doesn't remember me?

Private smirked and stood up to look around. "It wasn't always like this," Private explained, "New York used to be happy and colorful, full of life. And then took over the animal empire. Brainwashing everyone and taking over their brains. I was sopposed to be in a team to try and defeat him, but the leader backed out."

"So where is everyone?" Skipper asked, trying to keep him talking. It didn't seem like private to have an evil vibe to him.

"Depends on what you mean by everyone." Private said, still staring into the distance. "The ones that are working with blowhole are probably somewhere in New York. The others are with me, in the resistance." He turned to skipper, "Which I'm the leader of."

Skipper swallowed hard. Private a leader? Animals taking over the world? This was out of control. "Your the leader of a resistance?" Skipper asked, amazed.

"Private stared at him hard. He pointed to the scar and asked, "Do you know where I got this?" Skipper shook his head. "I got this when blowhole captured me." A tear started to form in his eyes and slowly fell down his face, "It was a day I'll never forget."

Skipper stared at him. This couldn't be private, it had to be someone else. Private would never be like this.

"You know I have to kill you now right?" Private asked.

"W-why?" Skipper asked, amazed that private would even say something like that. "You just saved me?" Private nodded, thinking about what skipper was saying.

"Because I'm the leader of the resistance, I know everyone that lives here. I've even checked on the files about every animal in the resistance or working with blowhole. And your not on either. In this new version of New York, you have to be in a resistance or on dr. blowhole's side," Private stared at skipper hard, "And if your not, you die."

Skipper immeadiatly stood up, ready to fight if private leapt at him. But private just stared empitly at him.

"I've killed so many animals and people in this war," Private said sadly, "I've seen the animals I most care about, dieing next to me. I've been close to death more than you can imagine. I'm not scared of you."

Skipper took a deep breath. If this was really private, maybe he would still have a soft spot. All you had to do is keep him talking.

"So there was a lot of deaths in this war?" Skipper asked, "Then why are you still alive?"

Private shrugged, brushing away all of his feelings. "I guess I just won't die." He tensed, staring past skipper in his own memories. "But I get hurt, a lot. Mentally and physically."

This was it, skipper's chance. "Private, you won't believe this but your a part of my team." Just then skipper realised why this was happening, his wish came true.

"And blowhole is our, kowalski and rico's arch nemisis. I'm the leader, and your the sweet hearted and youngest of the team. Then yesterday I made a wish and the world became liike this." Skipper explained, but knew by private's expression that this would be a long day.

"I can see that your a mental penguin," Private said after skipper finished, "So how about this. I won't kill you, but you have to get away from me right now."

Skipper could feel tears welling in his eyes. If private didn't believe him, then kowalski and rico would have to.