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"How are you feeling?" Luke asked as he settled on the edge of the bed. Lorelai had had the swine flu for four days now, and she didn't really show any signs of improvement, well, she had regained the ability to talk a mile a minute, but that was very normal for her.

"Like I ate chicken that was a month out of date," she murmured. She flipped onto her back and stared up at Luke. "How much longer?" she whined. "I hate feeling this way." Luke frowned, he still wasn't happy that he couldn't do anything to make her feel better.

"You can have some more tamiflu in a little while," he allowed. "Did it help the last time?" Lorelai shook her head.

"It didn't do anything," she replied. "Made me feel worse." Luke reached over and brushed her curly hair away from her face. He'd been doing it a lot in the last few days, usually he wasn't aware that he'd really touched her, and only she was subject to the awkwardness his tender actions were causing. Lorelai avoided eye contact with him while his fingers ran across her forehead; she was too much of a coward to look him in the eye.

"You're getting some colour back into your cheeks, that's a good sign right?" She nodded distractedly. "Anyway, I'm gonna get back downstairs, I'll let you get back to...whatever it was you were doing before I came in." He stood up, but Lorelai reached out and grabbed his arm to stop him.

"Don't leave," she pleaded. "I'm fed up of being up here by myself, I need company." Luke swallowed thickly, but quickly nodded and sat back on the bed. "Come over here, you feel like you're ages away when you sit all the way over there."

"What do you want me to do, get in the bed with you?" he asked, cocking an eyebrow jokingly.

"If you want," she shrugged, but quickly realised that she shouldn't have agreed so quickly. Why was she suddenly having all these feelings about her best friend and coffee supplier? In the past they had bantered, flirted, talked until their mouths wouldn't move anymore, but just lately, she'd been finding herself watching what she says around him. Luke shuffled around so he was facing the same direction she was, then moved up towards the headboard and settling against a pillow. "You want some sheets?" she asked, offering him one side of her Hello Kitty set.

"I'm okay," he assured her. "I'll stay like this." It was bad enough that he was horizontal on her bed; he knew he wouldn't be able to control himself if he shared the sheets with her as well. They were silent for a few minutes, as both parties went off into their own thoughts.

"Hey Luke?" Lorelai asked, breaking the silence that had fallen between them.

"Hmm," he hummed.

"Do you remember that night in the diner when Sookie and Jackson were on their first date?" she asked tentatively. Luke took a sharp intake of breath, trying to do it as silently as possible, but Lorelai heard it anyway.

"Yeah," he answered monosyllabically. He knew that if he spoke in sentences, things he had vowed to keep to himself would come sailing out, and he didn't want to jeopardise their friendship like that.

"Um...you know we were playing cards and having a good time," she said. "And then you started to say something, but Mrs Kim came barrelling through the door in some psychotic frenzy?" She knew what he was going to ask her, in fact, her expression had changed to one of shock rapidly as soon as the words 'you and I' were used. Luke looked at the ceiling, pretending to be placing that night in his head. He remembered it like the back of his hand, though he wasn't about to admit that to her.

"I remember," he said with a small nod. He noticed Lorelai shift next to him, and didn't dare look her way. She turned onto her side with her palm cradling her head as she looked at him curiously.

"What were you gonna say?" she asked. She had made it sound like she had absolutely no idea what he might have been gearing himself up to ask her that evening, and she found herself smiling slightly at the fact that she'd hidden any feelings she may have about it. Luke cleared his throat nervously.

"I was gonna ask you, um...if you, um..." he trailed off, trying to get a hold of himself. 'This is it,' Lorelai thought. 'He's finally gonna ask me, god I know what the answer's gonna be.'

"If I what?" she asked leadingly. She could already hear the smile in her voice, and cursed silently at how pathetic she sounded. Luke tilted his head so he was looking at her, and smiled softly.

"If you wanted to um...play for money," he finished lamely. Lorelai could feel her face fall at his admission. Was he actually serious?

"Play for money?" she asked, trying to recover from her disappointment so she sounded normal. Luke hesitated for the slightest second.

"Yeah," he said.

"Oh." She tried to sound like she was fine, but she wasn't really sure it came out that way. "Well I would have, um...I would have said yes," she told him, suddenly feeling nervous herself. Luke glanced at the ceiling, focussing on one particular spot as he tried to decipher the meaning of what she'd just said.

