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Karakura Town

July 2011

Gin lowered his thin frame into a white, lawn chair, a bottle of beer in one hand, a styrofoam plate filled to the brim with food in the other and a cigarette tucked behind his right ear. He was wearing a plain, short-sleeved, white t-shirt, khaki cargo shorts, white ankle socks and a pair of low-top, Nike Air Max sneakers.

Szayel sat delicately beside him at the end of the chair, wearing a pale yellow, short-sleeved polo shirt, a black belt, stone-washed blue, skinny jeans and black flip-flops. His pastel-pink hair glimmered under the beaming sun, tempting Gin to run his fingers through the silken mass.

Szayel carried a styrofoam plate of nothing but salad, grilled salmon and a baked potato, although there was an overabundance of food laid out, buffet-style across the large backyard of Grimmjow's father's house.

It was a celebration of epic proportions for Grimmjow's boyfriend, Ichigo. The orange-haired young man had turned a year older and Grimmjow had gone all out preparing a party for the kid. He'd had Ichigo's younger sister, Yuzu, prepare the massive amounts of food, then commandeered his father's lush, green backyard. The food was spread out on several tables under an open, skirted tent, a temporary bar was set up to the left of the food tables and a set of turntables was situated to the right of the food tables.

Grimmjow had recruited the help of his two bartenders, Yumi and Ikkaku, while his dark-haired DJ worked the turntables. The environment was pretty festive and Gin was prepared to thoroughly enjoy himself. First, he was going to gorge himself with great food, then he was going to get slightly wasted from the free alcohol. After all was said and done, he was going to take his pink-haired boyfriend home and fuck the shit out of him.

Grinning wolfishly, he placed his beer on the ground and glanced at Szayel, who was in the process of daintily eating his food. His lover paused with his fork hovering right before his parted lips and turned honey-colored eyes to him. Gin smirked and blew a kiss at the man, making his face turn the same shade as his hair.

"Why aren't you eating yet?" Szayel queried, a small scowl marring his brow.

"I'm watchin' ya make love ta that fork wit' yer tongue. S'real temptin'," he rumbled.

Szayel, instead of sputtering nervously as was his usual, leaned over and rubbed noses with him, wearing a sexy grin, "I know."

Gin caught the other man by the back of his long, slender neck and kissed him aggressively, stomach already warm with arousal. Their tongues twined and caressed, while Szayel sighed softly, the plastic fork he held in his hand clattering against the styrofoam plate in his lap as he gripped a fistful of Gin's white t-shirt.

"OI! Get a fuckin' room!" Nnoitra called from across the yard.

Gin smiled into the kiss and reluctantly backed away from his lover's intoxicating mouth. He straightened his back and yelled out, "Mind yer own fuckin' bizness, ne?"

Nnoitra gave his trademark piano-key toothed grin and flipped him the bird, making his own grin widen. Life was pretty calm now that the whole business with Grimmjow's boyfriend, Ichigo, being shot was over. Recruiting the orange-haired man's friend, Arisawa Tatsuki had been a stroke of genius that Szayel had come up with after learning of the blonde woman, Halibel's involvement.

Gin had acquired the dark-haired woman's phone number easily enough and once he'd contacted her, had found it surprisingly simple to get her to do the task he'd asked of her. Guess that Ichigo kid had some really loyal friends. She'd done her job and he'd done his.

Which brought him to the still touchy subject of Shirosaki. The man was a wild bull, listening to no one other than himself - well, that was before Gin had come into the picture. Once he'd spared the man's life AND recruited him to get rid of Halibel, the albino had become a loyal follower, nearly worshipping the ground he walked on, especially after he realized exactly who Gin was. Gin had convinced Shirosaki to leave Karakura and never return unless told to do so by himself only.

He hadn't heard from or seen the man since.

Then came the situation with Halibel's father, Barragan. The older tycoon had sent man after man looking for his daughter, but Gin had been thorough and covered all of his tracks. There was no body and no evidence of what had happened to her. Shirosaki had seen to that, insisting on being the one to watch the woman's body burn to a gray pile of ashes.

