New school, new friends, new life

CH: 1

"Thanks for coming you guys." I said and forced myself to smile.

"huh? problem." mumbled Josh.

"mm." mumbled Amy, my best friend since 3rd grade.

I rubbed my shoes in the dirt not wanting to look at their faces. You see, I was moving to a new town far from my old life and the people I'd known my whole life. My mom got a job as the principal of Gallagher academy, a private school for girls in Roseville, Virginia and we had been planning to move there since December. It was almost the end of summer vacation and I was leaving, leaving my grandmother and grandfather, all my best friends, and the sweetest boy in the world- Josh.

"Cammie, we're leaving in five minutes. You didn't leave anything in the house did you? Because I'm locking all the doors." called my mom from the garage.

"No I didn't." I said. (We were standing in my front yard)

"Good." said my mom coming up to us. I was standing with Amy, Josh, Sydney (Syd for short) and Alex to say my last goodbyes. We'd all known that I was going to move and we'd thought we'd be prepared but now we all knew we weren't. "Come on kids, stop looking so...sad. It's not like you won't hear from Cammie ever again. You'll all keep in contact right? Now I'm going to head towards the car, give you kids time to say goodbye." and after smiling at us, my mom left.

"You know she's right! It's not like we won't ever see you again right?" said Amy.

"Yeah." said Syd and Alex together. Josh just looked at me.

"I'll miss you guys. Very very much." I said.

"We know Cam." said Amy hugging me. Syd hugged me next and then Alex did. Josh, my boyfriend for the last year and a half, hugged me last.

"I'm sorry it's like this." I whispered into his shirt.

"I know." Josh sighed, then moved back to look at me and kissed me one last time. I smiled at him.

"Come and visit me. All of you- whenever you can. Seriously."

"We'll try Cam." said Sydney. "Promise."

"Cammie, time to go!" called my mom.

"Bye Cam." said Amy.

"Bye." I gave Josh one last peck on the cheek and then sat in the passengers seat in my mom's car.

"It'll be alright kiddo." said my mom after I strapped on the seat belt.

"I hope so." I replied.

My mom drove us to our new home while I sat and either listened to my ipod or slept. My mom woke me up when we got there. I got out of the car and went up to my room.

"Hungry honey?" Knowing my mom's cooking, I was wise enough to say no.

Author's note" Hey guys! This is the first chapter of my first ever Fanfic so don't hate me if you didn't like it lol. But please R&R so I can improve myself :D