Chapter seven: Dreaded Questions

Percy's POV

he never expected to be woken up by Thalia walking in and awkwardly standing by the door. He could tell she was worried about something and did the first thing that came to mind and asked why she was there. He did not expect someone to ask for his forgiveness before they told him but it was his friend so he gave it and she was a hunter and Artemis might wonder why he did not.

Thalia- "Well heh you might want to expect lots of questions."

Percy- "Why is that?"

Thalia- "Yea well I kind of handed out the photo's to everyone here and they will ask you."

Percy- "Ah well I figured this would happen eventually."

Thalia- "So your not angry?"

Percy- "No in fact I am relieved now I wont have to tell everyone."

Thalia- "Thanks Percy."

he was surprised by a big hug of relief and happyness that crushed the air out of him even though he was a god. He laughed a bit and let her go back to Olympus happy before he went out to confront the camp. He walked through the big house looking for Mr. D and Chiron. He found them at the ping pong table taking about some plans for the camp. He sat down not noticing the looks he got from them at how he looked at empty space thinking. He looked out to the front door waiting for the meeting for the cabin leaders to walk in and begin. He spoke with Chiron quickly.

Percy- "Chiron explain to me why there are the cabin leader meetings?"

Chiron- "We get the issues between the cabins fixed at the cabin chore plans set up."

Percy- "Hmm I see well its not like I wont listen to get a feeling of what I left."

Chiron- "Of course."

Percy- "Dionysus what do you feel about the relationship I know you now of it."

Dionysus- "I approve she is nicer to the men and more happy than before."

Percy- "Hmm that is good well I am not as hostile as I would be with her around."

Dionysus- "That is for sure."

he watched Chiron as he listened for any reaction and was not surprised to see no reaction to come forth. He smiled as he sat there but frowned when he heard voices approach the big house. He got a letter from Hermes who was smiling the whole way and read it. As they walked in he said his thanks to Hermes and transported out. When he reappeared on Olympus he meet with Apollo who was happy to talk with him about how much nicer Artemis is when he is around. After there short discussion he transports back in the middle of an argument where he shut everyone up by his sudden appearance. As he sat he got looks from everyone who was quiet.

Percy- "What is going on here?"

Chiron- "Argument between the Athena and Ares cabin's."

Percy- "Figures."

Annabeth- "Hey!"

Clarisse- "Watch it."

Percy- "It is true you always argue and what are you going to do Clarisse I am a god remember?"

Clarisse- "Damn you."

Percy- "Thank you anyways what is it this time?"

Annabeth- "Well it is centered around you."

Percy- "Shit. Why?"

Clarisse- "We both got info on a relationship between you an Artemis."

Percy- "And?"

Annabeth- "We think it is true they don't."

Percy- "How did this info come to you."

Clarisse- "Thalia who had Pictures which I think were photo shopped."

Percy- "Let me see one of these Photo's."

when he got the Photo he smiled and laughed at the two Cabins asking what the Other cabins thought. No surprise Aphrodite's cabin thought it was true or that Hermes cabin thought it false. He was Surprised to see the Hephaestus thought it was true. He found it normal that Hades cabin thought it true. He could feel there confused gazes at his laughter. He continued laughing until Hermes appeared with a letter which he read and wrote back quickly to. He told Chiron to Explain considering he had to be somewhere. He heard a couple of whats and a few we knew its but he was far enough away to where he would not need to answer questions. He found Artemis in his room with a questioning look.

Artemis- "Why did you find there argument funny?"

Percy- "Well the evidence was there how can you not believe it?"

Artemis- "Good I am happy with that Answer."

Percy- "Well I better destroy any doubts."

he kissed her while holding her close he felt her sigh with Relief and happyness as she kissed him back powerfully. They found themselves in a very long make out session. He found her crying in Happiness for having someone to love so he hugged her close until she stopped and backed away saying she had to leave. He let her go and then turned leaving the room to the bathroom to check on his image. He saw his hair a mess more than it was before so he fixed it and checked the rest of himself. He left to the table getting looks of shock from them.

Percy- "So you guys know can I stop getting such shocked looks?"
Chiron- "Well I don't think that will happen any time soon."

Percy- "Well what do the cabins have to discuss besides that?"

Annabeth- "Well we do have to discuss the agreement for who gets the catch."

Clarisse- "That should not need to be discussed."

