Chapter one: alone in the wilderness

(A/N I am a percabeth fan but this idea interested me if it is not good don't blame me I dont have heart for it by the way this is the way I wright if you don't like I don't care.)

Artemis's POV

Percy never had the kiss with Annabeth in fact they were only friends with each other now. Percy had gotten stuck in the wilderness alone he thought he was in Mississippi but could not tell. Artemis was on Olympus and bored out of her mind but when they mentioned Percy her ears perked up instantly. She knew who to blame for her love of the boy. She constantly told Aphrodite to stop but Aphrodite continued with constant ease. When she heard what happened to the boy her hand gripped the bow tightly. He had gone missing and not even the gods could find him. Aphrodite grinned at her reaction to the news. None of the Gods noticed there reactions and they were arguing about who to send to find him. Aphrodite knew what she had to say. Artemis knew what she was going to say and desperately wished she would not. The gods wanted him safe considering they wanted him to be a god

Zeus- "Poseidon stop arguing Hermes should go!"

Poseidon- "NO..."
Aphrodite- "How about Artemis goes she is the goddess of the hunt after all."

Zeus- "That actually sounds like a good idea lets try it."

Artemis- "All right I will go."

Artemis knew that it just wasn't Aphrodite causing her to love Percy it was an love from deep in her heart that she knew Aphrodite could not control easily. As the meeting finished Artemis told the hunters to go to the camp as it was she who alone had to get Percy. She set off on his scent plenty of times she would find a shirt from his bag that had his scent all over it she would smell the fresh sea air and she would breath it in for a minute then return to the hunt. She knew he was close by but not in which direction. She was worried Aphrodite said she had a surprise for her. Percy did not know what he was feeling but ever since meeting Artemis he would think about her. He knew this was new but why he did not know. Maybe he wanted to get to know her better. He constantly would wish that a God, anyone would find him.

Artemis- "Percy are you out there?"

Percy- "What was that?"

Artemis- "Percy where are you?"

Percy- "Artemis?"

Artemis- "Percy its me Artemis where are you?"
Percy- "Artemis I am over here!"

Artemis- "OK Percy I will be right there!"

Artemis finally found Percy and she knew that it would be a long trip back to civilization. They walked for a while and at the night Percy sat down to rest. They talked for the shortest while and Percy learned a little he did not know about the goddess. He rested to the point where he fell asleep Artemis never slept and decided to watch him sleep. When he woke up Artemis was in the same position she was in before and she was watching him intently he reached into his bag and grabbed a bag of chips offering some to her he did not want her to go out and hunt for him. She declined his offer of food and watched him eat. He got up and offered an arm to help her up. She took it and got up Percy walked after her as she walked away they talked for a while.

Artemis- "Has Aphrodite done anything Interesting?"
Percy- "Yes why?"
Artemis- "Just wanted to know what did she do?"

Percy- "Well for one she got me stuck out here then she has a surprise for me."

Artemis- "Oh ok."

Percy- "Has she done anything to you?"
Artemis- "Yes she constantly irritates me about getting someone to love."
Percy- "Well so long as she does not so it by herself."

Artemis- "She has."

Percy's POV

Percy stayed quiet because he realized with ever bit of new information on Artemis he liked her more and more. He figured he was falling in love with her but he thought that not even Aphrodite would do that. OK maybe she would but where would there be a reason. When they rested again he noticed she stared at him a lot and asked what was on her mind. She did not want to say.

Percy- "OK I have a deal I will tell you what I am thinking right now if you tell me."

Artemis- "Hmm swear on the river of Styx."

Percy- "OK I swear on the river of Styx."

Artemis- "Well this is what Aphrodite is making me think."

Percy- "What is it?"
Artemis- "About a love of someone."

Percy- "Who?"

Artemis-*Mumbles* "You."

Percy- "Huh?"

Artemis- "You ok fine you."

Percy- "Ah I see well I think this is Aphrodite talking."

Artemis- "What is it?"
Percy- "OR its hormones well I feel the same way thanks to her I guess."

Artemis- "that is her surprise I guess."

Percy was shocked at why Aphrodite would do that. He lost all control of his body and did not know why but he could not voice this aloud to Artemis to warn her. He approached her and kissed her. He got control of his body back and was shocked at what he did. He ended the kiss the second he got control. He was afraid Artemis would kill him. Artemis was surprised but loved they way it felt and wanted more. She grabbed him as he turned to walk to the other side of the camp. She spun him around and kissed him full on the lips. He got surprised but began to kiss back and he was in control to. It ended after about a minute and they sat down to rest. When they sat down though they were right next to each other. It had gotten unnaturally cold. Artemis saw Percy shiver as the cold seeped through his thin clothing. She pulled him into a hug trying to keep him warm. After a short while he became limp and she check to see if her was all right then noticed he was asleep. When he woke up again he was resting next to Artemis. he thought of Apollo and how he knows all he got scared and mentioned this to Artemis but she told him that she was blocking all attempted views of them.

