"What can I do for you Roadblock?" General Hawk asked.

The cook had asked for a meeting with the General a few days after his visit at the diabetic clinic. An idea had come to him.

"Sir, when I was at the clinic the other day, I met a lady. She has a little boy who has juvenile diabetes. They are on a restricted income. Some days, she and her husband skip meals to make ends meet, so they can afford the medical supplies they need for their little boy.

"Sir, with your permission, I would like to have a bake sale a few times a month to raise some money to help them get an insulin pump. Having to be jabbed with an insulin pen several times a day as an adult is bad enough, but to go through it at two is unimaginable. No child should go through this."

General Hawk stared at his soldier for a long moment.

"You can use the facilities, but you have to buy your own supplies. It must not interfere with any one's duties."

"I understand Sir. Thank you Sir. It is all I asked for."

Roadblock saluted and left.

His weekly bake sale was an instant hit with all the Joes. They did not mind paying a dollar or two per cookie or muffin. They enjoyed the treats and agreed that the money was going to a good cause. Soon, sweets from care packages were donated to the bake sale table. Within months, Roadblock had collected enough funds to pay for the pump and a year's supply of insulin. He took them to the director of the Diabetic Clinic, who passed them on to Gina for Peter.

Roadblock briefly considered stopping the monthly bake sales, but he was met with a lot of protest. So he decided to keep on, and kept on giving the money to Gina through the Diabetic Clinic. He had helped others win a battle in his war, and it felt good.