"You would have said yes to the money thing?" he asked, just to make sure he was hearing her right. Lorelai nodded, but realised he wasn't actually looking at her.

"To the money thing, yeah," she confirmed. Luke could hear her voice wavering, she was never a good liar; he of all people knew that about her.

"Good," he said, not knowing what else to say to her. Had she just implied what he thought she had? He found himself wondering if she knew the real answer to her question all along, had she figured it all out? He knew he'd made himself pretty obvious in the past through his actions, and he was also aware that everyone in town knew about his feelings, even Rory. But he always thought that Lorelai was oblivious to it all, and he hoped it'd stay that way to avoid rejection on his part.

"So um...I'm pretty tired," she said after a couple of moments of silence. She faked a yawn to make it seem more believable and stretched her arms above her head.

"Okay, I'll leave you to it then," said Luke, suddenly feeling the awkwardness that had filled the air and was circulating around them. "Do you think you'll be hungry when you wake up?"

"Probably," she guessed.

"Okay, I'll go check on things at the diner and bring you food back." He was standing at the side of her bed now as he looked down at her.

"Sounds good," she sighed before closing her eyes. She sensed Luke was still standing there at least thirty seconds after she'd pretended to fall asleep, and it made her feel a bit uncomfortable, but it also made her stomach flutter. She was very confused about her feelings right now. Luke finally left a whole forty five seconds after she'd gone to sleep, and trudged down the stairs slowly. He couldn't believe that they'd just had that conversation, he had been avoiding that particular one for the last four days, and he thought she'd have forgotten about it by now. But nothing escapes the mind of Lorelai Gilmore.

Lorelai lay in bed, completely wide awake. She'd heard his heavy footsteps on the stairs and her eyes flew open the second he reached the ground floor. She rolled onto her back and stared up at the ceiling; what had just happened? She had no idea why she even asked him in the first place, it was one of the many thoughts that she couldn't stop from tumbling out of her mouth. Seems like the vomiting had turned into word vomit; she'd much rather go back to hovering over the toilet.

If it wasn't bad enough that she'd asked him the question in the first place, she'd pushed him further to get more information out of him. She wouldn't be surprised if Luke didn't return to her house again, especially after hearing how pathetic she had sounded as she practically begged him to ask her out. Hell, she'd even told him that she'd say yes, granted, he thought she meant to the whole playing for money thing, well she assumed he did anyway.

She was very confused right now, and her jumbled mind mixed with a banging headache and a queasy stomach wasn't a good combination, at all. So as she felt the familiar fluttering inside of her, she dragged herself out of bed and hurried in the direction of the bathroom, proceeding to empty the contents of her stomach for the next quarter of an hour. She had it bad.


Day five was pretty much the same as day four, as was day six. But when day seven of the dreaded disease came around, Lorelai felt more like herself again. Her eyes fluttered open at seven thirty, and she did her usual morning stretch and wake up routine; it was the closest thing she did to exercise. She slipped out of bed and went to the window, flinging the curtains open and smiling at the sun that shone back at her. Maybe the flu decided to go hit on somebody else.

She made a pot of coffee in the kitchen, and as it was boiling, she strolled out into her front yard in her fluffy slippers and down to her mailbox, which had been emptied by Luke on a daily basis. She'd seen the various envelopes on the side table next to the phone, and planned to open them whenever she could be bothered. Right now all she wanted was the morning paper.

After she'd eaten half a pop tart and wrapped the rest up for later, she gulped down her coffee then made her way upstairs to take a shower. God she needed one. She felt the remains of her illness washing away as she stood under the hot spray. She let it run through her damp mass of hair and down her back for a while, just embracing the fact that she felt good again, before she methodically began to massage shampoo into her luscious curls, that were in dire need of some TLC.


Luke was late to her house today, the diner was unusually busy for a Friday morning and he'd had to deal with the patrons until Caesar came in. As soon as the chef made it through the door, Luke tossed his apron at him; picked up the tray of scrambled eggs he'd prepared, and left the diner, heading in the general direction of the Crap Shack.

