AN: The very last chapter.

Skipper's POV:

A dog slammed me down after I pressed the button. It was my only choice. If I set Marlene or Rico free... what good would that do? And if I saved this anti universe, how would that help me? But I had to chose something.

I struggled to get the dog off me. But it wasn't moving. I looked toward the door. As if it could help me. And I gasped at who was standing there.

Private. The penguin who I always thought of as a son. Last time I saw him, he was dead. And now somehow he was here, alive. When I first came to this world, Private told me that he never seemed to die.

He was smirking at me. But he was holding... wow. I guess he really didn't like Blowhole. In his hand was a... bomb? A bomb! Was he insane?

"Private!" I screamed. I tried again to lift the dog from above me. "You can't!"

He turned to me and smiled an insane suicidal smile. He dropped the bomb. And for a small second... he seemed... I don't know. He just seemed like he was at peace. Or he was happy. Or... something?

I closed my eye. I didn't want to see my death. But nothing happened. I opened my eyes and saw nothing. Well, not really. Everyone was there. Dogs. Marlene. Rico. Blowhole. Skip. Private. Kowalski. But they all seemed frozen. Frozen in time.

"Interesting choice." Someone said acroos the room from me. I wheeled my head around. Standin next to Private was Cassedy. Kowalski's ex-girlfriend.

I gave her a death look. But then again, what was point? "What did you do to everyone?" I asked. The dog was still on top of me.

Cassedy shrugged. "Kowalski thinks I'm useless, dumb. But he doesn't know what I can do. But still, your choice was sweet."

I smiled. And for once, I meant it. "I wish I could go back to my world though." I said. I looked up and saw a star through a window. Twinkling the sky as flew across the night sky as it flew.

Cassedy smiled softly and stepped forward. I saw a bright flash. But this one stayed for maybe three hours. Shining in my eyes.

I stood up in my bed. I could hardly keep my excitment. My bed felt warm and like concrete.

I looked around in the room. I could see my team sitting at the table. Kowalski, Rico and Private. The real ones. The ones that I knew.

"Kowalski! Private! Rico!" I yelled stupidly. I sprang off my bed and ran towards them. I opened my arms wide. Apparently they thought I was gonna hurt them, so they winced.

I hugged the first one that was closest to me. That just happened to be Private. He winced for a while, but then accepted my hug. Next, was Kowalski. He hugged for a while, then pushed me away. The last was Rico. He held my hug for as long as I let him.

"What was that?" Kowalski asked. I was done hugging them and now was looking at each of them in turn. I was back. Everyone was back as they once were. It just made me so happy. After all I've been through? Why wouldn't it?

"I missed you guys so much." I said, tears already forming in my eyes.

They all looked at eachother for a moment. Then they smiled and rushed at me. They pinned me done and each hugged me. Rico landed on my flipper and I winced in pain. It still hurt?

For some reason I remembered why this all happened. Why I told them they couldn't do anything. The reason why I went outside and made the wish. It was because they couldn't perfect their round house.

"We missed you too." Private whispered. "Even if you didn't go anywhere."

I smiled. I remembered my choice. Did I make the right one? I think I did. And I loved my choice. It may not have been the right one. But it seemed like the right one. The only one.

Later I'll go check on Marlene. Maybe the lemurs too. Yes, I really think I made the right choice. Maybe you'll find out what my choice was. Maybe you won't. But let me tell you, it was definitely the best choice.

AN: HAH! Will you ever know what he chose? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe, it'll be in my sequeal? If I have a sequeal that is...