Travis- "Who cares lets get it over with."

Nico- "Dammit get this over with!"

Percy- "Hey Nico calm down man its ok."

Nico- "Why they have been arguing for the entire week."

Percy- Well lest settle this. Dionysus what do you think on the matter?"

Dionysus- "There could be Selected weeks each cabin gets it."

Percy- "I have to agree."

Annabeth- "Fine I will agree."

Clarisse- "I hate to admit it but it is a good plan."

he sighed in relief from the fact that the whole meeting was over he mumbled that this was almost as bad as counsel meetings. He looked around at how the kids looked at him laughing since they heard him. He got up and left the house walking to the beach getting fresh air. He sat by the water enjoying the nice weather and wind. He gave a light sigh as he feel asleep on the sand only to be woken up three hours later by whispers. He got up quickly and looked around. He watched as a few of the campers fell quiet by his sudden awakening. He walked back to the big house but was caught by a few other campers with questions.

Katie- "So are you really going out with Artemis?"

Percy- "Yes I thought your cabin leader would have told you that."

Katie- "She did I just wanted to make sure."

Percy- "Hmm I see."

Travis- "Hey is it true?"
Malcolm- "yea man tell us?"
Jake- "I will force it out of you."

Percy- "Yes it is now leave me alone."

Malcolm- "We wont."

Percy- "Someone help me."

he walked away and was confronted by just about half the camp asking the same question the entire time they asked. He was tired and irritated by the same question and that he had to answer the other half tomorrow when he said goodbye to his friends at lunch. He walked into his room and was ambushed by Artemis. He found himself pinned to the wall in the middle of making out. He put his arms around her back and pulled her close while she put her hands in his hair holding him there. Chiron walked in making them break apart.

Chiron- "Hope I am not interrupting anything."

Percy- "What do you need?"
Chiron- "Your father wishes to see you soon."

Percy- "OK thank you for the information."

Chiron- "Oh he also wishes to see Artemis with you there."
Percy- "Hmm ok thank you."

he left and he noticed Artemis was worried before she could voice her worries he kissed her quiet. He could feel her respond as he kissed her hard. They eventually broke apart so they could see his father before he got to angry at them. He found himself walking under the water in front of the palace gate of his fathers palace. He walked in with Artemis next to him so they could see his father. When they meet up his father gave a giant grin at the two noticing there messy hair from the make out.

Poseidon- "Hello Percy, Artemis."

Percy- "Hello dad what do you need us for?"

Poseidon- "Well I feel you should tell Zeus of the relationship but it is up to you."

Percy- "OK. Artemis what do you think?"

Artemis- "I don't know if he agrees to it he will want a marriage."

Poseidon- "I want the same thing but it is up to him."

Percy- "I would be willing to do it."

Artemis- "Really because he might not want a marriage unless we do."

Percy- "I would still be wiling and wanting to do it."

Artemis- "Well then we should tell him tomorrow when he is alone."

Percy- "Of course should I go with you?"

Artemis- "Yes please."

Artemis's POV

she did not expect for the whole conversation to start and end that way. She was very happy about how Percy felt towards her. She wanted to be sure so she asked him if he loved her she saw how his face twisted to disbelief from the question and answered yes. She smiled the entire time back to the camp he was going to stay at. When they emerged they did not see how late it was. They ended up in his room talking and she sat on his lap kissing him to sleep. She saw him doze off with a smile and she laid with her head on his chest and one leg thrown over his falling asleep. When she woke up the talked about what they were going to say to Zeus.

Percy- "What do you want to say to him?"

Artemis- "I want to just tell him how I feel and then you have to tell him how you feel."

Percy- "I will agree to that it is straight forward and easy plus he wont jump to conclusions."

Artemis- "Thank you Percy."

Percy- "For what?"

Artemis- "For being there for me for never giving up hope."

Percy- "When I saw what happened at the mountain I was pissed."

Artemis- "What do you mean?"

Percy- "I could not handle someone so Beautiful and kind being treated so badly."

Artemis- "You thought I was kind but I was mean to you."

Percy- "You may not have shown it but I knew there was kindness in you."

Artemis- "Thank you."

she had tears sliding down her face as she kissed him. She felt him hands brush the tears aside and him lightly kiss her back. She broke the kiss when she realized she had to go back to her palace to get the hunters ready for there trip. She did not expect for Percy to want to ask her a serious question but then he did care.