Gin chuckled to himself. Barragan was still clueless, Halibel was dead and gone, and Grimmjow was happy again. Gin watched the tall blunet's father step onto the patio with Ichigo's father, both men smiling rather widely. Now, he wasn't going to jump to conclusions, but those two seemed to have been rather chummy as of late.

Alric said something that made Ichigo's father laugh and rub the back of his neck nervously. A silver brow raised in speculation, but before he could comment, Szayel snorted, catching his attention.

"They're so obvious," he mumbled afterwards and Gin almost agreed.

Who would've thought?


Karakura Town

July 2011

Tatsuki was upset. Her girlfriend was running late and it seemed that the birthday boy and his boyfriend were no-shows as well. She had to admit though, Grimmjow had gone over the top in his preparations for Ichigo's birthday party. There were mountains of food, tons of alcohol and Ichigo had a huge table filled with gifts, waiting for him beside the DJ booth.

She was seated on a gray, cushioned fold-out chair, her knees bobbing anxiously as she awaited the arrival of her girlfriend. She'd been seeing the older woman for five months now, but had yet to introduce her to her friends. Well, the time had come. Besides, Yoruichi refused to go without being introduced any longer.

It wasn't like Tatsuki was ashamed of her relationship or anything, but she was rather wary of what her friends would say. Yoruichi was nearly ten years her senior, although the woman definitely didn't look it.

Tatsuki picked at her cut-off, blue jean shorts and tugged on her pale green, short-sleeved t-shirt. Her feet were clad in a pair of all white Reebok Classics, her raven-colored hair hanging loosely over her shoulders. She had given Yoruichi the address, but she wondered if the woman was lost or something.

As soon as that thought crossed her mind, Yoruichi appeared with Alric at the door to the patio. Tatsuki inhaled sharply, lust spiking at the sight of her bown-skinned girlfriend. Large, cat-like, golden eyes locked onto her, making goosebumps march down her spine. Yoruichi wore her long, deep-violet hair up in a high ponytail, the end of it reaching the middle of her back and her beautiful face was split into a wide, coy smirk.

Tatsuki let her eyes roam the older woman's curvy figure that was poured into a midnight-blue, short-sleeved, shorts jumpsuit. Her mile-long, shapely legs tapered into dainty feet, where a pair of black, thong sandals rested. Large, black bangles clanked noisily on her wrists as she made her way over, shifting a black clutch to the crook of her left arm and Tatsuki could smell her exotic perfume already.

"Hey," Yoruichi greeted, her voice throaty and husky.

Tatsuki's grin ate up the bottom half of her face as she stood to hug her girlfriend, "Hey yourself. Didja get lost or somethin'?" she teased.

Golden eyes flashed with mischief as Yoruichi stepped into the hug, her scent making Tatsuki's mouth water, "Or maybe I just wanted to make you wait."

"Whatever, woman. Kiss me?"

Yoruichi snorted, but settled a chocolate-hued hand on Tatsuki's right cheek and moved in to connect their lips. Tatsuki sighed and wrapped an arm loosely around her woman's waist.

She could never get enough of the sexy vixen.

"You c'n get a room too!" Grimmjow's tall friend, Nnoitra shouted.

Tatsuki chuckled against Yoruichi's lips before slowly pulling back and flipping the slinky man the bird. Nnoitra's cackle traveled across the yard over the music the DJ, Shuuhei, had playing.

Yoruichi grinned and glanced over her shoulder at Nnoitra, "Who's he?" she inquired curiously.

Tatsuki rolled her eyes as she grabbed her girlfriend's hand and began leading her towards the food table, "That's Ichigo's boyfriend's best friend. He's an idiot, so don't mind him."

Yoruichi chortled and nodded, "Ok."


Karakura Town

July 2011

Rukia slapped her boyfriend's hand away from her thigh with her left, while the right steered the car, "Kaien! You want me to crash?"

The dark-haired male grinned saucily and leaned over, kissing her cheek softly and making her blush. She still wasn't used to his extremely affectionate manner, but that wasn't to say that she didn't appreciate it.