He entered the house quietly in case she was still sleeping; it wasn't an irregular occurrence after all. He went into the kitchen and unwrapped the eggs, before picking up a knife and fork before trudging up the stairs. He had a bit of a shock when he noticed she wasn't in bed, and quickly put the tray on the nightstand so he didn't drop it. He hoped she was okay.

He walked back out of her bedroom and across the landing, noticing that the bathroom door was open a crack. He immediately pictured her hunched over the toilet throwing her guts up without anyone to hold her hair back for her; he didn't want her to have to go through that. So he did what any caring friend would do, he stepped towards the bathroom and pushed the door open, not anticipating what he was about to find in the steam-filled room.

"Oh my god," Lorelai shrieked as she stepped out of the shower. She had not anticipated that Luke would walk in the bathroom while she was climbing out of the tub, completely naked by the way.

"Lorelai, I'm so sorry," he apologised profusely as he covered his eyes with his hand. He winced slightly at how he'd made their situation even more awkward, he knew he should have knocked first. Lorelai quickly reached for her towel and wrapped it around her dripping wet body, as she continued to stand next to the tub.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, a hint of anger in her voice.

"I came to make sure you were okay," he explained, raising his voice a little to match hers. "I thought you'd be expecting me, seeing as I've been coming around every day for the last week."

"I mean what are you doing in here?" she corrected herself.

"Well I noticed you weren't in your bed and I got a little worried," he shouted, now in full on rant mode. "So I noticed the bathroom door was open and assumed you were throwing up, and I thought, oh she'll probably need help holding her hair back. But no, you just shower with the door open then blame other people when they walk in on you. I'm sorry that I care so much about you, I'm sorry I was so worried about you that I spent every hour of every god damn day round your house taking care of you, and trying to make you feel as comfortable as you possibly could under the circumstances. Obviously everything I do doesn't mean a thing to you." He finished his rant with a heavy breath, gave her a final glare, then spun around left the bathroom.

Lorelai was momentarily stunned into silence. She hadn't expected Luke to rant at her so much like that. Whereas she usually loved ranting Luke, the one he had just displayed made her heart ache a little; of course the things Luke do mean something to her, they mean more than he'll ever know. She quickly came back to reality and realised that Luke was stomping down the stairs in an anger induced haze, suddenly having the overwhelming urge to stop him.

"Luke, wait!" she called as she hurried after him, her towel slipping slightly as she went. She clung onto it a little tighter then rushed after him down the stairs.

"I'm leaving Lorelai," he said angrily. "Your breakfast is on the nightstand." He strode out of the house and Lorelai was set to follow him, but remembered that she only had a towel wrapped around her and she was still soaked from her shower. It probably wasn't a good idea running after Luke through her front yard barefoot, wrapped only in a towel, with Babette watching from her living room window. No, she simply let him go, watching from her front door as he scurried back to the diner. She'd just have to fix it later.


"Mom!" exclaimed Rory as she flew into her mother's arms that evening after she'd gotten home from school. The girls jumped up and down while they hugged, surreptitiously bumping body parts as they went. "I'm so glad you're okay," she gushed as they pulled away. Lorelai grasped her daughter's lower arms and grinned widely.

"I'm fine," she assured her. "I missed you so much, kid."

"I missed you too," she admitted. "I felt so sorry for you, and I was really worried. Swine flu can be deadly, people have died already."

"I'm one of the survivors," she chuckled, pulling Rory in for another hug. "Did you have fun at Lane's?"

"Well I didn't really spend much time there," she said thoughtfully. "When I wasn't at school, sleeping or eating Mrs Kim's tofurkey, I was around town stuffing my face with real food." Lorelai giggled.

"You know, I've been wanting to do the exact same thing this past week," she told her. "Luke's been feeding me chicken soup and salad, I swear if I see another tomato, I'm gonna freak out." Rory giggled.

"So Luke's been round a lot, huh?" Lorelai instantly felt her guard go up, and she avoiding looking directly at Rory.

"Yeah," she answered. "Pretty much every day, he brought me food and stuff," she said nonchalantly. "Anyway, I was thinking Chinese tonight." Rory narrowed her eyes at her mother's abrupt subject change, but went along with it anyway.