Percy- "How far is it until we reach civilization?"

Artemis- "We should be there in about four hours."

Percy- "OK thanks."

Artemis- "It was really nice to talk."

Percy- "Yea it was thanks."

she turned to him and he knew that they were only a few minutes from civilization. He smiled at her then hugged her thanking her for the help with a kiss as well. She kissed back and forced him into a tree as they kissed for the longest time they thought of ever she broke away letting him go into the camp. He got in the camp and was swarmed with people he ignored them and went straight to his cabin. It had gotten late real fast and slept for the rest of the day.

Artemis's POV

"Damn these hormones!" she thought as she walked in Olympus. She always thought of the way she loved how the kiss felt. She was fighting about if she wanted to shoot Aphrodite for what happened and thought she should. While she sat at the Counsel she thought about it so much that she missed the entire conversation. Later on she asked Athena what happened.

Athena- "They decided to make Perseus a God."

Artemis- "I thought you had to have full vote?"

Athena- "We did."

Artemis- "I don't remember putting my had up."

Athena- "Well you did and looked happy at the decision."

Artemis- "Hmm."

she left Athena alone and went walking towards a fountain in her palace she found one she placed in her room. The hunters where training so they would not be able to disturb her while she talked with Percy. She messaged him while he was sleeping and woke him up by accident.

Percy- "What the he.. oh its you Artemis what do you need?"

Artemis- "Sorry if I woke you."

Percy- "Its ok I slept a lot anyways. So what do you need?"

Artemis- "Everyone decided to make you a God."

Percy- "I thought I told them I wouldn't?"
Artemis- "They wont take no for an answer now."

Percy- "When am I expecting to be called there."

Artemis- "I don't know hey haven't told me yet."

Percy- "OK well thanks for the information see you later."

Percy's POV

Percy could not fall back asleep so he decided to go the beach. He grabbed the coke he brought to camp and went out there it was around 5 in the morning. He sat on the beach and drank his coke he was sure that if he was found out here he would be punished. He stayed out here and continued to admire the ocean when he finished his drink he threw the can in the garbage and decided to go to his fathers palace. When he go to the gates they opened for him. He walked to the Palace and found his dad deep in thought.

Percy- "Hey dad."

Poseidon- "Percy I did not expect you to come here."

Percy- "I got up early and couldn't fall asleep."

Poseidon- "I have news."

Percy- "What is it?"
Poseidon- "We are making you a God."

Percy- "I guess they wont take no for an answer?"
Poseidon- "No they wont."

Percy left after talking for a bit with his father. When he reappeared on the beach some of the campers were looking for him when they found him he must have not looked happy so they did not ask where he was. He sat and ate in silence at his table. Everyone knew he must have had something bad happen in order to get him this pissed. He was afraid Dionysus would announce the decision at lunch or dinner. The campers really wanted to know why Percy would give Dionysus the stay quiet stare. It was Friday so they had there capture the flag game. Percy was teamed up with Aphrodite, Apollo, and the Hades cabins. The Aphrodite girls were looking at him and gossiping to each other. He was really unlucky and got stuck with his bow since his father wanted to adjust Riptide.

Percy- "We are so screwed."
Nico- "What makes you say that?"
Percy- "Think about it I am holding a bow I suck with those remember?"

Nico- "Oh yea your right."

Percy was nervous and edgy Aphrodite cabin kept starring him down which did not help him. He ran forward as the game started. He jumped to a tree and got on top. He grabbed an arrow while he crouched down. He saw two Ares kids walking through the forest and thought "Here goes nothing." he let the arrow lose and it hit one of them on the arm. He pulled more and more arrows nailing targets everywhere. Everyone looked around but could not find the shooter. Annabeth saw who it was and was so shocked she did not notice she got hit. When there was just the defense left he jumped down with one arrow left out of fifty. He was surprised at how many people he hit and he hadn't missed. He saw a guard and raised his bow but a sword was found at his neck. He looked an saw Pollux with the sword. Everyone watched as he took Percy's bow and arrow. Percy quickly punched him in the face grabbed the bow and arrow and shot the guard and ran after the flag. When he got there h noticed the Hephaestus running after him. The flag was at the top of Zeus's fist so Percy jumped like crazy grabbed the flag and searched for a way out. All of the campers besides he and the cabin were busy dealing with wounds and fighting.

Percy- "Shit."

Nico- "Percy run!"

Percy- "Dammit."

