Criminal Minds: A Fan Fiction

It was a drizzly Tuesday Spencer Reid stared intently at the bottom of his empty coffee mug and sighed. Why did his love life suck? Kissing Lily was nice…but the truth was that there was never any kissing in Spencer's social life. Actually, if he was honest with himself, there really was no 'social' either.

"Reading tea leaves, pretty boy?"

"Actually," Reid pursed his lips, "I don't know how to read tea leaves. Although it definitely-"

"Stop." Derek Morgan cleared his throat, "I wasn't serious."


"You know, you are so beautiful when you're speechless."

Reid shifted in his chair, suddenly very uncomfortable. Was there a socially acceptable way to handle this situation? Was he being sexually harassed? Was he over-analyzing? Was Morgan just being a jerk – trying to get a rise out of him? He licked his dry lips.

"No comment?"

"I – well, actually – it's.."

Derek Morgan's TONGUE was suddenly on his mouth, trying to force its way between his tightly clenched lips. And Reid couldn't breathe.

He opened up his mouth to say "excuse me" and Morgan's tongue gained entrance. The kiss was long and deep – leaving no inch of his mouth unexplored.

As suddenly as it started, it stopped.

"Like I said, pretty boy, you're beautifully when you're speechless. I kind of like you breathless too."

And he was gone, leaving Reid alone again. But, maybe, just maybe his love life was looking up.