"Hmm, I don't know," she shrugged. "I kinda fancy a Luke's burger, and some coffee would be nice." Lorelai focussed on the floor. When she said she was gonna fix things with him later, she didn't expect later to come around so quickly.

"Um...I think Luke's is closed," she lied.

"What? No it's not, I just walked past on my way home from the bus stop," she argued. Lorelai rolled her eyes.

"Luke's got swine flu too," she fibbed. "And Caesar's burgers aren't as good as Luke's so there's no point in going." Rory looked at Lorelai suspiciously for a moment or two, before sighing and shaking her head.

"Man, you really want this Chinese food don't you?" she chuckled. Lorelai thought she'd been busted then, but quickly shook out of her haze and nodded along.

"Oh yeah, bring on the Kung Po chicken," she ordered. The girls collapsed onto the couch and proceeded to order their take out, the spat Luke seemingly forgotten.


Later that night, around nine, Rory had gone to her room to study for some test at school, leaving Lorelai to her own devices. She was sprawled out on the couch, trying to get into a repeat of Dawson's Creek, but she couldn't get Luke out of her mind. His face earlier that day had cut through her like a knife; he was so angry, and all she wanted to do was get things back to normal.

She sighed as she focussed on the characters of the show again, but after a minute or two, her mind wandered to Luke again. She wondered what he was doing right now, probably asleep, she thought. She sat up straight on the couch and tapped her fingers on her knees, before standing up and striding towards her daughter's room and making up some story about needing mallomars. Within five minutes, she was walking through the darkened streets of Stars Hollow, with only one destination in mind.

The lights were off in the diner when she approached, but being one of the few people who knew where the spare key was; she let herself in and locked the door behind her. She stopped just before the curtain, taking a moment to take a deep breath and think over what she was gonna say to him, before going through and climbing the stairs quickly.

A tapping on the door brought Luke out of his thoughts as he cradled his beer in his hands. The tapping turned into banging as the person on the other end became more impatient. He knew there were only two or three people who knew where the spare key was, and out of those people, he had a pretty good idea of which would be knocking on his door at nine o clock at night. He inhaled sharply as he swung the door open, only to be met by Lorelai's frustrated face.


"Of course I care Luke," she yelled as she barged past him into the small apartment. "You think I don't appreciate everything you do for Rory and I? Do you really think I'm that self centred, that I don't realise just how much you actually do for me? I mean, I didn't ask you to come round every day for the last week, you chose to do that, and I didn't ask you to carry me to the bathroom and hold my hair back, or to clean my sheets after I threw up all over them," she listed. "I didn't ask you to make me a whole bunch of healthy foods to keep me going all week, you did it all yourself." She paused for a moment to take a breath, before softening her voice. "And I'm grateful for that Luke, I really am. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't have been there for me, I would have starved, that's for sure, but you kept me company too, you kept me from going completely insane with just the same four walls to look at all day." She lowered her head, choosing to look at the floor because his gaze was becoming too intense. "To think that you really believe that I don't care, it hurts me Luke," she murmured. "We've been friends for so long, I count you as one of my best friends and I care about you so much, but you think all I care about is myself and..."

Luke had slowly been advancing on her throughout the last part of her speech, but she hadn't noticed because she'd been looking at the floor the whole time. He stopped when he was right in front of her, and tipped her chin up with his fingers as she continued to babble away. That's when he left a kiss right on her lips, cutting her off mid-rant. "Luke," she murmured as she pulled away abruptly. "What are you...?"

"It was the only way to shut you up," he chuckled. Lorelai didn't even crack a smile though, there were too many thoughts running through her brain, she couldn't function properly. He noticed she seemed to be in a world of her own, and gave her a small nudge with his elbow. "I know you care," he said, oh so quietly. His hands moved so they were planted on her waist, and his fingers moved in lazy circles over her jacket.

"Um..." She shook her head to clear it, and looked up at him again, seeing the adoration in his blue eyes. "I can't um..."

"I wasn't gonna ask you if you wanted to play cards for money," he admitted quietly, as he stared right into her bright blue orbs, that were currently filled with confusion.

"Huh?" she asked, still in a bit of a daze from his intense kiss. "I mean, I...I know," she muttered.

"You know?" Lorelai nodded as he hands came up to rest on his chest.