Percy ran like hell he made it to the pond when he heard ten arrows flying at him. He turned and got hit by five. He did not wear armor that day and got royally screwed. He stopped the rest with a water wall. He gripped the arrows in pain. He stumbled over to the other side and fell on his back. After he fell and people ran over he was transported away from the site. Three of the gods were waiting for him to Appear on Olympus. When he Appeared he fell back and hit the floor with a thud.

Artemis's POV

Poseidon, Hermes, and I were waiting for Percy to arrive on Olympus as his father transported him there so we could talk about his being a god, where he would stay for training in being a god and on Olympus or under the sea, and what god he would be. When he Arrived we smiled but it dropped as he feel backwards with Arrows in him, he was alive but in serious pain.

Artemis- "Apollo!"

Apollo- "What do you need sis?"

Artemis- "Look moron."

Apollo- "What the hell happened?"

Dionysus- "I can tell you he was in a capture the flag and forgot to put armor on."

Poseidon- "Apollo heal him."

Apollo- "Of course."

Apollo quickly healed him and I had to make the illusion that nothing was going on so we put him in a room on Olympus and I went back to my palace. When I got there I called for Thalia to quickly get to my room. Thalia ran in and asked what she needed.

Artemis- "Your friend Percy was injured."

Thalia- "What happened?"

Artemis- "He was shot with five arrows and is on Olympus healing."

Thalia- "May I go see him?"
Artemis- "Of course."

Thalia- "Is everything ok?"

Artemis- "Of course."

she sat down and waited for the day to end. She was happy she was able to help him out by letting his arrows fly straight. She did not notice the other arrows flying at him though. She guessed it was Apollo's work.

Thalia's POV

when she heard that Percy was hurt she was eager to be gone and when she was told she could go she ran as fast as she could. When she found the room he was in he was asleep. She sat down next to him. He woke up some time later and realized who was sitting next to his bed. She was so pissed she punched him in the gut.

Perch- "Ow what was that for?"
Thalia- "For getting hurt."

Percy- "Damn."

Thalia- "What happened?"

Percy- "I don't know I had the flag got hit five times and made it across the territory line."

Thalia- "your such an idiot sometimes."

Thalia left and went back to Artemis's palace to continue training the new recruits to be hunters. She left Percy there more confused than ever. When she got back she headed straight for the training grounds to get back to the lessons.

Annabeth's POV

when Percy got hit she thought he would be fine. She saw him stumble over the territory line before falling down. When she got somewhat close she caught sight of him before he was transported away. He was hurt and bleeding badly. What surprised everyone was where did he go. They looked at where he was moments ago and saw some blood. Chiron suspected where he was right now but was not sure.

Annabeth- "Chiron where did he go?"

Chiron- "I don't know."

Annabeth- "Nico do you know who hit every one?"

Nico- "What huh?"

Annabeth- "Do you know who shot everyone?"

Nico- "Percy."
Annabeth- "Your wrong it couldn't he stinks with a bow."

Nico- "I watched him."

Artemis's POV

she had gone to check on Percy once Thalia came back when she got there she noticed he was sitting down not feeling any pain from what happened. She sighed in relief when she saw he was alright. He looked at her and smiled she smiled back lightly.

Artemis- "What happened?"

Percy- "I got shot in a game of capture the flag."

Artemis- "I am glad you are all right."

Apollo- "Aw my sister has a crush."

Artemis- "Brother I will shoot you."

Apollo- "Alright calm down I just came by to see how Percy was doing."

Artemis- "Well as you can see he is fine."

Apollo- "Oh you want some alone time eh?"

Artemis- "Shut up!"

Apollo- "Fine sis."

Percy- "What made him so annoying?"

Artemis- "That I don't know."

Percy- "Well what did you guys want since you brought me here?"

Artemis- "Just some things about you being a God."

Percy- "Oh ok."

Artemis- "I really am happy your ok."

before he could say anything she leaned forward and kissed him. He was surprised for about five seconds then he started to kiss back. She ended it with a smile but mostly because of the fact that Poseidon was coming to the room. She left the room bumping into Poseidon on the way out.

Percy's POV

he had no time to say anything to respond because she kissed him before he could say anything. He was shocked at first but after his shock went away he began to kiss back loving the way it felt. When she ended it she smiled and he was confused but understood why when she left and Poseidon came in. he smiled at Poseidon.

Poseidon- "Good you ok."

Percy- "So when is this meeting thing about me becoming a God?"

Poseidon- "Tomorrow."

Percy left and went to a fountain finding a golden Drachma and used it to message Chiron. He was at the table with the war counsel discussing ways to find Percy. No one noticed the message yet and Percy took pleasure in watching them talk. He was surprised by Apollo who said hey to him asking what he was doing. He told him to be quiet but he guess's this came out louder than he meant it to everyone turned to find him standing there having an argument with Apollo. He pinched the bridge of his nose then told Apollo to shut up. He finally noticed the everyone found out he was watching.

Percy- "Hey guys I figured I would call you."

