WARNING!: Death of major character!

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The men dragged Shawn to the back of the warehouse. He struggled, but the two men who were holding him were determined and strong as hell. Shawn heard footsteps and he looked up. There they were, standing in the doorway. The cavalry had arrived. He just hoped it wasn't too late.

"FREEZE!" Lassiter bellowed, his gun aimed at the man to Shawn's left.

"Drop your weapons!" Juliet shouted, her gun aimed at the man to Shawn's right.

"Jules! Lassie!" Shawn began, but then he noticed something in one of the men's hands. It was barely visible in his big meaty fist, but Shawn could tell what it was. "Get the hell out of here!" He finished, shocking both detectives.

"Shawn," Jules said, her weapon never wavering, "we came to rescue you."

"The psychic's right," Big Guy To The Left said, "if you value your lives you'll leave."

"Last time I checked," Lassiter said, "We were the ones with the guns."

"They've got a bomb, Lassie!" Shawn told them, "You have to go now!"

"Get out of there, detectives!" Chief Vick's voice came in loud and clear through their earpieces, making them wince. To the untrained ear, she wouldn't sound like she was worried, but they could hear the panic in her voice. "If there's a bomb then it's too dangerous for the two of you alone," She continued.

"O'Hara," Lassiter said, "We can't stay here. This place could go up in flames any second." He took a slight step back which made Juliet glance at him, disbelief clear in her eyes.

"We can't just leave him here, Carlton!" She argued.

The two men holding Shawn were done with this arguing. "Are you two done yet?" One of them asked.

"Yes," Lassiter answered for the both of them, he looked at Juliet and Shawn in turn, "I'm sorry, but it's an order from the Chief. We have to listen to her."

"But..." Juliet was out of things to say. "We'll come back for you, Shawn." Determination shone in her eyes through the unshed tears welling there. With that she and Lassiter backed out of the doorway and to the shelter of the newly formed police barricade.

Shawn knew they would come back for him, but he also knew he wouldn't be there to witness it. Just then something slammed into his skull and he was falling into unconsciousness. So when the warehouse exploded into flames he had no clue.


"NO!" Juliet screamed as the warehouse exploded. She made a futile attempt at running towards the warehouse but before she took a step Lassiter's strong arms were restraining her.

"SHAWN!" This desperate yell came from Gus, who'd been behind the police lines when the whole ordeal in the warehouse went down. "Shawn..." He whispered before he broke down sobbing uncontrollably.

Karen's jaw dropped in horror. When she'd told her detectives to evacuate the warehouse she'd thought they would have another chance at rescuing the psychic, but now it was too late. Karen thanked God that Henry wasn't here to witness this, otherwise she'd have two lives on her conscience. She had believed that the criminals holding him would use him as a hostage, but eventually release them when their demands were met. She hadn't expected them to kill their hostage and themselves. She shook her head, she should've expected something like this.

They all stared at the flaming mass which, only seconds before, had held the vibrant psychic they had all come to know so well. As they stared they were all thinking the same thing: It's all my fault...


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