She remembered after meeting the man in the library of the University one night, that he seemed to appear during nearly all of her breaks, engaging her in friendly conversation. Then, one day about two months down the line, Kaien had asked her out on a date and she had agreed. She'd been terrified and way uncertain, but she knew for a fact that there was something attracting her to the older man.

Rukia didn't know if it was his greenish-gray eyes that she had once thought to have been coal-colored, or if it was his outgoing personality and heart of gold. Whatever it was, she wanted more of it. Their first date had gone rather smoothly and so had the second and third. By the fourth, Kaien had kissed her, sweeping her off her feet and pushing thoughts of Renji into the farthest recesses of her mind.

A few weeks after that, Kaien had asked her to be his girlfriend and again, she had agreed. The rest was, as they say, history.

Rukia had been unsure of how to interact with Ichigo after seeing him in the hospital and apologizing to him, but the orange-haired young man had taken the reins from her and extended the proverbial olive branch. Things weren't absolutely ironed out, but the tense awkwardness no longer existed.

Rukia had also been shocked out of her size five shoes when Kaien had introduced her to his younger siblings, one being the dark-haired man that Renji was seeing. It had been completely uncomfortable and just when she was on the verge of calling things off, Renji, of all people, had cornered her, apologized, then scolded her for trying to walk away from "such a great guy".

She'd ended up in a fit of laughter, Renji joining in upon realization of the irony of the situation. They weren't the best of friends, but they too were working on their fragile friendship.

Rukia had been a little shocked, at first, to receive the birthday party invitation from Ichigo's blue-haired boyfriend, but ended up being relieved and happy to attend. It would've been more awkward had she not been invited, but Shuuhei and Kaien had.

Kaien's wily hand was creeping over her thigh again, but this time she didn't bother to move it. He was persistent as a fly, so no amount of scolding or slapping away would deter him. Kaien leaned over the middle console and brushed his lips against her ear, making her entire body shudder. Her mind immediately conjured up images of their love-making the night before, her face burning a fiery red.

"Kaien, we're really going to have an accident if you keep that up," she scolded, her voice coming out huskier than she'd intended.

Kaien chuckled and withdrew his large, warm hand, "Ok, ok," he grumbled good-naturedly.

She had to admit, she already missed his hand's warmth.


Karakura Town

July 2011

A plastic soapdish and toothbrush holder clattered to the floor as Renji's hands grappled for purchase on the ceramic sink.

"Sh-shit!" he gasped.

Shuuhei grunted, his grip on Renji's hips bruising as his pace increased and shook the sink. Renji felt like he was going to die from lack of oxygen everytime Shuuhei thrust forward, stabbing his prostate.

"Fuck, Renji! So tight!"

Renji moaned heatedly, his skin on fire and nerves terribly sensitive at the moment. He'd never thought he would be in the receiving position of sex, but after Shuuhei allowed Renji to fuck him, he'd been curious about returning the favor. Once he had, he actually preferred being a bottom.

He pushed back against his boyfriend's fervent thrusts, his ass meeting the DJ's hips sharply. Suddenly, Shuuhei reached around and grasped Renji's throbbing length, stroking urgently.

He arched his back and bit his lip to stifle the loud wail threatening to burst from his throat. "I'm comin'!" he yelped softly.

Shuuhei increased his pace and hand movements until Renji tensed, spilling himself onto his boyfriend's hand and the sink in front of him. The DJ was still slapping into him while he rode out his intense orgasm, but not even a moment later, Shuuhei was hoarsely crying out his release.


Renji rolled his hips, still enjoying the feel of his boyfriend being buried inside of him, even though Shuuhei's dick was softening. They were both breathing and sweating like marathon runners as the DJ finally pulled out of him, making him moan softly before they began cleaning off and adjusting their clothes.

"Ya know Alric is gonna kill us for fuckin' in his bathroom, right?" Renji huffed as he buttoned his dark-blue jean shorts and buckled his red belt. His red t-shirt bearing "I'm with the DJ" across the front in dark-blue lettering was slightly wrinkled, but not noticeably so.