Percy- "Would you really go undo your no sex forever thing for me?"

Artemis- "Yes."

Percy- "Why?"

Artemis- "Because I love you do you really have to ask?"

Percy- "No but I love hearing that."

she punched him lightly on the shoulder and she saw him laugh as he hugged her so tight she could not stop him. She stopped fighting and pressed closer in the embrace. She saw him smile and felt him rub her back. She wanted to go tell Zeus that second because she was so happy and energized but at the same time she did not want to leave the warm soft hug. She did after Thalia walked in from talking with her friends telling Artemis she was going back but stopped mid-sentence to watch them. She soon followed Artemis out raising eyebrows at Percy.

Percy's POV

he found it a small bit funny as he saw how Thalia raised her eyebrows at him when they ended the long hug they had. He could not wait to tell Zeus but he was still feeling the nervousness from before return. He laid down expecting to be asleep the second he hit the pillow but instead was having many thoughts about Artemis until falling asleep and dreaming about her. He woke up the next day feeling tired a groggy as he entered the meeting room. He looked around at all of the people sitting around the table for another meeting. He wore cargo pants and a button up shirt that was open completely and showed his entire chest. He knew he was very tanned but the glances he got from the girls at the table worried him they were still teens so there hormones must be acting crazy. He could tell Jake was trying hard not to laugh at the worried expression on his face he knew why he was worried. His mind was still in a daze as he walked through the camp forgetting again to close his shirt. He finally finished answering questions and being followed by 20 girls did not help him. He got into a discussion about visiting him on Olympus between Annabeth and Grover and most of his other friends.

Annabeth- "So we can visit your palace when ever we want?"

Percy- "Yea sure."

Malcolm- "really?"

Jake- "Are you absolutely sure."

Katie- "Its cool if not."

Travis- "Cool but Really?"

Connor- "I agree with my bro."
Grover- "Just let us know when your girlfriend is over."

Percy- "Yea I am sure and why so you can show up while she is there?"
Grover- "Maybe."

Jake- "That would be interesting."

Connor- "Oh I will bring my camera."

Travis- "I will bring the recorder."

Katie- "It might be interesting."

Annabeth- "I have to saw maybe to that question."

Percy- "Ah I see well she will be over today you guys can come today."

Annabeth- "I don't think Chiron will let us."

Percy- "Let me ask I am sure he will be fine."

he found Chiron after leaving the group where they were. He walked up to Chiron and asked him about them staying with him on Olympus for the night. He knew the question of where they were going to sleep would pop up. He answered by telling him of the many guest rooms in his palace for in case any friends came over. He returned with the news.

Percy- "OK guys you might want to pack an overnight bag."
Annabeth- "Why?"
Percy- "Your can go and stay the night there in my palace."

Katie- "Do we need sleeping bags?"
Percy- "Let me see 2.. 4.. 6.. 7.. nope."

Jake- "Do you have enough guest rooms?"
Percy- "I have twenty."

Malcolm- "Wow that's a lot."
Connor- "OH cool staying in a gods palace."

Travis- "Awesome."
Percy- "I swear if you steal anything..."
Grover- "Don't worry we will watch them."

it became lunch time so he said his goodbye's and he transported to Olympus. He had forgotten to close his shirt so when he Appeared in the throne room watching some gods get on there seats as he approached his he got looks from almost all of the Goddess'. He knew the only one's not looking at him were Hera and Athena. He noticed the looks halfway through the counsel and finally buttoned his shirt so none of the girls went crazy. When the counsel ended he walked around in his palace until he bumped into Artemis who said she would wait there. She surprised him by taking his shirt off and kissing him. He felt after she ended the kiss her lean against his chest. He saw that she was about neck height to him. He could sense half bloods coming up the elevator. He ended there time telling her he would make more time with it later when they did not have kids that would spread rumors around. He heard them walk into the Palace with awe.

Annabeth- "wow nice design."

Percy- "Good you here well lets find you rooms."

Grover- "OK man thanks for having us over."

Percy- "Now listen I am going to speak with Zeus about the relationship I would stay in your rooms."

Annabeth- "Why?"

Percy- "Because of what the outcome might be I will tell you if its ok to leave the rooms ok?"
Grover- "OK we will agree to this."

he walked by the front of the Palace where all the gust rooms where because of how they face Olympus for a nice morning sight. He was not surprised by there reactions to the place and there rooms they were glamorous rooms so not very surprising. He had them following him back from the nice outside garden to walk through when Apollo made a comment to him that he did not enjoy.

