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~*~JOEY'S POV~*~
I rubbed my temple. School is sooooo boring! Ryou was lucky, he an Bakura shared a table and were passing love notes ta eachother. I sat by Seto, but he always ignored me! I mean, the guy was nice ta me, bu' it was like he was avoidin me. I grunted as my skirt got all itchy again. As I secretly scratched my butt, Seto passed a note ta me.
Would you do me the pleasure of going on a date with me? I'll pick you up at 8:00 tonight if you'll accept.
I stared at the paper and wrote a messed up yes. I passed it back ta him and he smiled. He winked at me and turned back to the teacher. Thank gawd this was last period.
~ At the Sakura household ~
"Hold still! This dress will fall off you Joey!" Ryou struggled with the dress and finally managed to zip it over my struggling body.
"Bu' it itches!"
"That's the point bro." Malik appeared with torture tools and started applying make up. When he stopped making me cry with eye liner, Ryou started working with mah hair. He clipped a black hair pin with a ruby in the middle at the left side of mah hair. I stood up shakily on my black heels and looked at the mirror. I smiled in satisfaction. Good thing I never went to the gym, I was as curvy as Yugi, Malik, and Ryou! I wore a crimson dress, it clashed nicely with my accesories. I grabbed mah black and red handbag, and was about ta leave, when I stopped and ran ta mah room. I opened my drawer and pulled out my Red Eyes Black Dragon. I wanted ta show it to Seto. I ran to the door.
"Good luck! Woo him real good bro!" Yugi yelled as he put down Dark Magician to only have it taken by Ryou's Change of Heart.
"Will do Yug!"
I ran straight to the stairs and climbed up the handrail, as I slid down, I caught glances of shocked people.
'I ain't your average girl, cuz I'm a guy!' I thought wildly as I skidded to a stop. I climbed off the rail and walked to the door. Seto stood at the hood of his car, I sighed as he turned to me. He wore a white tuxedo with a blue tie. His pants were a blue/white color and it looked like his black shoes didn't belong. He offered his hand and I stepped into his car. He went into the drivers seat an we were off.
"Where we goin?"
"A resturant."
I stared at the blurring lights as he sped on. I got bored after about three seconds and pulled out my DS. He glanced at me, then he looked away. As I played a digital cardgame against a random guy, he smiled. I was about to pwn this guys Magician of Faith, when Seto parked his car. He climbed out and offered his hand again. I took it and we went inside.
"What do you want? You can get anything." he glanced at me.
I wanted to get everything, bu' that wasn't very lady like, was it?
"I'll get the chicken Alfredo, and some stromboli.
He ordered for a waiter.
"Can I get one Chicken Alfredo, one Stromboli, one sparkiling gin, and a chicken salad?" the waiter wrote it down, bowed, and walked off.
I drummed my fingers on the table. When it came ta good food, I was very impatiant. Seto just stared at me with those blue eyes. Speaking of eyes...
"Hey Seto, you wanna see my favorite card?"
He nods slightly. I check through my purse and show him my Red Eyes. His eyes widen.
"Let me show you my favorite card."
He pulls out a Blue Eyes White Dragon.
"That's jus' weird, we both have dragons, but they're like the opposite. But somehow..."
"Work good together..."
We looked at eachother, I leaned... And then our food came. I grunted. But then I saw the food. I wanted to stuff it all down mah mouth, bu' of course that was unladylike. So I took a fork and dug in. It was sooooo good! After I ate my food, I ordered this thing on discount. It was called Royale Ice Cream. It use ta be ¥ 50,000, bu' now it was ¥ 10,000. Seto didn't order dessert.
"Don't you want something sweet to end this meal?"
"I could share with you."
I blushed as the guy lowered the ice cream down. It looked like it had 50 different kinds o' ice cream in it! A caramel covered apple were on both sides of the glass, and drizzles of edible gold littered the ice cream. Strawberries covered in chocolate completed the ice cream.
"Oh mah gawd..."
Seto grabbed a spoon and dug it into the ice cream, I startedand grabbed mine. Before I could swallow, Seto had leaned forward and kissed me. I just stared in shock as his toungue plunged inta my mouth. I heard people wolf whistle in the background.
"You took my first kiss!"
"At least you like me."
I turned away and blushed. After awhile, I got a grip over myself and ate my ice cream in hyper drive. I felt my stomach and ran to the bathroom. I had to pee in the women's bathroom. I slammed the door and faced the toilet, releasing myself into relaxation.
I flushed the toilet and washed my hands.
I walked out and sat back down. Seto had already paid the bill. I picked up my bag and as I walked out, my Red Eyes fell.
"Here ya go."
I turned and blushed. Seto held it before me and smiled.
"Thank you"
The car ride home was a quiet one. When we reached the apartment, I nearly sprinted upstairs. Seto followed closley behind. When I reached the door, I turned to face him.
"Uh, yeah, thanks Seto."
He leaned down and I joined the kiss eagerly. He only pulled away when we heard silent giggling behind us.
"See you later Joey!"
I sighed. Then I turned to my brothers.
"You guys are dead!"
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