This is a prologue. I usually don't do my stories like this but I decided to on this one.

This is a sequel to Decoy, an old story of mine that was a rewrite of Freak Nation.

I don't own anything

Her head was pounding ruthlessly. That was pretty much the first thing she was aware of. Pain…and lots of it. It wasn't just her head. She hurt everywhere. She squeezed her eyes shut tighter but she couldn't remember why she was hurting.

She remembered…Alec. Her head snapped up and she immediately regretted the action when the pounding in her head increased and her stomach rolled with nausea. She tried to move her hands up to her head but something bit into her wrists and held them in place.

Without opening her eyes, and remaining completely still, she figured out she was sitting up, in a chair. She was tied to a steel chair.

She finally managed to lift her head. Vision blurry, she barely made out the room she was in and the crumpled form of a body at her feet.

Panic began to settle in as her vision began to clear and the fog began to recede.

"Tell me now!"

She fought the restraints, terrified of looking down at the body on the floor, to find out if it was just a body. She couldn't feel him at all.

Green eyes stared up at her. The wild thought that he really needed a haircut because it was getting a little too long, almost covering those eyes caught her. She should be focusing on the gun pointed at his temple.

She broke the ropes. Even weak, beaten up, she could manage that. They wanted her to. They wanted her to see. She stood shakily and glanced around the room, still avoiding the body on the floor.

"Still holding silence?" The man gave a cold smile, keeping his gun trained. He shrugged. "Have it your way."

The gunshot rang through her head like it was happening again and she froze. She tried to control her breathing and slowly turned back to the center of the room, to the body on the floor.

The body wasn't moving. It was lying in an awkward position on the floor. It wasn't moving. There was no rise and fall under that black shirt.

Max was barely aware of the scream that rose up. She didn't hear her own voice when she let it out.