Percy- "Cover your ears."

Grover- "Why?"
Percy- "Trust me."

Grover- "OK there covered."


Apollo- "Only if you catch me."


he ran after Apollo after getting a comment from Grover that he still heard all of that. He continued to chase him past all of the gods. He finally caught up and started punching him in the face harder than he ever tried before.


Zeus's POV

he heard the yell from Percy and saw him run by catching up to Apollo. He grimaced at how he was going to get beat bad and how it was going to hurt a lot. He sat down with the rest of the gods and they all flinched when they heard the beating he was given along with the two yelling at each other. When they saw Percy again he was steaming as he walked by straight to his Palace. He noticed Apollo come limping out with tons of cuts and Purple spots. He noticed that Percy even managed to fracture Apollo's legs in his battle.

Annabeth's POV

she heard him yell at Apollo at full blast even with her ears covered. She noticed the chase had started quickly and easily. She could hear Percy beating the crap out of Apollo from here which was not far from where they were. She watched Percy walk in steaming but calm down to keep from worrying them to much. She looked at Apollo and gasped quietly at how he moved and looked.

Percy's POV

he was calmed down sufficiently by Artemis and a quick discussion they had away from the kids staying the night. He really brightened by how Artemis said she was going to stay with him. He dropped his anger because of such good news. He turned to the group and started to apoligize for having to go deal with something. He continued to explain all of the rooms and he smiled at where they wondered where his room is. He explained how it was on the fourth floor. He stated that they would be gone and since it was late they should stay in there rooms and rest.

Annabeth- "Are you telling us to stay there because of the reason before?"

Percy- "Yes I don't know what his reaction will be and if bad and I cant see her again well..."

Annabeth- "You might become your full form."

Percy- "Yea and I dont want to destroy you guys."

Annabeth- "We understand."

he left with Artemis for Zeus's palace everyone could see how nervous he was by his fidgeting. He looked around for anything suspicious. He waited by the front door of the palace for Zeus to answer the door he walked in after the door was answered following Zeus to his study.

Zeus- "Why are you here?"

Percy- "We have some news."

Zeus- "Hmm what is it? Come on boy spit it out!"

Artemis- "Father we are dating."

Zeus- "What!"

Percy- "I-Its true."

Zeus- "What does Poseidon say on this matter! Hmm?"

Artemis- "H-He supports it."

Zeus- "Hmph well it is your choice but here me I will tolerate it but boy if you hurt her..."

Percy- "Lord Zeus if I hurt her I would kill myself for what I did."

Zeus- "Still if you do expect hell."

Percy- "My life would be hell if I lost her."

he returned to his palace much happier than he was when he left to talk with Zeus. He walked in and told everyone that it went well. He talked with everyone in the living room of his before he turned on the T.V. so they could watch something he got bored after a while and went outside meeting Thalia who decided to come over to spy on him and Artemis.

Percy- "I guess your here to spy on us and take pictures right?"

Thalia- "No ok maybe whats wrong?"

Percy- "Nothing the talk with Zeus was great I have some friends from camp staying you want to?"

Thalia- "Stay?"

Percy- "That and see them Annabeth is here so id Grover."

Thalia- "Sure so Grover is going crazy with Artemis around?"

Percy- "Like you would not believe but that's why he is our friend right?"

Thalia- "Right."

he walked in sitting down as Thalia walked in saying hi to everyone. He watched Annabeth and Thalia hug and talk in hushed tones while glancing at himself. He rolled his eyes at them and went back to his discussion while watching them. He laughed at how both of them blushed when they realized he knew they were talking about him. He finally got around to the time the wedding would be from Grover though it took him a deal of time getting the answer. He started a hushed conversation with Artemis on where she would stay that night.

Percy- "Where do you want to sleep I have plenty of rooms?"

Artemis- "I was thinking I could bunk with you?"

Percy- "Of course you can you don't even need to ask."

Artemis- "Thank you Percy this means a lot to me."

Percy- "Your welcome it means a lot to me to."

he watched as Thalia resumed her conversation with Annabeth which he wondered what it was about. He was watching TV when Thalia decided to come over and talk with him. He was afraid of what she was going to say to him or if it was a question what she was gong to ask him.