"We were talking about first dates, and the whole beginning of the relationship thing," she recalled. "And Sookie and Jackson were laughing at something, I happened to say something about wanting a relationship like that, and you...you were gonna ask me out, right then," she said knowingly. "But Mrs Kim walked in and ruined the whole thing, Lane was at the movies, there was no need to..." Luke cut her off with another kiss again, and this time, she became an active participant. He pulled away this time and smiled down at her.

"Can't believe how well that works," he chuckled. "If I'd have known five years ago that kissing you like that would get you to stop talking, I would've done it a long time ago."

"Why didn't you?" she asked as she moved her arms tighter around his neck, toying with the curls sticking out under his baseball cap. Luke shrugged.

"There was never a right time," he said.

"I'm glad this is happening now," she whispered as she moved in to kiss him again. Their lips moved teasingly over one another, before Luke brushed his tongue along her bottom lip. When she parted her lips as an invitation, he broke the kiss and looked down into her eyes. "Tease," she murmured.

"So uh...the other day when you told me that you would've said yes to the money thing," he said thoughtfully.


"Did you mean that you'd have said yes if I'd have asked you out that night?" Lorelai glanced up at him, before nodding wordlessly and smirking slightly.

"Is that the answer you were looking for?" she asked teasingly.

"God yes," he muttered before moving in to kiss her again. He began to slowly walk them backwards in the direction of the bed, never breaking the kiss along the way. When the back of her legs came into contact with the bed frame, he stopped walking and held her close to him as he left her lips and began assaulting her neck instead.

"Luke," she murmured as he hands ran up and down his back, desperate for more contact. "Rory...mallomars," she said as she tugged at his shirt desperately.

"What?" he asked, his lips never leaving her neck.

"I told Rory I was going to get mallomars," she clarified. "She's gonna be expecting me home soon." She frowned as Luke removed his lips from her skin and came face to face with her.

"Can't you call her and tell her you're at Sookie's or something?" Lorelai thought for a moment.

"I guess," she said uncertainly. "I feel bad lying to her." Luke reached over to the nightstand and handed her the cordless phone, before sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling her down to sit next to him.

"Call her," he told her. "Tell her you're here," he shrugged. "She'll think you're just getting coffee." Lorelai nodded and took the phone from him. She dialled the familiar number to her house, and waited for Rory to pick up the phone.

"Hey sweets, listen, I made a pit-stop at the diner for some coffee," she said. "So I won't be home for a little while yet. Okay, okay I will, love you babe." She hung up the phone and smiled slyly at Luke. "She's not gonna wait up for me," she said happily. "But she said I owe her a cup of coffee cause she missed out." Luke nodded.

"Totally understandable," he chuckled before leaning towards her again. He brushed his tongue along her lip again and this time, he followed through, massaging her tongue with his as their kiss intensified. She wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him further up on the bed, until she was lying down and he was hovering above her. "You okay with this?" he asked as he pulled back to look at her. She stroked his stubbly cheek with her fingers and smiled brightly.

"You bet I am," she replied before pushing him over so he was lying on his back. She crawled up and straddled his hips, feeling his growing arousal through the rough denim of his jeans as she settled down on him. She began unfastening the buttons on his flannel with shaking hands, finding it difficult to get them through the holes. When the task had been successfully completed, Luke sat upright so she was straddling his lap, allowing her to push the shirt down his arms.

Luke took the opportunity to remove her jacket, tossing it to an unknown destination as he began sucking on her neck. Lorelai moaned when he bit her skin lightly, before soothing it with his warm tongue.

"Luke," she sighed as she tugged at the hem of his t-shirt. "Why do you wear so many clothes?" she asked in frustration. Luke moved his lips away from her neck and raised his hands above his head so she could remove his t-shirt. She did the same, and soon they were both topless, except for Lorelai's bra.

The skin on skin contact was enough to send them both raging, and the scrambled to change their positions so they could remove their pants. Both clad in just underwear, they moved back together, Lorelai on top, as their hands roamed over each other's exposed skin, both parties revelling in the feel of it beneath their fingers.

"So beautiful," Luke murmured as he trailed a line of kisses along her collarbone and down into the valley between her breasts. Lorelai moaned when his hands came up to cup her lace covered breasts, and he teased her nipples through the thin material.