"Not if we hurry back. That's why I stuck that CD in there. 'Sides, dontcha think he's a little preoccupied with Ichigo's dad to notice what we're doin?" Shuuhei asked as they left the bathroom.

"No," a deep voice boomed directly in front of them, halting their movements.

"Oh shit," Renji muttered, blanching at the sight of Grimmjow's frightening father, Alric Jaegerjaques.

"Didja bastards at least clean up behind yerselves?" the older, blue-haired man grunted.

He nodded his head frantically, hiding himself beind his frozen lover. Shuuhei hadn't moved an inch and Renji didn't think the man was breathing either. Alric clapped the DJ on the back and shoved off towards the large kitchen, the raven-haired male finally exhaling loudly as if he'd indeed been holding his breath.

"Fuckin' hell, that was intense," he breathed and Renji laughed heartily.


Karakura Town

July 2011

"Grimm, would you just tell me where the hell we are?" Ichigo scolded his boyfriend.

"And what? Ruin the surprise? I don't think so. Just be patient and quit actin' like a baby, yeah?"

"Fuck you," Ichigo muttered sullenly, allowing Grimmjow to steer him along, his eyes covered with a dark blindfold.

"I love you too, Ichi," the taller man crooned, his big hands grasping Ichigo by the shoulders.

He was glad he could walk normally again. It had taken him six months to actually do so without being in pain, but Grimmjow had been there making the journey a little less unbearable.

Ichigo could smell barbecue, smoke and alcohol and could hear loud music, making him wonder if he was being led inside Las Noches. Then, his feet traveled over what felt like thick carpet and he negated that option.

Where the fuck was Grimmjow taking him?

Grimmjow paused for a moment, the sound of something sliding being heard before they were again moving forward. Suddenly, the music was cut and a thick silence descended wherever they were.

Ichigo cleared his throat and shifted his weight to his right foot, "Grimm," he whispered, "what's going on?"

His boyfriend chuckled, but didn't reply. Instead, Ichigo felt the blindfold loosen and fall from his eyes. He blinked slowly a few times, adjusting to the bright afternoon sun, only to be sent reeling backwards from a loud chorus of "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

"Holy shit," he mumbled, his face morphing into a wide, grinch grin.

He was standing on the back patio of Alric's house, his old man and Alric himself standing off to Ichigo's left. There was a huge open, skirted tent that housed several tables of food, a bar, a DJ booth and another table piled high with wrapped gifts.

Shuuhei and Renji stood beside one another at the DJ booth, Yumi and Ikkaku stood behind the bar, Ikkaku cleaning a glass and Yumi wiping down the small, wooden counter. All of Ichigo's and Grimmjow's friends stood milling about, some with plates of food in their hands, others holding glasses of alcohol or bottles of beer. Shinji and Stark were posted on the right side of the yard, near a bunch of gray fold-out chairs. Nnoitra, Ulquiorra, Tatsuki and an insanely hot woman were also situated in that area.

On the left side of the yard, near the white lawn chairs sat Gin, Szayel, Rukia and her boyfriend, Kaien. Chad, Ishida and Inoue were standing on line for food, but smiling up at him. Ichigo felt his stomach quiver and his eyes get misty, a scowl pulling at his brow.

He turned to Grimmjow, ready to chew the blunet out for such a lavish display, but the words died in his throat. His boyfriend was smiling down at him with such a look of love and affection, any negativity just would've been wrong.

"Happy birthday, babe," Grimmjow rumbled, wrapping him up in a tight embrace.

Ichigo grinned, hugging the man back just as tightly, "Thanks, Grimm."

The taller man ran his hands over his back and pressed his nose into his hair, inhaling deeply. Finally, Grimmjow pulled back and grabbed his hand, "Let's go open your presents, yeah?"

He nodded and followed behind his excited lover, smiling broadly when the music started blaring again:

You're really lovely

Underneath it all

You want to love me

Underneath it all

I'm really lucky

Underneath it all

You're really lovely


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