Thalia- "So what was that talk about?"

Percy- "Hmm oh it was on where she was going to stay for tonight."

Thalia- "Please tell me she is staying with you?"
Percy- "Why?

Thalia- "Because she is in her happiest after she has."

Percy- "Well then you have nothing to worry about maybe most of the time."

Thalia- "What do you mean by that?"
Percy- "Oh that she is tonight and when ever she was wants to."
Thalia- "Then she might just stay there."

Percy- "Oh that's good."
Thalia- "Why?"
Percy- "I like it when she is over its nice and feels right."
Thalia- "Wow you were made for each other."

he ignored what she said and glanced at the clock noting what time it was. He walked out to his kitchen and grabbed some pops and chips for everyone. He frowned when he said that he was going to sleep soon considering that he had to get up for the counsel. He went up stairs and took a shower. He walked out and got a shock from seeing Artemis sitting on his bed then he smiled and said hello. He walked over and sat with her he was about to say something but never got to as Artemis kissed him.

Artemis's POV

she kissed him like she hadn't for weeks. After she ended the kiss she rested her forehead on his and breathed slowly. She found herself in his hug and fell down with him on the bed finding herself very tired. She was facing his face and they both where laying down almost in a ball by there positioning. She was hugging him and she fell asleep beside him. She woke up and found Annabeth, Thalia, and Grover whispering at the foot of Percy's bed. She woke him up explaining whats happening.

Artemis- "Percy some of your friends are in your room."
Percy- "Damn fine I will handle it."

she watched him as he sat up and asked them why they were here. She watched as he told them to go to sleep and that he will speak with them in the morning. She laughed quietly when they left knowing full well that they would tell there friends when they got back.She just laid down next to Percy and slept. She woke up sometime later and turned to face him. She laid her head on his chest and curled against him. When she woke again she sighed in content and was annoyed that he wouldn't wake up so she kissed him had forcing him to wake up and respond. She loved the kiss and after a while she pulled away.

Artemis- "That got you awake hmm?"

Percy- "Yea it did are you sure you want to talk with my friends?"

Artemis- "Of course."

Percy- "Never stop smiling."

Artemis- "Why?"

Percy- "I love it."

he noticed that she smiled all the brighter making him chuckle and kiss her. He fell backwards and dragged her with him. He made out with her for a while but after a while they broke apart to there door being knocked on. He watched it and after getting dressed answered it to see Grover standing there waiting for them to come downstairs. He left the room with him so Artemis could change. He walked downstairs and looks he was getting gave him a serious headache. He thought about it and realized that the headache was coming from Hermes who was trying to get a hold of him. He let the message be sent through and shook his head as he left and appeared in front of Zeus's Throne.

Percy- "Yes lord Zeus?"

Zeus- "We have a new power you are going to be in control of."

Percy- "What is it?"

Zeus- "Your power can turn you into a human and back."

Percy- "That is a strange power."

Zeus- "Yes but it will not be in your control for the first week after that you have control."

Percy- "Alright I will accept."

he wasn't really listening much just to the power and then he wanted to get back to his place to keep everyone from kill Artemis with questions or her killing them from irritation. He left after a bow and once he appeared in the living room was bombarded with questions. He could feel a migraine coming on and really did not want to have to deal with it.

Annabeth- "So how was your night."

Percy- "Good."

Thalia- "OK well we should be going the camp will need us back."

Percy- "Alright lets go then I might as well visit."

Annabeth- "OK guys get ready to go."

Percy- "Before we leave I need to do something."

a vein was pulsing on his temple as he saw Apollo standing out of the window starring wide eyed at him then turning a running. He ran upstairs and told Artemis where he was going and that he would be back soon. He then transported to where Apollo was hiding. He continued to stand behind the man with his arms crossed before he took a deep breath to scream at him.

Percy- "APOLLO!"

Apollo- "Hey Percy cant believe you slept with my sister."

Percy- "So what of it."

Apollo- "Nothing just surprised is all."

Percy- "Alright then keep it to yourself for now."

Apollo- "OK Percy."

he sighed and transported to the living room where he found the kids starring at him. He sighed and told them to meet him at the elevator. He flashed there and leaned against the door. He saw the guys run up and meet him. He grinned in the elevator as he waited to get to the bottom. He walked out the doors and found his SUV parked in front of the building. He got in and let them climb in then took off for the camp.

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