"So good," she breathed as he unhooked her bra and pulled her chest down to his questing lips. He laved each one with attention, giving each areola an equal amount, before she pulled back and grinned down at him devilishly. "It's not all about me," she said as she raked her nails through the soft dusting of hair on his chest. Luke groaned as she kissed her way down his chest, stopping to dip her tongue into his navel, the hovered above the cotton covered part of him she longed to see.

"Lorelai," he moaned as she ran her fingers along the outside of his boxers teasingly, then wrapping her hand around his head. "Uh."

"I wanna see you," she said as she hooked her fingers into the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down tantalizingly slowly, until they were at his knees. He kicked them off the rest of the way and watched as her eyes darkened while she drank in the sight of him naked. "I can't believe you keep a body like this hidden under layers of plaid," she said in disbelief. She shook her head, before taking her attention back to his throbbing erection, and wrapping her fingers around it slowly.

"Oh Lorelai," he moaned, as she began moving her hand up and down rhythmically. It wasn't long before her mouth became a part of the mix, and she was sucking on him hungrily. Luke gasped when he felt that he was close, and pulled her off of him. "I need you," he said before he settled her on her back and moved down so he was staring at her glistening folds.

He put a finger to her entrance and could feel the heat radiating from her centre. He bit down on his bottom lip as he parted her, and thrust his finger up.

"Oh my god," she cried as he repeated the motion. She ground against his hand, desperate for more friction. She almost lost it when his other hand came up to rub her clit, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her. "Luke," she moaned as she felt her climax building. He could tell she was close from the way her walls were tightening around his fingers, and he quickly withdrew them, causing Lorelai to whimper at the loss of contact.

"Oh," she said in surprise as his tongue darted out and ran across her folds. He took her clit into his mouth and sucked hungrily, making her hips buck up and circle uncontrollably. "Luke," she cried as she broke apart. She circled her hips faster as she rode out the waves of pleasure shooting through her, and sighed happily when she'd recovered. "You're good," she giggled as he moved up her body to kiss her.

"Glad you think so," he replied smugly. Lorelai took a moment to glance up at him, only to find him looking back with what she could have sworn was love.

"Make love to me, Mr Danes," she whispered. Luke needed no further invitation; he positioned himself at her entrance and brushed his tip against her folds teasingly, before pushing into her slowly and steadily. Lorelai sighed when he was fully sheathed in her, and both adults remained still for a while, both enjoy their newfound intimacy.

When Lorelai began to squirm below him, Luke took the hint and pulled out of her halfway, before going back in at a sickeningly slow pace. Lorelai moaned repeatedly as he continued to move with the same slow rhythm, and moved her hands down to cup his ass, pulling her deeper inside of her. She ground up into him, rubbing her clit against the base of his shaft. Luke was fuelled by her moans and pulled completely out of her, before plunging back in with a bit more speed.

The pace continued to quicken as they both tried to reach their peaks, both clinging to each other desperately. Lorelai wrapped her legs around his hips, finding that the new angle provided her with more pleasure. She soon felt her orgasm taking over her and shouted Luke's name over and over as the waves washed over her.

Luke felt her tightening around him, trying to milk him of everything he had to offer her. He took her to the place she was desperate to reach, and he wasn't far behind. After another couple of desperate thrusts, he felt his climax rip through him and he grunted as he began to spurt into her. Lorelai moaned as he filled her with his warmth, and they both came down together.

"That was amazing," she sighed as they lay in their post-coital positions.

"Hell yeah," he agreed before turning onto his side and brushing a lock of tangled hair away from her face. "I'm glad you're feeling better," he said. "I hated seeing you so helpless."

"You made me feel a whole lot better," she said flirtatiously, throwing her leg over his and rubbing his thigh with her foot. "Remind me to get swine flu more often." Luke chuckled and pulled her closer to him, if that were possible.

Yes, the swine flu may have been the worst disease Lorelai had ever experienced, but if she could go back in time, she wouldn't change the fact that she'd caught it. Because then she wouldn't be lying in bed with Luke Danes right now after the most mind blowing sex she'd ever had. No, she was grateful to the pigs for giving it to her, but wait, it has nothing to do with pigs though, does it?

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