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BONUS: Dear, Lassie


Lassiter watched the Chief intently as she hesitantly took the seemingly innocuous notebook from Henry. She looked at it warily before opening it to the page that seemed to have been marked for her. Lassiter figured her face would remain as blank as it had been when she'd arrived just minutes earlier. After all, how could the late psychic's rambling notes change how the Chief of the Santa Barbara Police Department felt about anything?

Lassiter felt a pang of emotion he refused to acknowledge hit him as he realized he missed Spencer's stupid rants. He shoved the feeling away, but not before he'd thought of all the useless '80s trivia he would never hear again in his lifetime; at least, not in the same way, and never from the one person that seemed to have coined the idiotic phrases from the era. He had dismissed these things as distractions, but as he watched the emotions that crossed Vick's face, he realized that they, and the man that delivered the sometimes-crazy outbursts had become an integral part of his previously dull life, so much so that without them he didn't know where he stood with himself or the world anymore. His world had been turned on its side one too many times for him to recover.

Looking once more at the expressions on Vick's face, Lassiter concluded that Shawn had had a similar effect on her. The Chief's face, which had once been impassive, now displayed the guilt she felt over Shawn's passing, the grief, shock and just plain sorrow.

Then, as she read whatever it was Shawn had supposedly written for her, the look on her face wasn't so painfully similar to the sadness found in the eyes of the others. He saw her lips part in shock, and a bit of indigence, but soon change to understanding and acceptance. Lassiter could still see a touch of sadness in her eyes, even as she finished reading and turned the page. He expected her to recommence reading, but was surprised when she held the notebook out to him.

He felt his brow furrow in confusion. Surely Spencer hadn't written a note for him, too? Why would he?

"The next letter is addressed to you, Carlton," Vick said quietly, still holding the notebook out to him. Lassiter reached for it, and held it away from his body as if it might bite him. The Chief rolled her eyes, "Just read it."

And so he did.


Dear, Lassie

I know, I know... You miss me. Don't be embarrassed! I would miss me too if I were in your size 12 narrows, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that you know that unless you yourself took your gun out of its holster, aimed it at me, and pulled the trigger, then you were not responsible for my death, injury, maiming... maim-ment? Maim-a-ment? Again, whatever. The point is this: It was not your fault.

I think.

And before you run off to go fight crime, just stick with me for another minute, okay?

You have to know that all those times I mocked you, and all the jokes I made at your expense... Well, I respected you even though I do (did?) those things. And I'm sorry if they really did cause you as much of a headache as you've been constantly moaning about. I'm not apologizing for the nicknames though. I like them.

Take care of Jules for me, and keep an eye on Gus, okay? You know how he likes to get himself into trouble. I mean seriously, how many psycho chicks can one guy possibly date?

And take care of yourself too, Lassie. Don't get yourself killed in some kind of last stand or something. I'm trusting you to watch out for the others, and you have to promise me you'll do it. I'm counting on you.

Now, go out there and get me some of that sweet justice I deserve!



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