Chiron- "So your on Olympus we will send the van."

Percy- "Um well there is kind of a problem with that."

Chiron- "What kind of Problem."

Apollo- Well..."

Percy- "Shut up! Chiron can I speak with you alone?"

Chiron- "Sure. Meeting dismissed."

Percy- "Thank Gods."

Chiron- "What do you need to talk about."

Percy- "Well apparently I am becoming a God."

Chiron- "Oh that's why."

Percy- "I also am going to get trained."

Grover's POV

I was told by the kids that were at the meeting to listen in on them to see why they had to talk alone. I did not expect to hear much considering hearing is had to do when there is whispering behind you. I sighed and only caught small amounts. I heard god and training but other than that. I walked into the room as Percy said his last sentence.

Percy- "Do not mention this to anyone."

Chiron- "I wont."

Grover- "Hey Percy."

Percy- "Hey man."

Grover- "Whats going on?"

Percy- "Nothing."

Poseidon- "Percy!"

Percy- "I had better go."

Artemis's POV

when I got back to the palace I must have had a faint smile on my face as Thalia asked me why I was so happy. I just told her that it was no reason. I walked into my room and rested for a while until I got a message from Hermes that a Meeting was taking place about what God Percy would be. She appeared in the throne room Percy was not attending because of a request by his father.

Zeus- "Poseidon what Powers should he have over your domain."

Poseidon- "I will give him waves and currents."

Zeus- "So the god of waves then?"

Apollo- "I like the name."

Artemis- "I see no problem with it."

every God and Goddess agreed to his name and Powers. The only other problem they had was who would train him and why he would have that person as the trainer. Aphrodite got a great idea for who should train him.

Aphrodite- "I think it should be Artemis."
Zeus- "Why though."

Aphrodite- "Athena hates him, You dislike him, I like him to much. Hermes is to busy."

Zeus- "Hmm anything else to add?"

Aphrodite- "Apollo will teach him something he does not need to be taught."

Zeus- "What about Hera or Dionysus?"

Aphrodite- "Hera is busy, and Dionysus hates kids, Artemis is only neutral towards him."

Poseidon- "And why cant I?"

Aphrodite- "Favoritism."

Zeus- "I agree since there is no counter argument."

Artemis Gave her a questioning look as to why she would choose her and not herself. When the counsel was over Artemis waited for her to say something but when she did not she approached her asking the question.

Artemis- "Why me?"
Aphrodite- "Its all part of my plan."

Artemis- "Great."

Normal POV

not much time had gone by until he was aloud to go back into the throne room. He decided to use the training grounds on Olympus to train he got really tired before Artemis walked in and trained herself. He watched her for a while but did not do anything much after a while he fell asleep. Artemis noticed he was asleep and did not want to leave him here so she picked him up and brought him back to his room. When she set him down she kissed him he woke up but she told him to go to sleep. She left for her Palace after that.

Percy's POV

It must have been a while since he fell asleep what surprised him the most was he woke up to Artemis kissing him. She told him to go to sleep and he did. When he woke up again he was wide awake and decided to walk around Olympus. he had a horrible felling someone was watching him this moment. he looked around but could not find anyone. he had his sword with him and it was ready. he looked around constantly. he did not watch where he was going so he found himself in the arena. When he turned to leave he found himself surrounded by hunters. he slowly backed up away from them and looked for an opening. he could not find one.

Percy- "What is going on?"

Thalia- "We are going to fight you."

Percy- "Why?"

Thalia- "We need someone to train with."

Percy- "OK lets do it."

Percy desperately looked for an exit but it seemed that only one was past them. He looked for anything that might help him in this fight. He found a shield and strapped it on once he got it on he raised it. Once it was up it got hit with a lightning arrow which he knew was owned by Thalia. The power was so strong he flew backwards into the wall. Thalia winched as she saw him hit it. He got up and he ran at them with his shield up and his sword pulled back. Thalia dropped her bow and pulled out two hunting knifes and went on the defense. He got to the point of barely making it out of the arena but was pushed back. He forgot about the girls behind him and got hit twice. He dodged the rest of the arrows and was pushed back as far as the wall. He was stuck there they pinned his arm with the shield on the wall. He grinned at them as they raised their bows to shoot him. Thalia had a lightning arrow. And shot it at him it hit his leg and he cursed in pain then laughed at them.

Thalia- "What are you laughing at?"

Percy- "Oh nothing."

Percy ripped his arm from the wall he ground his teeth in pain and walked out of the arena tired and injured. He laughed at how that could be just training. He waited for the next few days to go by that way he could be a God. Every now and then Artemis or Poseidon would visit him as he would go over the powers he would have. Artemis would always end there discussion with a kiss she did it once when Apollo was around but she did not know. Apollo pestered him for the entire week.